At the End of the Day


Lies, damned lies, & Remainers


This is part of an official EU press release today about how the Union will fund itself without having cash-cow Britain to milk any more (my emphases):

‘A two-day EU summit aimed at agreeing the bloc’s long-term financing plan has ended without agreement. The complication is Brexit. The UK paid more in than it took out. This has left a budget deficit of €75 billion.

‘”Unfortunately we have observed that it is not possible to reach an agreement,” said Charles Michel, president of the European Council, speaking at a post-summit press conference. The Council failed to close a gap between the frugal four faction — that want to keep cutting spend — and other net beneficiaries of the EU budget who prefer to keep the status quo.’

There is a simple point to make here: the 5/6ths House of Commons majority against leaving the EU lied through their collective teeth from September 2016 until December 2019; the Barnier team and its pathetic ticking clock lied about who the pressure was really on; the US Establishment under Obama lied because of its own selfish interests in keeping the massive UK army committed to NATO; and others (like Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell on the fringe pursuit of illegal EU slush funds from the likes of Guy Verhofstadt and Mario Draghi) lied about where our long-term interests as a country lie.

They lied to keep their gravy train going, their EU pensions onstream, the idiotic federal dream alive, the demonisation of Russia in place, the American hegemony uncontested, and their own twisted dreams of Euroglory within reach.

At even more specific levels, the Communists Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell lied about where their real loyalties lay in a sociopathic bid for British power. The BBC, Guardian, Independent (and latterly Daily Mail) smeared the UK’s citizenry because they are in the business of ideological propaganda rather than balanced news. In turn, Theresa May and Whitehall lied serially about what they had or hadn’t given up to get a Withdrawal Agreement.

Once Boris Johnson was elected Tory leader, Scottish Courts exceeded their remit by declaring his proroguation of Parliament ‘illegal’, and the UK Supreme Court upheld their view with a judgement so utterly devoid of constitutional precedent as to be a cultural disgrace.

Have the British civil police been upholding our rights while a perverted and biased judiciary found in favour of a crooked Establishment? They have not: instead, they have persecuted those opposed to the unhinged assumptions of the multivariate élite….getting closer and closer every year to being a Gestapo.

Did our legislature protect us from a Cabinet/Whitehall coup d’état designed to push through a thinly disguised dilution of Sovereign Brexit? It did not: instead, it revelled in the huge power given to the blatantly europhile little bully in the Speaker’s Chair, John Bercow.

Has the BoJo administration improved much on the May surrender? It has not: but at least, it got us into a lifeboat rowing as fast as possible from the slowly sinking SS Eutanic.

As I insisted ad nauseam after the 2016 referendum, we always had the upper hand over Brussels. If one looks back over the Brexit Years as a whole, they emerge as the most bare-faced mass-media campaign of ludicrous mendacity since the Geobbels years in 1930s Germany.

It isn’t over yet: Boris Johnson is an untrustworthy geopolitical player who will give way too much unless the British public remains vigilant. David Frost’s speech in Brussels earlier this week will encourage we, the Sovereign Brexiteers.

But most of the electorate remains asleep….and far too willing to accept that up is down and blue is red.

Britain badly needs a written constitution with the various power separations clearly demarcated. The days of a gentlemanly Victorian fudge are long gone: we can no longer rely on good hearts. From here on, what we need is the cold, clear and uncontested power of the Rule of Law.