At the End of the Day

It was the best of days, and the worst of days.

The sky was that pale blue of autumn promising a cool morning, temperate afternoon….and the kind of chilly evening to give a man an excuse to light the fire.

But the media news was less encouraging. Nobby Stiles – one of the last great footie heroes from 1966 – went to the big Old Trafford in the firmament. OO7’s first incarnation Sean Connery joined him on the stairway to Heaven.

Even worse, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron didn’t.

I write something now that will irritate some, but hopefully engage many others: I remain unsure about the medium term aims of the Davos wackos – for they are, surely, more to be feared than the more extreme folks who insist that Covid19 is merely the cover-story for a 95% holocaust against humanity in favour of the 3% megalomanic nutjobs.

However, one thing is still immovable in my well-trained and on the whole disciplined brain, and it is this: there is no sane rationale for destroying multi-trillion dollar infrastructures in order to fight a relatively harmless virus that kills 64 people in every hundred thousand – over 80% of whom are aged 80+.

Taking all the relevant data into consideration – alongside the proven past behaviours of the élite players involved – I find it hard to see why it might be in any way bonkers to posit the following conclusion. There are two groups who stand to gain from the chaos, distraction and destructive influences of Covid19:

  • The central bank and various bourse players who have perverted, betrayed and then destroyed the positive contribution that true entrepreneurial capitalists can make
  • Global pharmaceutical giants whose profits depend on persuading people they can’t do without dubious chemical cures.

I no longer give a damn about who originally conceived and then drove this ridiculous circus; I suspect the origins may prove to be inseparable.

All I can say is this: the former group badly needs a Patsy; and the latter group stands to make an enormous profit.

Anyone happy to give up their privacy and freedom for such a goal needs medical help.

Sadly, First World medicine is currently unable to offer such assisstance.

Just fancy that.