COVID19 ACCOUNTABILITY: Bonkers virus modeller resigns following illicit bonk


Neil Ferguson – the man of a thousand double standards – yesterday quit his post as Lockdown adviser to the Government, after breaking his own rules by inviting a married mistress round for a shag.

Untrustworthy, incompetent and vaccine dependent, the man who invented lockdown has left the stage. But his departure – after what he called “an error of judgement” – brings into a sharper focus the issue of creeping unelected and unaccountable power at the rotten core of Contrick19 Britain.

A few days ago here I wrote this about the Technocratic route back into the EU and its Mickey Mouse euro:

‘The spin will be, “the economic emergency changes everything, as does the now obviously aggressive expansionism of Beijing. We would be far better off under the shelter of a large trading entity enjoying the protection of NATO.”

Last Monday, the Murdoch press ran some puffery about China’s ‘stealth bomber development being speeded up, and it could be ready to fly five years early’. Yesterday, Geordie Grieg’s Daily MI6ail went further, insisting that China’s new supersonic stealth bomber could be ready later this year. The feared Xian H-20 puts Australia and Japan within range.’

Are you fearful of the Xian H-20? And if not, why not?

All in good time, fellas: We’re still busy round these parts bein’ a-feared of Covid19. Meanwhile, the spin for ending lockdown is equally braindead, but contains this gigantic Trojan Horse [my emphases] as set out in yesterday’s Times:

‘Everyone in Britain will be told to download an NHS app to save lives and get the country back to work. Ministers plan a nationwide campaign to persuade most of the country to use a track-and-trace smartphone app….the public will be told that it is their duty to download the app to protect their health and that of their family and friends. Officials say that the more people who use it, the more lockdown rules can be eased because the technology will allow Britain to “get ahead of the epidemic” by identifying and testing people with the virus before they are even symptomatic.’

The stick, guilt and carrot approach, as people used to say in more sensible times: ‘you will be told, it is your duty – but if you acquiesce, lockdown can be eased’.

Even calling this a ‘rationale’ is risible. I need someone to explain to me (minus any woffle) what use track and trace is going to be while there is a shortage of testing kits  – and huge doubts about the veracity of Matt Hancock’s ‘100,000 tests carried out’. If 80% of adults do download the app (the DoH’s target) that’s roughly 45 million giving feedback….about what? The new TCO target is 200,000 a day, so it’ll take 9 days to process….what exactly? And how long to get the testing kit to a tracked person….about whom they know precisely what? Say another 3 days – that means 13 days in all, by which time the ‘suspect’ might well be symptomatic, and have been to see a medical centre of some description.

I must be missing something, but I fail to see why knowing where 45 million adults are is going to do anything but complicate matters, and result in analysis way in excess of what’s required. This is not, for instance, what Germany did: Berlin simply ordered millions of kits, and then traced every case contact manually….with spectacular results.

What we see here is action on control masquerading as the Common Good.The whole idea seems to me an attempt to (a) look as if a major technical leap is putting us ‘ahead’ (of what?) and (b) arrive at what the point was in the first place: to have 45 million citizens telling the Surveillance State exactly where they’ve been and what they’re doing now.

Somehow, I can’t imagine many UK-based Jihadists are going to download the app….can you?

As the things we’re asked to do get sillier and sillier, confusion between relevance and poppycock becomes total. This has, in my view, been exacerbated by the now near-universal usage by the Government classes of unaccountable advisers with at best dubious motives, and a staggering ability to be wrong about everything. But at heart, there is a now such a powerful unfluence leading back to our security services in “policy”, you have to believe that at least part of the knowledge-anarchy is intentional.

The following at the moment are unclear in Britain: the percentage herd immunity, reliability of diagnoses, success or otherwise of lockdown, likelihood of a vaccine before 2022, number of testing kits available, how they’ll be distributed, the precise way out of lockdown, standard of care-home anti-infection security and how much potential gdp has been blown away by Covidophobia hype.

This is allowing the anti-Boris Leftlib axis to have a field-day on social media…and they have grasped it with the same two hands incapable of finding their arses in the dark. Yesterday was yet another “Where’s Boris?” fest on Twitter, in which raw numbers were used to spread complete lies about the UK’s place in the league tables of C19 cases and so-called death tolls. Twitter, it goes without saying, did nothing to stop this torrent of what must surely (for once) add up to Fake News.

But of course, most informed thinkers know perfectly well who the Zuckerbergs and Twatterati serve; thus, their job is to censor Truth, and amplify the Unelected State narrative. Military Intelligence, GCHQ and the media are all in the business: they are professional information collectors, leak pluggers and – where necessary – bare-faced liars. This from today’s Times:


Population of Britain, 72 million. Population of Italy, 60 million. Britain’s death rate per million is 12% lower than Italy’s….and neither of these two are the death rate leaders: that honour belongs to Spain, whose death rate is 20% higher than that of the UK.

The story is completely untrue on the silplest Janet & John basis, but the Murdoch organ of onanism goes further, by adding ‘The UK death toll is higher whether measured using only those who have died following a positive test for coronavirus, or deaths registered with the virus mentioned on the death certificate’. But, um, not if you spot that Britain is by far the most overcrowded country in the European Top Ten for gdp.

The final iniquity from the Times is a piece of utter piffle using modelling (Really? Again? Haven’t we had enough of it yet?) to say that the “real” death tally in Britain is 55,700 – based on ‘Times modelling of ONS data over a five year average’. It’s hard to know where to start on this rubbish, but the ONS data doesn’t support any such conclusion, and the assumption that all excess numbers are Covid related is beyond help.

I posted last week to the effect that Whitehall is coaching its tame media contacts day in day out. I was told by a solid source last night with some authority that the ‘model’ was given to News International by Civil Service sources.

There is an alliance against the Johnson Administration in Britain, and it consists of the Leftlibs, the technocrats and suppliant media owners.

Both Sir Mark Sedwill and Rupert Murdoch want BoJo out – for their own reasons, presented previously at this site on several occasions….but notably here.

The United Kingdom needs rigorous accountability to be applied to all those at the heart of Government – by their foibles treasonous, corrupt or sexual. That’s what today’s Slogpost is about.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking a closer look some of Sir Mark Sedwill’s lesser known networking. And asking some uncomfortable questions of this dangerously powerful man.