THE MORNING AFTER: Triumph for Boris, tribulation for the Leftlibbers & a treadmill of reform for us all to turn


In the freezing, dim light of dawn, we need some signposts to the future



Let’s kick off, fess up and state categorically upfront what I completely misread: the turnout which – at nearly 68% – was high. Bang goes my Paddy Power bet at 59%.

However, election eve’s BoJospin (probably planned by Dom Cummings) talking about the importance of keeping Corbyn out was the IABATO I said it was: Labour saw mass abstention, and the Tory voters (as usual) turned up.


This SOTP captured at 9 am this morning says it all really. Boris Johnson returns to Downing Street today with a majority projected to be at the upper end of The Slog’s prediction of a fortnight ago – in the range 30-90.

Some Slogpost excerpts of the election period are listed below for Marxists to cut out and keep as they sit down and weep:

Nov 7th



Nov 20th


Nov 21st


Nov 26th


Dec 3rd


Dec 4th


Dec 11th



“They think it’s all over… is now”. And thank God for that.

Nothing has changed. Grieve, Swinson, Gauke and Soubry have gone, but there are still at least 180-200 Tory MPs with strong Remainer sympathies. We have a right wing government dedicated to neoliberal values for the third time out of four with an overall majority.

As I predicted, Grimsby elected a Conservative MP for the first time in its history, and Corbyn got “a damn good thumping” in Labour’s traditional heartlands. But London is still a multicultural madhouse with a delusional Mayor, and Momentum is still around to cause trouble when required.

The Waspi/2020 pension embezzlement victims remain without justice. They can expect no help from Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson has pulled off a victory few foresaw when he became PM, but his WA2 is still a crock, and he is still a solid-gold blocist financialiser rather than a real Leaver. He wants the EU deal signed by the end of January. The likes of Verhofstadt, Barnier and Macron must now sit, bide their time, and stall where possible when it comes to the detail of the trade talks. Meanwhile, we will get Brino done, not Brexit.

Over in their coven, Blair, Campbell, Mandelson et al are doing exactly what the Bully Boys of Brussels are doing: waiting for people like me to die.

And “Sir” Mark Sedwill remains in place.

So what will change?

Still the best hope for genuine europhiles who loathe the EU is to wait for the liquidity storm to hit, watch Italy fall apart, pray that the French strikes finally render Macron financially as well as morally bankrupt, and push for the sort of economic rebalancing in the UK that will give us a uniquely profitable export nation once more.

Such rebalancing will be largely dependent on ground-up reform of the education system – giving it a broader spectrum of school types rather than one size fits all, and purging all the purveyors of pc conformity, their catechism to be replaced with a more doubting and commercially minded attitude on the one hand, and far more teaching of civic, health and general lifestyle approaches.

Sadly, an awful lot of people are going to suffer thanks to the megalomanic 3% still screwing up the world. Thus, none of these wishes are really what any of the decent tendency would want to see.

But these last few years of Trump, Johnson, Orban, LePen and open Italian revolt have shaken the Fat Controllers. As yet, they remain unstirred: the impeachment process against Trump is as fanatical as it is baseless, the Texas-to-State-Dept-Pentagon-NATO nexus continues to seek global hegemony for Unelected America, and the social media remain happy hunting grounds for the security services.

Change isn’t going to emerge from either our legislatures or the bureaucrats: it very rarely does.

More about The Resistance tomorrow. Labour in its current form is beyond loathsome and will not learn from this result.

But for the sake of freedom and democracy, we need something.


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