At the End of the Day

The has invited me to tune into a celebration of women who have (it seems) completed the study of Maimonides. This philosophical system is named after the writings of Jewish philosopher Moses Ben Maimon, a fellow who lived in Spain, Morocco and Egypt in the 12th and 13th centuries.

This might make me appear eternally knowledgable were it not for the fact that, until today, I’d never heard of the bloke.

The Wimmin thing apparently stems from Uncle Ben’s strong rationalist belief in women as beings with spiritual potential; and this, at times, motivated him to defend and improve their legal rights.

Thing is, did MBM know just how a thousand years of matriarchy might develop with too much encouragement?

Grandmothers to male grandchildren: “You never write you never phone, and always you come empty-handed”.

Mothers to male children: “So you have a schickse girlfriend and she’s Christian. I will greet her in the kitchen….with my head in the oven”.

Wives to husbands: “OK honey: you take the big decisions like what to do about Global Warming, Black Lives Matter, and what maybe we should do about NATO. I make only the small decisions – like, where we live, where we send our kids to school, which synagogue we attend, what type of house we buy”.

For those who would love to brand me an anti-Semite, I invite every Jewish reader to send me some good Goyim jokes and bear in mind that I was brought up amongst Jews.

Some years ago, a fellow worker (drop dead sexy Jewish girl) invited her Mancunian mum down to London. They met in the office, and I fell to discussing with the Jewish mother lots of people we had in common.

Her daughter told me the following day that she’d nearly wet herself laughing when her mum observed, “You know Samantha, for a Jewish boy, John has very blue eyes”.

That said, I’m still baffled by the email invitation.

Talking of Jewish women, Ghislaine Maxwell is probably the most talked-about Jewess in the world at the moment.

But as regards the media descriptions of her imprisonment while awaiting trial, there are some horrific signals being given out.

Tomorrow, The Slog will real some disturbing intelligence about the rationale for fake news about Maxwell’s incarceration.

Stay tuned.

Back to Contrick19 I’m afraid, and a convincing and engaging piece from Off Guardian about NHS staff telling the Truth about the sharp end of dealing with Covid19, the most hyped virus in history.

Two extracts serve to make the point:

‘In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region, and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country.’

‘At the start, staff that questioned this were told that we were being used as ‘redundant’ capacity, kept back for the ‘deluge’ we were told would come. It never did come, and when staff began to question this, comments like, ‘for the greater good’ and to ‘protect the NHS’ came down from above. Now its just along the lines of, ‘Shut up or you don’t get paid’.’

Anyone still unwilling to deny the evidence from across the Globe about the mismatch between the claimed threat from Covid19 and the reality at the sharp end is very probably, it seems to me, a member of the EU Remainer/Momentum axis of cyclopian vision, or a Democrat/Antifa/BLM idiot.

On top of that, we have recurrent and persistent reports of any death with Coronavirus as the cause of death, the unreliable nature of testing kits, and perhaps most important, the continuing blatant generalised and inaccurate nature of alarmist MSM “reporting”.

It’s hard to avoid the feeling that one’s blog is becoming repetitive.

I ask only that you don’t shoot the Town Crier.

Sleep well.