FREEDOM’S END: Clarifying what The Slog is up to

When you have a Twitter account where 95% of your tweets to followers aren’t seen by those followers, it really makes no difference whether you have nine followers or 900 million: your commentary will disappear into a black hole of censorship based on litle more than the will of a liberal, née fascist, “moderator”.

If, however, one can adopt a new identity on Twitter (using a reasonably well-known acronym like IABATO*) it is possible to evade a Shadow Ban.

And if you then set out to follow 2,000+ of your known followers using this acronym, one stands a chance of retaining user volume while learning the mysterious protocols of other less censorious social media.

I’ve spent the last 36 hours doing this on the grounds that 1,000 is less than 2,560, but a lot more than none.

I apologise for any confusion, but needs must – as they say.

Tomorrow, The Slog is going to post about the government’s official approach to forcing everyone in Britain to undergo what they don’t want (or need) as a means of countering a wimpy virus that only hysterical neurotics fear.

Their proposals are set out in the same way our Establishment tried to squash any interest in Brexit – that is, via fearmongering lies.

I will use their official document to prove this.

There will be nothing conspiranoid or nutjob about the post. But it will, I promise, be terrifying.

Please follow my agent on Earth @IABATO2 to gain access to this revealing document before it becomes an Unproposal we are not allowed to see.

*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official