The contrick century shows no sign of de-duping the public

As I post this piece, Joe Biden has 264 electoral college votes – despite continuing doubts about both the Michigan and Wisconsin postal ballots involved in reaching that total. Stolen election or not, the vast majority of Western electorates are coasting into 5th gear on the superhighway to those complementary futures predicted by Huxley and Orwell.

Donald Trump made it clear on election night that he saw sufficient evidence to question the astonishing reversal of his early position.

The media are not going to give Trump an inch on this one – not that they ever have: as I saw the Michigan declaration online, a US Channel was featuring a piece called ‘Trump cheats at golf’. Infantile doesn’t begin to describe it.

Yet an objective observer would surely be allowed to ask the following questions:

  • Why was the postal majority for Biden so completely out of wack with the turnout vote? OK, it was expected to favour him – but by 2.5 to 1? OK, the DNC encouraged their supporters to vote by post – but why? The official version is ‘Covid’….whassamatter Dems, can’t you afford masks?
  • Why were the key Arizona ballots discovered at 4 am Wednesday morning?
  • A prominent online news agency is currently running a piece – with some damning evidence – suggesting that postal workers in Michigan falsely date-stamped votes to suggest they were still valid.
  • One psephologist suggested that, to win Arizona, Biden needed 85% of the postal ballot. He won Arizona.
  • It does now look and feel like at least some opinion polling tried to ruin Republican morale. Or put it like this – you have to be especially incompetent to ridiculously underestimate the Trump vote twice in a row.

Writing for The Slog on Tuesday, AJC Boone enumerated the four years of faked and biased news against the President. By observing that, ‘We seem to be living in the era of the unspoken meta-story. One cannot shake the feeling that things are not what they seem on the surface, because basic details keep failing to add up. Cause seems not to match effect’, she created a compelling context for the conclusion that, ‘Getting back to our starting point, you may well be watching the US election returns. If you are,you will surely by now feel (if you had not felt already) that today is not what it purports to be. It is not an Election Day like any other.’

Here and now as Thursday afternoon fades towards dusk on a gloriously sunny but cold day in Aquitaine, the election result feels like yet another in a long line of defeats for common sense and reality in the 21st century. With every duping caper that comes along – from the Skripal ‘poisonings’ to Bashar Assad ‘gassing his own people’ – one points out the gruyere cheesy nature of the State version. “You’re a conspiranoid,” I’m told, “why don’t you just enjoy your retirement in peace?”

As a blogger, I keep thinking about the balance between ‘news’ (which is generic and manipulated) and ‘logic’ (which delivers insight). But posed at a level above that is the question what should I focus on during such time as I have left?

My inclination now is to write less about specifics – Waspi, Brexit, elections, viruses, WOMD or Brussels – and a lot more about what evidence we find in such things to help inform (and grow) a disobedient but non-violent Resistance.

But to…..what exactly? What should we be resisting?

A combo of consistent slogans, inexplicable political-class madness and persistent attempts to both lie and censor in relation to Covid19 are the short term symptoms of a long-held belief system among the Davos-to-Soros NWO nutjobs. Nor are those beliefs hearsay: they are written down in Great Reset et al, and the early stated aims of Monnet and his fellow corporacrats.

What we’re resisting is a shift in sovereignty from politicians, economists and voters on the one hand to banks, billionaires and neocon globalists on the other.
It is, if you will, Stage II of a process in which Stage I was the transfer of power and income from the State, Labour and entrepreneurs to the military, Capital, bourses and Big Business.

What began with a warning from Eisenhower, took shape in Dealey Plaza, got rid of Carter, destroyed the Middle East, tried to fuck Brexit, hyped Covid19 and now intends to get rid of Trump won’t stop until we all have vaccination certificates, electronic devalued money, obligatory track/trace smartphones, and no rights. The Left will be kept sweet by getting carte blanche on their Green dogma, overpopulation issues, extinction fantasies, health hypochondria and globalist consensus about creating Utopia. ‘Build back Better’ – currently adopted by UK Labour, Aussie Liberals, German Greens, Canadian ruling Party and Joe Biden all at the same time is neither coincidence nor plagiarism….nor even  narrative. It is choreography….and the operatic ballet can be both Battleship Potemkin and The Barber of Davos at the same time: cognitive dissonance has been declared extinct, for we are now all united behind a cleaner, healthier, clappy-clappy World. Cacophony? Dunno what yer mean, mate.

Wall Street needs a Patsy, and Pharma wants profits beyond the dreams of avarice. But the Big Picture is that Davos & Partners want totalitarian control.

That’s my two-pennorth – I believe it makes sense, and given two years of complete freedom, I could write a 500+ page tome replete with evidence to support it. There are two snags with the idea: by the time I finished it, I think it highly likely that such Wrongthink would be acceptable to any publisher anywhere; and secondly, evidence doesn’t persuade any more in this, our Grave New World. What persuades in 2020 is a credible masthead and invention supported by empty words like research, sources, intelligence and leaks. The very secrecy that dogs our every disaster is, ironically, the alchemy used to give plausability to the lie.

As the American control freaks launch their most audacious sting since 1963, I find myself acutely disappointed in Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s baseless condemnation of Trump’s “sacrilege”. If Trump (for once) delivers on his accusation, AEP is going to look like the chump of the century.

This is not 1876, although it may well take every bit as long to sort the mess out.

From here on, I’m going to do my best to ignore the argee-bargee of one election until there is hard evidence of something. I think Biden will wind up in the Oval Office, and that will be yet another victory for the Elmer Gantrys.

The key thing now is to take the global orchestration involved on so many fronts, and find new ways to open gullible minds.