Almost exactly four years ago – after having the spent much of the previous five campaigning on behalf of cheated female 1950’s born State pension victims – I offered this advice to the women directly affected:

‘All the various factions should now focus on one thing….the same thing I’ve been hammering on about now for nearly a year. That One Thing is the escape from an image of worthy gentility in the eyes of the media and their power-corrupted legislator siblings.

Forget the dilution of objectives. Forget the ideal of civilised negotiation. You are dealing with Ostrogoths. Join together and present this as a Civil Rights issue – alongside those of NHS professionals, the disabled, Legal Aid and all the other building bricks of a civilised society being demolished by neocon vandals.

And – harsh as this may seem – forget the idea of any substantive help from all but a very few powerless Labour politicians who have remained untainted by Bubble Life. Accept that fellow citizens of decent disposition are the only ones who will help you, and the media will only join your team when the plea for justice has become a bandwagon’.

I was patronised throughout this saga by admonitions like “we mustn’t damage the cause”, “to get support we must be decent and reasonable in what we ask for”, “our case speaks for itself, and in the end this will crown its triumph”.

I recalled back then the dark Jewish joke about Austrians Abe and Heimy being lined up for summary execution after the Nazi Anschluss. The SS Obersturmbannfuhrer asks if they have any last requests, and Heimy says yes, I’d like a blindfold. Abe rolls his eyes.

“Heimy,” he pleads, “How many times I have to tell you, don’t make trouble”.

So my response to 3.65 million cheated women was, on the whole, “Dream on”. At one point, I earned a vituperative flurry of bile about being a cynical blah blah violent bloke, and was then banished by the Waspi élite. Enter the Backto60 Tendency.

They would (they insisted) resort to law and appeal to the legal egalitarian Goddess perched on the roof of the Old Bailey.

The first Court of Appeal hearing took place last July. This was my comment at the time:

‘While there is little cause for optimism, the Backto60/Waspi consortium’s UN representative Davia Lloyd, yesterday confirmed they had collected “damning evidence” ahead of the case as she revealed that those involved have high hopes. “We have UN reports we didn’t have in November 2017. All the evidence we’ve got just multipled. We’ve got more damning evidence than we had the first time. I’m very, very optimistic…but the Government obviously will fight it tooth and nail.”

I wish I shared Ms Lloyd’s faith in the separation of judicial and political power in Britain. Last March, Pensions Minister Guy Opperman told the House of Commons that full restitution “would cost something in the region of £215 billion”….as if we were somehow supposed to feel sympathy for his plight.’

Backto60 lost. More crowd-funded money was collected for an appeal…much of it from those who could least afford it.

And so today – after tens of thousands of money has been lost in the process – we have learned that the Appeal to the Appeal has also been summarily dismissed.

But this was how we heard about it:

Does that seem clear to you…..or an attempt to make Dunkirk seem like a victory?

‘We fight on’ means an appeal to the Supreme Court created by Blairites and hated by the Borisites. As an institution, the UK Supreme Court represents damaged goods, blatant ideological bias, and an early target for abolition by the current Administration. By the time this constitutional muddle has gone in one direction or another, a growing minority of the original appellants will be dead.

Look People, I’m a pacifist. I’m implacably opposed to violence. But let me remind you, as a degreed student of socio-political history, that almost every worthwhile reform in Britain during the last 188 years has been achieved by making the Establishment acutely uncomfortable.

The 1832 Electoral Reform Bill, the sailor safety Plimsoll Line, the Householder Suffrage Bill, the 1906 Lords Reform, Female Suffrage, the National Health Act, the Clean Air Act and the Homosexual Law Reform all became Law because, respectively, the pressure of embarrassment was applied with determined vigour to aristocrats, shipping magnates, privileged landowners, misogynists, rich medical practitioners, sociopathic millowners and blackmailers given license by corrupt cops respectively.

Justice in human society goes far beyond dry and dusty process. From here on, the cause of 1950s born women exploited on the basis of being “easy meat” must recognise this golden rule. The Suffragettes did not achieve their goal by being ‘naice’.

Although the Corporacratic State will continue to attack any form voting that enables egalitarian change, while this (our last hold on the gargoyles) is still available, politicians will always pay attention to injustice that threatens their power.

Backto60/Waspi women will either harken unto this golden rule, or sink without trace.