THE PARTY’S OVER: 20 Questions to make the political class squirm

Voters may have short memories: if so, here’s a gentle jog from The Slog 



To Boris Johnson – Why is the arch anti-democracy spook Sir Mark Sedwill still in place?

For Ian Blackford – could you explain simply for us why Scotland would be more free under Brussels than Westminster rule?

To David Cameron – what happened to the written Constitution we were all going to get?

To Mayor Khan of London – Why do you spend more public money on tackling ‘Islamophobia’ than you do on Jihadism and knife crime?

To Sajid Javid – Will the EIB liabilities we face be dumped before we leave the EU on 31st January? A simple “yes” or “no” will suffice.

To David Lammy – Have you read any British history at all? Ever?

To Priti Patel – Why are there 15,000 Jhadists in Britain but we don’t know where they are?

To Robert Buckland – Can you explain to us please why Julian Assange looked such a mess when he appeared in Court just before the election?

To Jess Phillips – If you believe so passionately in equality of opportunity, why did you allow yourself to be picked from an All Women shortlist for the seat of Yardley?

To John Bercow – Now we’ve seen your sit-down comic act about being impartial, are you going to go into standup, strictly come dancing, or a long-running soap?

To Baroness Hale of Richmond – Is there a link between 9  out of 11 members of your Supreme Court having voted to Remain, you yourself having campaigned as an anti-Referendum result activist since 2016, 7 out of 11 SC members having a six-figure income from the EU, and the decision by your Court to declare Boris Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament illegal?

To Jeremy Corbyn – Are you going, at some point, to accept responsibility as Labour Leader for your Party’s worst election result since 1935?

To Diane Abbott – Why is your son such a mess?

To Dominic Raab – can you explain in precise terms please the differences in content between WA à la May, and WA au Johnson?

To Nigel Farage – why did you not run to lead The Brexit Party, and why did you let one rich donor destroy the aims and dreams of most TBP members?

To Gina Miller – Why do your maths insist that 3.6% in a referendum is “a tiny majority” but an anti-Brexit Commons vote with a 1.3% majority is “a decisive result”?

To the Waspi/2020 leaderships – Now that the judiciary have ruled against you, Boris Johnson has rebuffed you, and Jeremy Corbyn ignored you until he was desperate, do you at last, just possiibly, feel, six years on, that you need a radically different strategy?

To Angela Rayner – Given that you quite rightly condemn the cruelty of benefit cuts, why do you never comment on the cruelty of Islamic fgm, rape gangs and gender teachings?

To Steve Baker – Do you have any doubts about Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement, and why aren’t you in the Cabinet?

To all the starry-eyed fluffies and Momentum nasties who swarmed all over Twitter & tried to invade this post from December 3rd 2019:

….were you right, or was I?