This man has diluted égality, is destroying fraternité & now wants to remove liberté.

In the name of a virus  that won’t kill 99.8% of us

Yesterday, the Macron government confirmed that it is working hell-for-leather on a smartphone App that will trace the movement and contacts of every French citizen.

Officially, France’s health minister Olivier Véran told us that the French government is working on this to slow the spread of COVID-19. But already, dozens of human rights organisations throughout Europe are alarmed: they fear that governments could use this opportunity to enforce far-reaching surveillance measures that remain in place after the coronavirus crisis.

Surely not?

Several local politicians throughout France are to introduce obligatory face masks for everyone venturing beyond their homes starting from next week. The number of people fined for curfew disobedience in France now stands at just over 350,000….a staggering number.

In the UK, Police Stop & Search has increased by 25%, and UK lockdown now looks certain to be extended for another three weeks.

As Rolf Harris used to say in happier days……

You all remember Rolf Harris, don’t you? Of course you do: He was jailed in 2014, and charged again on his release for yet more “sex crime” charges. During this second ordeal, it became clear that at least one of the 2014 guilty verdicts was ‘unsafe’, and in relation another one he was then cleared. He was then found not guilty of all the second batch of charges. The PPS, however, ordered a retrial, and that too produced a hung jury. Having reduced Harris to a shadow, the embittered prosecution ideologues reluctantly threw in the towel.

He is still referred to as ‘disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris’ by the media vultures who found him guilty before anything got to Court. There was a period after 2013 when all the press media desperately wanted sex-distractions to keep everyone’s eye off their own across-the-board guilt in the phone-hacking scandal…and went for everyone and anyone who had ever (a) worked at the BBC or (b) crossed swords with the tabloids.

The Judge heading up the eventual Inquiry into hacking made passing reference to this; more importantly, he referred to Piers Morgan’s evidence as “unconvincing” – as good as calling Morgan a liar, which of course he is. Today, Our Piers is heading up the bumboys in the MSM demanding that all who doubt the idiotic Super Killer Virus narrative should be burnt alive along with their children.

However, the key point to bear in mind here is that both the police and the judiciary sided not with Citizen Justice, but with the political and media classes. That marriage between the Devil and the deep-brown swamp continues unabated – and uncontrolled – today. They tried to demonise Paul Gambacinni with faked evidence, and Paul – a man I know and respect – had the balls to see them off. Dave Lee Travis (a bloke I met twice at supper parties in the 1970s) was a bit of a goat, but nothing more. The media vilification left him a broken man.

In these, the first twenty years of the Twenty-first Century, we have been asked to believe élite lies that got bigger and bigger as time went on. But the difference between this generation and those who came before is that just a few media billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoch and the Barclay Brothers are in business to make money through control of the citizen and compliance with the State…..NOT to control the State by defending the citizen.

I posted about this here yesterday, but obviously the reach of The Slog is relatively limited. Politicians like Emmanuel Macron and fascist bureaucrats like Guy Verhofstadt drivel on about their ‘centrism’ or ‘democratic values’; but once one delves into the background of both men, they emerge pretty clearly as the creatures of central banking and globalist big business.

It really doesn’t matter a jot if this COVID19 thing is a global conspiracy (something I doubt) or random nature that has fallen into the lap of those who see themselves as Gods. The resultant outcome in terms of privacy and liberty is what counts.

And it seems to me we are surrendering freedoms gained over centuries in order to be protected from something relatively harmless….in a process that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase Where the Truth Lies.

