THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Covid19 & the rise & rise of the Totalitechnarians

There’s a wonderful old adage which suggests that “the world can be divided into two types of people….those who think it can be divided into two types of people, and those who don’t”. When I worked at the Bates Wordwide ad agency, everyone in the business back then was into global typologies. Bates had a system when I joined called Globalscan that posited five typologies and, as the de facto Executive Planning Director (strategy stuff and data) I was informed that GScan was a vital global client tool.

So I took a crash course in the theory and numbers behind it. It took me an afternoon to work out that it was at best tosh and at worst a post-rationalisation of the potty ideas of Ted Levitt – with a little Jung thrown in for good measure, but not diluted by the wiser thoughts of Joe Stiglitz – who was not quite as notorious back then as he later became. In short, globalism.

I spent five years dodging flights to company seminars designed purely to go ra-rar-rahhh for Globalscan, until there was a purge of the GScanners and then it all died away.

The central point I’m making at the outset here is that those of a systemic outlook are aways in search of a way to type everyone…..and then in so doing – often unwittingly – take away their real identity.

COVID19 has given those who would pervert humanity a chance they will never give up once they’re the power and rational to do this.

The core problem with Globalscan – as with all systemic social models – was the opening assumption that all the homicidal psycho megalomaniacs in the world are in institutions for the criminally insane. The reality, of course, is that a terrifying proportion of them have or still do hold positions of enormous power and influence….and millions of followers.

There aren’t that many true Alpha males, and there are none in the 3%. This is because a properly wired Alpha human instinctively leads, but is balanced enough to know that – if he doesn’t deliver for the Betas and Gammas in the pack – he’ll be replaced in short order, often with extreme prejudice. They probably represent, to varying degrees, a further 8% of humanity: some will lead in a skill set, a sporting activity or a profession…..and a few just always lead. I was at Grammar School with a kid called Keith Jameson: Jamo led in everything, but was rarely disliked. Alan Sugar is a classic Alpha.

Betas will follow someone they can respect who offers ideas that are sensible, compassionate and humane – because they too are decent pack members believing in a sort of flexible Common Good. But here too, the specific motives in play vary wildly.

Gammas – contrary to popular opinion – come from all social classes and IQ levels. They tend to be followers of ideologies and controlling religions, to which they are ineluctably servile. I had friends – an artist called Hugh and his wife – who were intelligent, talented and left wing. In 2016, I voted to leave the EU. I got a letter from the wife ending our friendship with the words, “only bad people voted to leave”.

So while I am outlining four broad typologies here, such is of little use to genuine students of the human race, because in three out of the four cases, there are billions of individuals whose reactions will vary dependent on thousands of cultural, familial, professional and personality factors.

The one exception is the 3%….and they are not students of humanity, they are inhuman controllers. They are a very clearly sick group of people whose drive to amass power and control over others marks them out clearly. They are the truly odd men and women who always want more and more and more: George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Emmanuel Macron, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel and the entire crew who tend to be invited to Davos each year.

And when something like the 2008 Crash, Brexit and COVID19 comes along, they are always there or thereabouts, using their own particular cover story – “philanthropist”, “federalist”, “visionary”, “liberal”, “Mutti” and so forth.

In January of this year, Soros chose the World Economic Forum in Davos to announce the “most important and enduring project of my life, the Open Society University Network [OSUN]”. He pledged $1 billion to create what he says “the world really needs” – an international platform for teaching and research that existing universities all over the world would be able to join, among other things, “to fight dictators and would-be dictators.”

When asked how the inhabitants of OSUN might identify “would-be dictators”, Soros replied without any hint of irony, “the perfect way to tell a dictator or a would-be dictator is if he identifies me as an enemy.”

Now that COVID19 is amongst us all, Bill Gates is carrying the tech ball in search of a certain touchdown. Having invested billions in lo-altitude satellite tracking (ensuring every lockdown is obeyed) Gates – also a big virus-testing kit investor – has been everywhere in the media giving a nonstop commentary on the dystopian world that lies ahead of us. The worrying part is that Billy Boy doesn’t seem to see it as dystopian at all.

Last September, about three months before COVID19 made its entrance, a biometric company in San Francisco bankrolled by Gates gave out a press release saying it would undertake “exploration of multiple biometric identification technologies for infants” based on “infant immunisation”. Or put simply, a tag for every kid on the planet to prove they’ve been immunised against something.

Further, the boffins at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a hi-tech ‘tattoo’ that stores data in dye under the skin. It will be delivered along with an immunisation vaccine developed by the global vaccine agency GAVU. This too is owned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates elaborates thus with CBS last weekend:

“This is a turning point….we may well never ‘open up’ again…..anything defined as a ‘mass gathering’ if you will, from spectators packed in a sporting stadium to protesters demonstrators on the street would be considered an act of civil disobedience without a vaccine….truly beneficial activities, like schools, have to be organised such that risks of transmission are very low, but until you’re vaccinated, mass assembly may not come back at all”.

