At the End of the Day


This extract from the publication French Local I think sums up our species perhaps better than anything else could:


The guy was traipsing through a forested area in the northern Pyrenees – his attire ignoring the fact that temperatures here at the minute are falling to -1°C at night – in order to feed (more economically) a habit that 70 years of research show conclusively will give you pretty much anything from emphysema to lung cancer.

He was rescued by emergency services….who then turned him over to the cops….who then fined him for breaking COVID19 lockdown regulations against a virus that this year will kill – at most – 0.2% of sufferers.

Smoking related cancer, by contrast, will kill 1.85 million in 2020

I don’t drink excessively because of our world; but it doesn’t help the condition.

While much of the world is, um, obsessed with the C-word plague, it’s good to see that Owen Jones remains uninfected by the #TRUTH20 virus currently being punted (to little effect) by The Slog:


Actually Duckie, it’s neither. But you can’t keep a cheeky boy down….even if you’d like to put him down:


Yes, let’s throw our hats in the air because a black bigot from Planet Tottenham is now the Shadow Justice Secretary….a man with Windrush and Grenfell credentials who has never uttered a word in defence or support of 3.64 million indigenously born 1950s women.

Hint: 3.64 million is 8,900 times more people than Windrush and Grenfell combined.

Actually Owen, I dismiss 99.9% of what Dave Lamborghini says because he is a Completely Undiluted Neurotic Trabant*

*Car produced from 1957 to 1990 by former East German car manufacturer VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau – often seen as symbolic of the former East Germany and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in general.

To round off tonight, in resonse to likeable Slogger Peter who keeps on asking me why I think COVID19 will be at most a 0.2% cull of humanity, I offer this.

Projecting Q1 2020 deaths forward at a multiple of 4 (and then making generous allowance for failure to protect the truly vulnerably and not including any allowance for unreported cases) produces a figure of 0.06% of the global population, that is, 1.1 million.

So I will eat my hat naked in Piccadilly in rush-hour if the figure exceeds 3.67 million.

I can’t say fairer than that.