At the End of the Day

If you haven’t noticed by now that the 3% are out of the closet as well as out of control, the chances are you’re dead

Three things have emerged in the last two weeks….not from “wild conspiracy theory” I hasten to add, but from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its promotional accolytes.

The degree of in-yer-face, upfront coordination is so overt, it seems hardly necessary to list what I’m about to point out – but for the hard of waking, here it is anyway:

  • The global use of the slogan ‘Build Back Better’
  • The Great Reset being repositioned from The Great Global Scam to The Squeaky Clean Future
  • The constituents necessary to hold together the Totalitarian Control Alliance of apparently opposing Neocon and Leftist elements – these being Health, Green Tech, media and (temporarily tolerated) Socialism.

The first of these presupposes collapse. The collapse has been created by 0.1% billionaire elements bankrollinging Antifa, BLM, Extinction Rebellion and fire-city narcissist nonsense; the UN Migration Charter driven by 3% American, EU federalist and Davos hegemonists; the inflation of a minor-league virus into a global plague; and – longer term – the fiat currency financialising greed of the banking/bourse community.

That has produced confusion. Confusion generates fear. And fear facilitates control to the point where naive citizens welcome it…as we have seen over the last nine months – and as our forebears saw in the 1917-39 epoch.

Build Back Better is the epitome of banal Utopian promise that precedes every dystopian power-grab.

The second of these acts as a spanking-new-tech motor that the masses can admire – the thing they’re led to believe will propel them across to The Promised Land. For it is The Great Reset, after which the leper shall be healed, the lame shall win Olympic Gold, disease shall be eradicated, Earth shall be made clean again, and everyone will live a richly fulfilling life in which the Rich-to-Poor divide has been abolished.

Some pretty heavy hitters have been recruited by this Vision, perhaps the most high-profile and predictably daft of whom is the current heir to the British throne.

I say “daft”, but like many such people, the Prince is cunning: he is the only senior Royal in UK history to have given a seal of approval to all three branches of the Secret State.

Charles nevertheless seems completely unable to grasp that the Monsanto Modifiers (about whom he was so vituperative ten years ago) are founder members of the Club he now belongs to. We must pray that our most Proper Charlie succumbs to something before his mum expires; but then, his elder son seems equally wedded to pc drivel.

As time goes on, I have more and deeper forebodings about the future of the Windsor dynasty.

The final constituent is (for now) the most significant, because it squares the circle that makes the goal so incredible for many citizens in the West. It is in this third part that we discover the glue required to trap our feet in the mud…when they should be marching against those who would make us all easy targets.

This is a page capture of what I put out on Twitter today:

What we’re going to be promised is that (as our former Prime Sinister Gordon Brown once told the Commons) “Global problems require global solutions”.

From here on, it is the duty of the balanced but discriminating 16% of us to point out that our global problem was created by 0.1% of all human life on Earth….and administered by another 2.9%.

The idea that dysfunctional megalomaniacs can be trusted to create a new world of equality is so unutterably idiotic, only the Left would believe it…..which is why, dear reader, they will buy into it.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.”

Albert Camus