Boris Johnson, Churchillian hyperbole, and a Prime Minister who is doomed to disappoint


Why the Prime Minister will never go over the Wall from his Geopolitical prison


Boris Johnson’s past is littered with malfeasance, disloyalty, reckless sexuality, cover-up, corruption, cronyism and perfidy. Nobody’s perfect and all that, but BoJo holds the British 21st Century Record for the distance he has created from perfection during his 55 years of lowlife behaviour masquerading as the Highlife.

We all know this. He gets away with it by looking hurt, being roly-poly, ruffling his scruffy hairdo, appearing on satire shows, being able to speak ancient Greek, and generally seeming to be a good sport. I’ve had a lifetime of dealing with such people, and these days none of it surprises me.

But there is one truly unforgivable habit to which Johnson is addicted, and it disgusts me because it misleads us not about him, but about ourselves as Brits. This is his pretence that the political class, social make-up and cultural mores of the United Kingdom present in 1940 still exist in any recognisable form today.

Take a scan of his recent speeches, and you’ll immediately conclude (if you’re capable of self-honesty) that the collective noun should be scam. British bulldog spirit, British common sense, British stiff upper lip, British determination, British fair play and British individuality are all invoked. But not too far below the surface, most of us with a sense of history and/or over sixty years on the clock know it is cant of the first order.

Even much of the real 1940 has been rewritten: For the first year of his Premiership, Churchill had to deal with a combination of truculent Leftist Unions who distrusted his motives, and a right wing upper middle class who thought Hitler A Very Good Thing. They had enough power in total to organise a vote of No Confidence in the Prime Minister…and only retreated when sheer patriotism produced an overwhelming defeat for them in Parliament.

Today’s British political class would’ve signed a Peace Deal with Hitler – and the senior Whitehall ranks would’ve given away all our sovereignty in support of the blocism they’re convinced is the future.

Today’s electorate would’ve accepted that, because they would’ve been convinced by the appeasement, Nazi-friendly propaganda of the Times and other newspapers….and terrified of the Wehrmacht’s carefully crafted image of invincibility.

Three huge changes have taken place since 1940: education as the thirst for knowledge without ideology has been abandoned; the Nation has turned away from cooperative consensus in favour of gender and sexuality narcissism, and brutally inflexible intolerance; and 70 years of immigration have changed the nature of Britishness beyond all recognition.

The three factors listed above have been covered endlessly on this site, so this time around I propose simply to summarise the consequences.

The British electorate today is hopelessly divided along criss-crossing lines of nationalism, religion, political correctness, social responsibility, what liberty means, historical knowledge, the pros and cons of multiculturalism, practical constitutional and political reform, Brexit and even how to deal with a Coronavirus.

In turn – having spotted the chance to exploit division, apathy and ignorance – Parliament has attracted more and more chancers of unscrupulous ambition and counterfeit values. Similarly, what were relatively benign ‘pressure groups’ when I was at University have turned into the corrupters of the chancers……aka ‘lobbyists’. Notable among their midst are Globalist business, Bourse bankers, Big Pharma, the media and distribution giants – ie, profit, easy money, health, information, and access to food and material goods. Just fancy that.

Contrary to what the Guardianistas suggest, values are no longer absolute absolute, and Truth is a commodity increasingly up for auction to the highest bidder. Blairite relativists would have you believe that ’twas ever thus, but they are lying: Robert Maxwell* as a psychopathic media-owning MP was seen in his time as a freak; today he would not be that far removed from the norm.

For Boris Johnson to evoke memories of a Britain that has disappeared is obscene – and worse still because it is an act. He knows perfectly well that the Islamic community favours remaining in the EU, because they want the irresponsible freedoms merrily supplied by the EUCHR….freedoms they would quite obviously not offer to infidels. He knows exactly how big a mob of Quislings Whitehall is, and how much they prefer the unelected power offered by Brussels to the accountability of an electorate. He realises that financialisation is a curse, and giant hypermarkets are a threat to traditional British values. He is on record as saying that too many educationalists hate Britain; and he understands how and why those who want strict UK immigration controls are not Mosleyite Blackshirts.

But the problem is, BoJo has almost the entire set of political assets – humour, the winning smile, the feigned Common Man, the rhetoric, the air of dynamism and the ability to flatter voters he privately despises – but he lacks two things that would make him profound and memorable: that is, a reforming instinct, and balls.

The Prime Minister is a born élitist power networker masquerading as a populist. He is Boris the Spider as these columns have always maintained. He doesn’t have the remotest interest in reforming what’s left of UK democracy.

Equally, he runs scared of everything that the naysayers insist he is – and for that reason alone, he will not take an honest punt at UK independence by accepting the stupidity of the “expert” Covid19, and changing tack. Even more disappointing, I will be staggered if he has what it takes to fire Sir Mark Sedwill.

I offer this last opinion in the slim hope that it might turn out to be a self-denying prophecy.

*I met Maxwell on several occasions during a pitch for the advertising of his unpleasantly Sorosesque newspaper The European. On one occasion, I had seen him on television the night before swearing that he never, ever interfered in the editorial policy of The Mirror. During our meeting his internal phone rang: a senior Mirror hack wanted to go with a story (true, as it turned out) about Princess Margaret getting scalded in the bath, having stepped into it completely pissed. Maxwell spiked it on the spot.