EXPLOSIVE: Islamic rape gangs, Labour paedophiles, senior police graft and two dead in Soham


Cruel Britannia’s sexploitation cover up is the story of the century so far. But the Secret State prefers dead children to open government


It is with a sense of deep foreboding that I have kept a close eye on the Priti Patel v Home Office scrap over the last fortnight. As I’ve posted before, the battle going on here is multi-layered, ranging from the politics of LibLeft/Police cover-up all the way through to persistent attempts by Whitehall to engineer a silent coup against the elected Westminster legislature.

While I was cheered by seeing Home Secretary Priti Patel sitting next to the PM in the House yesterday (a clear sign of Bojo’s support for her courageous attempt to get arrogant Sir Humphreys to do as they are told) this saga disturbs all kinds of unpleasant memories, moving them back once again to the forefront of my mind.

Bear with me through a bit of history.

The Slog and Britain’s hidden sexual depravity

During the years 1995-97, client duties caused me to be in West Yorkshire (specifically, Halifax) at least once a week. The taxi services from Wakefield to Halifax were – and still are – dominated by Pakistani Islamics. It was impossible not to notice the persistent presence of young female waifs in such taxis.

When I asked our driver ‘Yorkshire Vinny’ to explain this, his response was so explicit and horrifying, I dismissed him as a deranged bigot. But the girls remained ever-present in the taxis: underfed, unloved and under age. It has since become obvious that Vinny was telling a Truth so appalling, it was too toxic for the law, the media, the politicians and the Judiciary to face.

I am still suffused with a sense of guilt about ignoring this. That emotion was magnified as I read in the Independent that a police officer is among 16 men accused of being part of an grooming gang in Halifax. 35-year-old Amjad Hussain – a West Yorkshire Police officer – is among those prosecuted over sexual abuse between 2006 and 2009. This officer of Pakistani origin is now  suspended from duty as a constable in the force’s Protective Services Operations department.

Needless to say, the names of his accomplices are self-explanatory. Metab Islam: rape, supply of a class C drug, sexual assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Arfan Mir, 36: rape, supply of class A and class C drugs and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Nadeem Nassir, 39, and Shahzad Nawaz, 40: rape, supply of a class C drug and making threats to kill. Vaseem Adalat, 33, Vaqaas Abbas, 30, Nadeem Adalat, 34, Shazad Nazir, 44, and Sohail Zafar, 36: rape, trafficking and supply of a class C drug.

On and the list goes: Asad Mahmood, 33 -rape and trafficking. Younis Mohammed, aged 34 and also known as Younis Khan -rape and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent. Sajid Adalat, 43, and Mohammed Rizwan Iqbal, 34 – rape. Ishtiaq Latif, 32 – sexual activity with a child.

I italicise and emphasise at the end of the Amjad Hussian paragraph, because this policeman achieved the classic pervert’s aim of being given privileged access to the meat he craved. As we shall see, Social services, the police, politicians and the judiciary have conspired over time to both allow such openings and then cover them up. This goes all the way up to the Home Office. 

I journeyed to Plymouth, Bristol, Liverpool, Rotherham, Humberside, Leicester and Manchester during the years 2008-12. Every port and/or centre of Islamic concentration displayed the same landscape of sexual, political or financial corruption…..and female trafficking. At the end of that process, I was sickened enough to call a halt to posting about it. The experience was, I am bound to admit, contributory to my decision in 2013 to leave Britain for good.

The consequences of Establishment cover-up

But on 19th November 2012, I devoted several thousand words in this post to explaining how the oft-repeated link between Labour politicians, senior police officers seeking political favour, Islamic sexual culture and systemic perversion combined to help Ian Huntley murder two innocent girls in Soham.

Almost nobody (apart from Home Secretary David Blunkett) comes out of that investigative Slogpost unmired in the hypocrisy of vote-centric Leftlib politics. But the key point is this: the cover-up for the Good Of The Cause always promotes the triumph of evil.

This remains as true as ever in 2020. There are clearly damning documents by the armful being redacted by the Home Office. But on February 26th, the Government said it would not release them. So much for the Freedom of Information Act.

An outstanding piece at the exemplary news analysis site Spiked! explains graphically why this refusal to come clean is yet another nail in the coffin of open liberal democracy.

In turn, however, it also demonstrates the infinite power of Sir Mark Sidwell to both maintain and nurture The Secret State. Because this diabolical spook has every kind of dirt on Boris Johnson.

He has the evidence to prove that BoJo conspired with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks to attempt a perversion of justice in the Newscorp phone-hacking scandal. He is also the owner of condemnatory documents showing how Johnson’s capacious bottom sat on an Enquiry into the role of Richmond Tory Council in the Elm House paedophile affair.

Probably, Patel will keep her job. But any attempt by the PM to demand the release of Rape Gang files at the Home Office will evoke a threat to release the De Pfeffel Files. And that will be a bridge too far for the Prime Minister.

Unless, of course, he has something on Sidwell. In the demi-monde of inquity, anything is possible.