POSTSCRIPT: When Scotland and London are batting for the other side, & England is beholden to the USA


I realise this is one of the briefest ever Slogposts, but there’s nothing wrong with brevity if it makes people think about important stuff. Here are two outcomes from the late and unlamented General Election to which (I respectfully submit) no hack in the Old Media has given either brain space or column inches.


  1. Having mopped up most of the remaining Tory and LibDem seats in Scotland, the SNP there is now effectively in charge of a One Party State largely loyal to Brussels.
  2. Given the wholesale slaughter of Labour in its Northern English heartlands, the Tory Party  is now effectively in charge of a One Party State largely loyal to the US.
  3. London having been confirmed as the triumph of Mad Labour over Trad Labour, whoever inherits the Crown from Corbyn will, with Mayor Khan, preside over a One Party City-State largely loyal to ideo-religious multicultural fantasies. (At the centre of this capital will be the Government of the United Kingdom)

I wonder how many Sloggers have read Gibbons’ The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

Imagine a situation where none of Scotland, City traders or the Metro LeftLibs had any allegiance or loyalty to the British government.

Then stay tuned to the appalling social consequences of repo mistrust, Deutsche Bank terror and and eurozone instability as a further anarchic catalyst in this unholy mess.

More worrying news about the above last paragraph tomorrow here at The Slog.