Today, so much received Truth is lies, it is well-nigh impossible to find where the Truth is in anything. In the 21st century West, we have been asked in turn to believe the following:

  • That wealth skewed massively towards the 3% trickles down
  • That climate change models are facts….even if they differ from the eventual reality
  • That the rigging of the Libor rate was a myth
  • That racial and gender equality is a more important “concept” than equality of opportunity and ‘the best person for the job’
  • That it was OK to count QE as part of gdp
  • That Jeremy Hunt was only kidding when he said he’d like to “deconstruct the NHS brick by brick”
  • That the price of gold is not capped by central banking subterfuge
  • That Murdoch knew nothing about Newscorp’s phone hacking, and Fleet Street as a whole had never heard of it
  • That Jimmy Savile “groomed a nation” single-handed
  • That ClubMed austerity was there to “teach it a lesson, not to save Franco-German banks”
  • That Britain needed the EU more than it needed us
  • That the Far Right is ‘on the march’ and only the likes of Antifa and Momentum can stop it
  • That the Skripal affair was run, effected and conceived by Putin – with a substance called Novichok, which is not in fact made any more by Russia
  • That Brexit would mean immediate catastrophe for Britain
  • That Islam is the religion of Peace
  • The COVID19 is a deadly killer virus
  • That “probably’ the Chinese developed COVID19 for Germ warfare.

As I keep on observing, it really doesn’t matter if all of this is a concerted NWO conspiracy, or just a series of illuminating events. Personally, I find the illumination shed on fake narratives and citizen gullibility is all we need to know. Because for sure, the 3% have watched this unfold….and decided that, from here on, they can get away with anything.

The understanding by the average bod of either who the key élites are or how they operate is at best forty years behind the times, and at worst something in which they flatly refuse to believe. Interesting today in France, however, is the strong feeling in the air that “d’etre toujour pistés” (to be tracked everywhere) is a bridge too far.

Some of you may recall that, at the arrival of COVID19 in Europe, The Slog merely wrote, “Expect the following to happen”. Well, it’s happening: but it is a mistake to see the 3% in the form of mad visions like Zionist Elders, ancient Alchemy Guilds and The Masons. That sort of conspiracy may float the boats of David Ickes and Brian Gerrish, but I’ve seen this demi-monde in action up close: not only is it nothing like that – it is different depending on culture and nationality.

When Dwight Eisenhower coined the phrase ‘military-industrial complex’ in 1958, he was talking about one nascent unelected group in the US. Today, 62 years on, it has both extended and splintered. But it is quite different to the corporacratic élite of self-styled ‘technicians’ we have in the UK….the result of revolving doors of corruption between the City, Whitehall and the security services.

Here in France, the ENARC super-bureaucrats (of which Emmanuel Macron is a card-carrying member) are essentially highly skilled accountants who wish to turn the country into a place where multinational clout and tax collection come before compassion or small business creativity. There is an entire profession out in the community – the Notaires – whose sole focus is the maximisation of tax income. From the day he took office, Macron has upped motorway tolls, increased petrol prices, doubled the taxe foncière, sold off State concerns that generally functioned well and reduced the maximum road speed to massively increase income from speeding fines. 350,000 people fined for curfew breaking is a ridiculous number; but the Boy King doesn’t do rule by the light touch.

You would, in turn, find the mining élite in Australia, the oil and investment oligarchs in Russia, the mafia in Italy and so forth.

But in this, the eternally geopolitically paranoid, internet and financialised planet Earth, pretty much wherever you go there will be a bourse/banking community and secret service axis directing almost everything, and having their will prevail via a compliant political, police, military, news and social media complex.

That isn’t a nutjob conspiracy construct. It’s a fact.

You may or may not have seen the article by David Aaronovitch in yesterday’s (what else?) Times, in which he rubbished (Hydroxi)chlorichine as a management tool in the treatment of COVID19.

This was the comment I left there:

A depressingly lamentable piece – ill-informed, and naive in the face of blatantly obvious machinations by Big Pharma.  Chlorochine is not a cure for C19, but it is a hugely successful management tool in the care of older patients already showing symptoms that give cause for concern when administered with other indicative drugs. 95% of all C19 sufferers display mild symptoms. 99.4% survive regardless of symptoms. The danger group here is those over 65. Those under 45 have a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying if they contract the disease.

Compliant media acting in concert with an unelected axis putting Big Pharma’s wish list before the correct action against a virus.

What better example could you have of the Corporacratic State in action?