The tragic sensory impairment of the citizenry

The gap between the obvious personality typologies “running” our countries, and their pretensions of profound concern for those at risk from Coronavirus, is so vast, one really would have to be Myopic Village Idiot of the Decade not to see it.

Below is an extract from a heart-rending email I received today. I’ve never met this lady, but I do know perfectly well (being myself in the eighth decade) that I have five cancer-suffering friends all of whom are receiving this risible level of “care” from our much-lauded National Health “Service”.

As well as being left to rot by an NHS admin Class unable to grasp the difference between 3 days in bed from Coronavirus and death, the woman concerned has also been active for many years in those movements like BackTo60 and WASPI .

The main point of this post is to give you all a glimpse of the fate that very clearly awaits everyone in the next 10-50 years, depending on your age now…..and to remind everyone that – when it comes to Covid19 management strategy – in reality all major Parties at Westminster are but the creatures of the Unelected State that now has most of the money, power and repressive infrastructure required to stomp on your face.

On GP advice, I had to call an ambulance on Tuesday (20th) as my heart was doing summersalts, my SATs were 87 and my pulse had dropped to 37. That was 3.45pm. They didn’t turn up until 4.30 the following morning……some 12 hours after ringing! So much for an Emergency Service.

I emailed my MP at 3.30am (21st) and he is taking this up with the health board. The crew apologised and said they were very busy but short of ambulances and crew. In fact a diabetic person had died waiting for the ambulance. Their advice is chew a large aspirin (had about four during that period) and no food or drink. By 12.30pm I was so hungry I struggled downstairs to boil an egg and make some toast.

It’s pretty scary on your own when you can’t get your breath. Electrical problem continues and still no MRI which was ordered on 24 August!! Spent most of today sending letters to consultants, MP and others…..

Is this First World social medicine now?

The same socio-political-administrative élites (who want us to believe that they care about prevention of deaths from a virus that kills 64 people per hundred thousand with an average age of 82) are the same people presiding quite consciously over a massive increase in deaths from genuinely deadly disease.

Does that add up for you?

The same élites (who have persistently lied about the pace of State Pension deferral to over 3.7 million women now finding themselves destitute….and who – from a mixture of depression, stress and poor diet – will also die before their time) are the same people putting masks on kids at school when the chances of their death from C19 are one in 15 million where no other pathogens are involved.

Does that add up for you?

The same controlling classes who just put us through eight years of idiotic austerity in order that a mathematically illiterate Chancellor might impress the markets with his skill in screwing the average in order to prop up the greedy.

Does that add up for you?

I now address the same question to Britain’s media: you deal with, talk to, get leaks from and write Opeds about these people day in and day out.

If you have so much as an ounce of discernment, you must realise that they’re corner-cutting, vote-centric, corrupt and borderline psycho folks who care only about their progress up the greasy pole and the size of their bank accounts.

If you don’t grasp that, then what on Earth qualifications do you have to expound in national media?

If you do grasp that, then you are part of the problem….and one day, the Tumbril will arrive at your door too.

Nothing about the global eonomy, bourse levels, slurs against Trump and Putin, the nature of central banking procedures, Covid19 lockdowns, fake news about “vaccines”, tiers of mask control, the efficacy of masks per se and scaremongering about “Second Waves” adds up.

The French Prime Minister today told the media that the C19 situation here in France is “grave”. On every level imaginable, the reaction of the British, French, Spanish, Australian and US States has been one of hysterical drama queens happy to sell every economy down the logging river to destruction.

Given that they are all hard-faced neoliberals and members of the neocon hegemonic sociopathy…..

Does that add up for you?

I rest my case.