At the End of the Day

Me9719The Dow Jones index slid 13% today.

Almost every medium across the Globe blamed Coronavirus.

So Covid19 was to blame for yet another $20 fall in the price of gold, then….when every dealer was struggling to find supplies of the stuff, so enormous is demand for bullion? 

Meanwhile, every Western country adopted anti Covid19 measures designed to increase the level of panic and fear.

If you’re looking for real answers to what’s really going on in this gigantic confidence trick, then be sure to read tomorrow’s Slog Special…..a detailed and evidenced analysis of how the 3% are planning their Great Escape from the nightmare they alone have created.

This may well be an existential turning point in World History.

To miss the posting would be to lose track of what is under way. We could be staring down the barrel of a Global coup d’état by dark forces.

Don’t miss it.