As so often happens after the holidays, dealers get back to their desks having had two weeks of familial reality….and start to worry. But there’s a lot more to yesterday’s Dow Jones wobble than a few jitters.

As I pointed out last week, the 3% of fat controllers are now in something of a hurry.

Although the research is three weeks out of date, 64% of American Republican voters felt, in early August, that Covid19 has been hyped. (For more on this in todays Newsblog, see Democrats, needless to say, are two thirds less doubtful.

Imagine that.

That particular line of split on a political Party basis is interesting, because it’s reflected on conservative social media, where GOP supporters are fully aware that Anthony Fauci is a card-carrying Clintonite Democrat, and thread after thread shows (in my view, very accurately) that the Shadow State and their media whores will now pull every stunt and more to show that on race, health, the economy and the sovereign finances, Trump’s “greater” America is a myth and a mess.

What we have taking shape here is five urgent motives in play:

  • The clearly funded and ignited Antifa/BLM riots have been a mixed blessing for the Democrats, but they’ve helped the media’s desperate opportunism in branding Trump a racist. (My own feeling is that it’s backfired among older White Democrats; but it has ensured a higher Black turnout this time versus 2016.)
  • Covid19 lockdowns have ensured – whatever Trump says – that for some time to come, the economy is torpedoed amidships and limping along with no sign of land.
  • The smearing of HCQ and other management drugs for the elderly infected has ensured a higher death rate than was necessary.
  • A stock market collapse (or fears of one) will make normally Republican voters nervous, although it is of little or no concern to the President’s blue-collar heartland until such time as they connect such a thing with job losses.
  • Finally – and this is the crucial sting in the tail and tale – Big Pharma and its banker supporters need a rapid spurt in cases and deaths so desire for a vaccine goes up, and the coming bust in the markets is put down to “the Covid effect”.

Heads they win, tails we lose. And if all goes according to plan (expect higher death rates in October as the temperature falls) the Shadow State will dump the Donald, and have Joe-who-am-I-Biden the dummy to be worked from behind.

With just under eight weeks to go, the bout is into the last two Rounds, and so Low-Blows on the blindside will become de riguer.

Does Donald Trump have a killer punch on the end of his sleeve…or something just as deadly up it?

The most likely uppercut he could land on the Surveillance State is Ghislaine Maxwell.

We must wait and see.