This is the chilling vision of an aspergers thinker with no true concept of individual liberty, but a nose for unlimited power. If you’re not disturbed by watching Gates as he offers this totalitarian vision of a ‘chipped’ future with his customary daft grin, then you must be very low on the common sense quotient.

I feel the need to underline this: it is being suggested by a billionaire at the epicentre of the supply capacity as the solution to a relatively benign virus for over 98% of us….and also remind you all that only two days ago, Macron airily announced (also with a satisfied smile) the he was working with the smartphone sector in France to produce an obligatory app tracing everyone’s movements all the time. Purely to control COVID19 of course. Naturally.

Mark Zuckerberg has already mused openly about his Presidential ambitions. He has also shown his willingness on all occasions to act as an unaccountable censor when anyone on Facebook challenges his “liberal” views. He really does believe that all fake news emanates from the Right, and of course all Right things are wrong. So there.

As children aren’t in school and more and more people are quarantined at home, Facebook’s services and applications are reaching a new level of use. The world now goes to Facebook to find out Mark’s take on reality, chat on Messenger for work or to stay in touch with loved ones, make calls with WhatsApp and share photos and videos on Instagram.

All of these applications are owned by Facebook. During the 2016-19 Brexit debate in the UK, the narrative on Facebook was overwhelmingly biased to the Remain view. Go to Facebook today, and you will see most users excoriating those who think Lockdown is the wrong strategy. Some of the ProGov trolls there are so mad, they sound like Piers Morgan having a period.

Of course, Zuckerberg needs an alibi just like any other Threepercenter. Since C19 started, he has made ‘large donations’ to five separate schemes to produce testing kits and vaccines. But these are a fraction of the investment he’s made alongside Bill Gates in IDSeq – a cloud-based, open-source bioinformatics pipeline, short for Identity Sequencing. When developed, it will be able to both test and trace.

Zuckerberg’s share price is enjoying a bounce at the moment, because everyone’s stuck inside trying to find out whatTF’s going on. They will largely get the Zuckerberg take on that. With money in “news” communication, tracing, tracking and data collection, this man has all the bases covered….and wants to be in the White House.

Standing alongside French president Emmanuel Macron just under a year ago, Zuckerberg said, “The question of what speech should be acceptable and what is harmful needs to be defined by regulation, by thoughtful governments.” Thomas Hobbes would’ve been proud.

Funny how these control-freaks keep just, you know, bumping into each other. Tony Blair is usually around at least once a week pouring forth technocrat-lite unthinking new ways to make ‘government’ bigger and more Blocist in its nature – eighteen years ago he tried to make everyone in the UK get an ID card – and now his personal consultation racket has decided to focus entirely on COVID19.

Called The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (a suitably Orwellian starting point) it concludes this weekend by saying (my italics):

‘….the only way out of the crisis is mass testing….testing and tracing together with the use of technology’. This will inevitably lead to ‘trade-offs on the road to ending lockdown measures that limits the health damage while allowing the economy to revive’; but technology has ‘an important role to play both in terms of monitoring, responding to and ultimately eradicating this disease, and in how we are adapting the way we live and work to the new normal.’

Ah yes, dear old Anthony St John Lynton Blair, the infamous cottage loiterer – there to prepare us for Dystopia – to which of course TINA applies – There Is No Alternative.

Why did Angela Merkel display such insight in being ready almost from Day 1 with mass testing? It’s an intriguing question being asked by those sources online who are good at spotting this stuff – which I confess, I hadn’t. By being so far-sighted (or forewarned?) Merkel has been able to achieve a death rate per million (34) much lower than that of the UK (145), or France (212).

Germany has been testing in mid February, and is now running at the rate of 500,000 per week; but the reason it is ahead of the game is that it began ordering the testing kits from South Korea before C19 was big news.

In October last year, Davos ‘game-played’ a mass Coronavirus pandemic. I’ve always found the “coincidence” explanation of this a little hard to swallow. But technicians at SeeGene (the testing-kit company in South Korea) claim that its CEO responded early largely on the basis of an “open order” to buy everything they could produce in mid December 2019 from Germany.

“Alles klar” as they say in Germany – always prepared. But that is foresight at a level bordering on ESP. It makes you think.

Today I have coined a new word – Totalitechnarians. Because of their unnatural, twisted personalities, these people will always prefer monied unnatural vaccination to naturally acquired immunity. They never balk at track and trace (despite its obvious efficacy during epidemics) because without that appeal, they have nothing.

Homo sapiens is, this time, truly at the crossroads. This is what the 3% are saying to us today:

“Of course you can have your freedom back….just so long as you buy our products, and tell the State where you are 24/7”.

Is that enough for you?

Enjoy your Sunday lunch.