Tiers before bedtime

I can shed some light on the lead story in today’s Daily Telegraph, in which it is “revealed” that the PM ‘overruled Government scientists who pressed for national lockdown measures such as stopping all household mixing and closing all pubs’.

In fact, Rishi Sunak saw the Covidiots coming, and made it clear to the PM that if he acquiesced in their lunacy, he would resign forthwith. Privy to this information, Dominic Cummings told BoJo that he must be seen to have overridden the “scientists”, and the two men duly arranged for the Telegraph leak.

In reality, Johnson merely told the scientists he would weigh their advice and think about it.

All this may seem academic, but it is no such thing. Part of the official, written advice given to the PM was as follows:

‘failure to take such measures could result in a very large epidemic with catastrophic consequences’

We are back in the Land of Why Are They Doing This? here: over the two days of this week so far, there were 26,844 “cases” of Covid19 in Britain. As 99.1% at least will not require hospital treatment, the impact on the total beds available in the NHS comes to 0.45%.

The average Covid stay in hospital is 11 days. This “Second Wave” would have to last 380 days straight at that level before the NHS would even wobble, let alone collapse.

Now consider other additional factors:

  • The case numbers are notoriously unreliable and have proved time and again to be higher than reality
  • Only deaths as a whole measured versus previous years can tell us how unusual or not that is
  • Total deaths this week so far are 115
  • Thus, for every 140,000 of us, 1 person died of “Covid19” this week….and it could well be less than that
  • The irreparable damage to the plethora of non-virus NHS duties is there for all to hear, see and read
  • SAGE itself admitted yesterday that the ‘test & trace’ system (running cost, £100 billion per annum) has made “only a marginal difference” to the spread of the virus.

In the light of this, we all know what will happen when, er, nothing happens: the scientists – all the Whitties, Horbies, Fergusons and other lowlife – will creep back into their well-deserved obscurity, and the Man in Number Ten will get it squarely in the neck.

Hence Cummings’ desperate plea to Boris: be seen to be the man who said no.

I’ll make one last plea today, because like me, I’m sure you’re sick of reading/talking about this: take a page capture of these two graphs below, and send them to all of your Covidiot friends, family and acquaintances (we’ve all got them) and say, “Here is the undisputable truth that the second wave is barely a ripple because the death rate is homoaeopathic”:

“OH MY GAAWWWD!” we hear the hyterics cry.

Yes, cases are going through the roof. This is happening because there is more reporting/testing than there was back in March and April, and because with no Lockdown now, the virus is spreading among the population as a whole, and giving us the Herd immunity we need.

Now of course, if that turns into deaths, we have a problem, Houston….

“WELL KNOCK ME DOWN WITH A SUB-ATOMIC ZERO-MASS ANOREXIC FEATHER!” say the 16% of normal people, “Where orl’ dem dead folks at, bro??”

Here we have case levels at 2.3 times more than the First Wave, and deaths at 12.2 times less than the first wave.

To use the physics here, I ask, is this a ‘Second Wave’? And the answer is no, it’s more of a microscopic particle. And such particles do not “let rip” – yet another of those doom-laden terms like ‘plague’ and ‘killer virus’ that all creatures great and small fed money by the Pharmafia are paid to broadcast.

Start from this assumption: the bandwagon-jumpers are bought: they’ve lied to us for thirty years about every topic under the sun from WOMD to real wage values via inflation to the dangers of Breit.

Why would anyone but a Chipmunk believe them now?

We do not need tiers as a pathetic political construction designed (as always with Boris) to both please and bamboozle everyone. This will only lead to tears before bedtime.

What we need is Covid without tears.

Covid without hype, Covid without half-baked rice paper models, Covid without NHS strangulation, Covid without terror of shadows, and Covid without the Giga-profit moral hazard of global vaccination.

I suggest – for the consumption all reasonable, empirical, pragmatic and open-minded people around the Globe – that such is infinitely preferable to Covid with fears.

Covid with zero social or economic anthropology taken into account, Covid with the sense of being on the set of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Covid with media-whore horror, Covid with the delusion of Homo sapiens as a God, and Covid riddled with secret governance via decree.

Covid is not the issue here. Covid is the symptom, the catalyst, the Patsy, the mediaeval catechism and the fantasy designed to justify locking us up, stopping us from travelling, tracing our every action and listening in on our every fart.

My apologies for boring anyone in this post. Believe me – if you’re bored, imagine how I feel 75 articles into The Demolition of Covidaphobia.

John Ward prefers Real People to Woke folk