CRASH2: How to park your politics and genuinely help the victims.

DSCN0256 Life is rigged against the 90%. In this post, The Slog presents yet more quantified evidence for that assertion in the context of Brexit, retail banks and deranged US Fed policies. But – as Armageddon approaches – the real need is for some easily assimilable guidance that could help the innocent citizen prepare. One answer must surely be online seminars offering practical advice for We, The People.

Arron Banks, eh – he’s a bit of a scallywag, isn’t he?

He forces Nigel Farage to fold when he has a handful of aces to prove that Boris Johnson’s WA “deal” is a reheated crock that still includes all the EIB liabilities that will follow our “Brexit”.

At a stroke he undermines everything The Brexit Party is fighting for, leaves TBP divided and angry, and acts as the main catalyst for BoJo to Brino the Brexiteer expectations with every which way kind of nonsense about ‘taking back control’.

Now the dupes who fell for this codswallop insist that Big Ben must chime on January 31st in order to celebrate. But the Establishment comes up with the ridiculous figure of half a million quid to make that happen.

And so Arron Banks (like Mark Francois) suggests that WE  should crowd-fund the tolling bell. We have have already seen £173 billion gifted to Brussels in order to achieve not very much. Now WE must cough up for the bell too.

Banksy sends me a begging email that ends as follows:


Interesting use of pronouns there, Arron. You don’t intend to let the price tag stop me from donating, so that we can celebrate the watershed moment and you can grab the credit.

I think you have me confused with a member of the Nigel Walks on Water tendency.

This is a hollow victory, Mr Banks. But if you want it celebrated properly, then it’s down to you.

Not us.

Talking of banks, I had another run-in with They whom we must Learn to Love this morning.

I have an arrangement with my French bank whereby, when the balance gets down to €300, they text me to say so. This costs me a tiny sum per quarter, but means I shouldn’t have to stumble through their silly full-of-ads-and-changed-navigation website all the time to ensure that I don’t have a big regular payment coming up.

I’ve been with them twenty-two years in March, and they still don’t offer me an overdraft, so that’s the way it has to be.

This morning, my mobile rang: it was the bank saying they would bounce a standing order that had arrived from Nordnet unless I put more money in the account.

Me:  Why didn’t you tell me the level had gone below €300?

She: Are you going to put more money in the account….

Me: I have an arrangement with you to….

She: The sum is for €140, you need to put at least….

Me: Why didn’t you tell me the level was…

She: It is too late for that now, will you put a sum in today?

Me: Yes

She: Fine, we shall pay it and charge you a fee.

I’ve learned over time not to argue the niceties when a bank has you by the balls. So I called Transferwise (infinitely better and cheaper than any bank) who effected the transfer from my account with them in seconds.

I stayed on the Transferwise website and tried to transfer some money – quite a large amount – from one of my Nationwide Online Saver accounts. I make a point these days of never letting any bank anywhere have more of my money (which of course, isn’t really my money is it?) than the european guarantee scheme covers, hahaha oh how we laughed. As I don’t have a huge amount with Twise, I made the transfer out to them.

Nationwide lumbered along at their usual pace, and then told me that the destination for the money was ‘invalid’.

I’ve made the transfer before many times. There was no numerical invalidity here. Transferwise is one of the biggest currency dealers on the planet. This was Nationwide (as they did last year when I invested in gold) simply inventing a reason not to send the money.

You have been warned.

Nearly $90 billion moved out of US Hedge Funds last year. Twelve closed, and most of the rest have locked the doors to those clients who want their money back. The bullshit nicey-nicey-speak for this is – wait for it – suspending redemptions. Doncha love it?

Just in case there are any Brit Sloggers in danger of nodding off at this point, I should point out that last month, over very own M&G Property Portfolio announced it would suspend dealings: investors had pulled an estimated £800 million from the fund in 2019.

It’s yet another scandal that we mustn’t talk about, otherwise we’ll get a plague of boil-infested, people-eating locusts, chicken-licken.

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has rushed to the US Hedge Fund sector’s rescue, allowing them to defer and write off stuff – such that last year, most firms paid a lower rate of tax than the pool guy.

Now – in another bid to help the impoverished Hedgie billionaires – the boss of the New York Federal Reserve Bank is floating the idea of giving them access to the Repo loan sector….yes, the same construct that has cost the US taxpayer $6 trillion since last September – as a result of its desire to make Jamie Dimon $250 million richer over the period. Look, our Jamie is not greedy: he’s only turning 0.04% on the deal, so c’mon – have a heart.

I mean, times are tough, right? And what on Earth could go wrong with such an idea?

Um, how about banker unwillingness to lend hedge funds so much as a paper hanky was what helped start the Repo spike in the first place?

Meanwhile, in the White House, President Trump sits in the Oval Office…by virtue of having promised to be the bloke who would give the Ordinary Joe a square deal. To let Joe and Jane have, you know, just a few miutes each of the American Dream.

“Caveat emptor” mutter the cynics.

OK, what you’ve just been reading is a small but typical trio of examples illustrating how average innocent citizens in two First World countries are being ordered to keep their tax records and financial affairs in order or else, while a tiny élite gets to do whatTF it wants with sums you and I can’t even envisage on account of the noughts stretching from here to Venus.

Yesterday’s Slogpost was pretty similar.

Let me if I may impart some learned wisdom from the last fifteen years: nobody gives a tuppenny damn.

You can quantify, you can shock, you can compare, you can do pretty much anything to show how crooked and rigged the entire electoral and financial system is, and most people in my age demographic will say gosh, isn’t that terrible, while the vast majority aged 30 to 50 will say yeh, whatever.

The ‘caveat emptor’ rationale is simply inadmissable: far from being a reasoned warning, it represents the lame excuse of Anglo-Saxon culture – indeed, all of the Anglophone regions on Earth – for the rapid descent into depravity of commerce, finance, government, administration and distribution in our epoch. If I pay with real post-tax diluted money for a product or service in a civilised society, then I should expect the promises and guarantees offered in that transaction to be not only honoured, but punished by Blind Justice if they aren’t.

Bollocks to caveat emptor.

Worryingly, that descent is a symptom of many things; but above all perhaps (on a purely practical, survivalist dimension) it is in 2020 a symptom of a globalist mercantile and essentially Friedmanite system eating itself like some kind of cannibalistic snake.

snakicide We’ve been here a hundred times or more, but this time I want to make a different sort of suggestion about what to do about it. 

Let’s just for the moment park idiotic dreams of socialist revolution, and think of the innocent bystanders so despised by the ideologues.

I’m talking here about something very simple and immediate that can help the thinking, compassionate, decent and vulnerable humans on Earth (beyond the omnivorous 3%) hang on to what little they have left.

The two key words here are objective advice.

I propose – it’s a small step, nothing more – to host a live forum on my YouTube channel. It will be open to anyone in possession of common sense, ethics and technical knowledge able to offer simple, amenable advice to every sector of society about how to prepare for Crash2.

Not how to make yourself immune to Crash2, because that’s impossible. Merely, I see this as a live seminar on pain relief.

I’ll be using social media in the meantime to publicise this event.

Contact me on if you’re interested in contributing.