At the End of the Day

This morning, I posted the following opinion:

‘Accountability is important. We’re not being told who wrote the model’s software, and what its assumptions are. We can’t know that until Boris goes to the House of Commons and gives us a name – and a full disclosure in writing of the model’s form. We assume it is Professor Ferguson still in charge. We wonder why. Parliament must demand to know, and then rise to the occasion’

This evening, there is good news and bad news: the good news is that Whitty and Vallance have been summoned by the relevant Parliamentarians to give an account of themselves tomorrow afternoon; the bad news is that the devious Ferguson is clearly still the harbinger of doom. Yet again, his latest prognosis has been shown to be fourfold exaggerated to the pessimistic side in terms of likely deaths.

Perhaps we are moving forward, or perhaps its one step forward and two steps back. Some find me a miserable bugger; for myself, I have seen far too much baseless optimism in the 21st century…about the Middle East, Obama, SPA reform victims, the Cameron Coalition, UKIP, Brexit, and Covid19.

Sleep well.