Biden crowned by media acclaim

Official: the Media College has replaced the Electoral College

According to the world’s mainstream media, Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America.

I’ll just run that past you again:

According to the world’s mainstream media, Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America.

It took one States attorney general of proven anti-Trump bias and left wing nutjob ideology, plus two lower Court judges in Michigan and Pennsylvania, to start the ball rolling….at which point CNN, CNBC, the NYT and Wapo declared Mr Biden officially elected…after which, a media landslide in his favour ensured the White House was his at last.

The reality of Trump being unfit for office was finally proven as the MSM reported that he was on the golf course when they declared him not the President any more.

We should hardly be surprised by this. The same media set declared Covid19 to be a deadly global plague, the Skripals to have been poisoned by a deadly Russian germ, the Brexit decision to be a disaster waiting to happen, the 2008 crisis to be the end of the World unless the banks were bailed out, and Europe to be at the mercy of Saddam’s WOMD unless Iraq was subjected to Shokanorr.

Now either the media are the real, secret brotherhood sovereignty Elders of Mammon in every nation State, or there’s a spooky connection here that’s sort of parallel to Einstein’s spinning electrons at a distance. While Albrecht’s electrons were technically billions of light years apart, he showed that if you prodded one, the other responded at the same time in the same way.

Thus, if you prod Hillary Clinton, the political editor of the New York Times goes “Ouch how dare you and maybe we’ll take you out with a drone”.

The twist is, Einstein was showing that space is an illusion: the two electrons are really one. When Guy Verhofstadt calls Viktor Orban a Nazi, The Guardian runs a feature article at that moment in not realtime declaring Viktor Orban to be a Nazi. When Boris Johnson lies about having irrefutable proof that Novichok is only available in Russia, the Daily Express runs with ‘Johnson confirms Moscow reponsibility for Novichok attack’.

The mass media are now inseparable from the loose alliance that runs from Texas oil and the Pentagon all the way through to ID politics and Antifa via the Democratic Party – and on into the CIA, the FBI and the Judiciary before finally liaising with the neocon State Department and Davos-sur-Soros.

They are all the same thing. Since the dark days of Dubya, it’s been an undeniable fact – made all the more vivid by the rise and rise of “social” media. The only difference between social and “news” media is that in the former case, only the formation of on-message opinions is allowed; whereas in the latter case, only the expression of contrary opinions is banned. They’re a perfect interlocking T-joint of wooden-minded censorship.

The beneficiaries of this ethics-laundering Establishment protection racket are the politicians who claim to be guardians of The People, but who insist that is their metier (if I may employ the latest goose-step media wording here) “without any evidence to back it up”.

Biden’s opening statements as “President” so far suggest he might be a new species, the Duckbilled Platitudinous. “I come to heal, not to condemn….it is time to unify, not divide….it is time to lower the temperature…I am humbled by the trust and confidence you have placed in me….I don’t see Red and Blue states, but a United States….It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric….we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy.”

Tell that to Antifa and BLM, Joe. Tell that to the hegemonist neocon military. Tell that to the monopoly financialisers and ideologues driving the USA into a country of lost jobs, artificial intelligence and divisive gay, straight, transgender, white, latino, Asian or Afro-American politics.

Tell it to your Vice-President.

It is at times like this when we so badly need somebody with the profile and comedic emotional intelligence of George Carlin. But the Last Great American is no more.

Sleepy Joe’s banal vapours don’t stand a chance of healing an affliction that exists far beyond the borders of his country. It is the curse of our age: the ideology that denies the empirical – and the appeasement of the mediaeval catechismic Inquisitors who would transmute reality into superstition as a means of turning common good governance into naked privileged power.

Someone somewhere in the US ruling class needs to stand up and be counted. To say – for example – “Did Barack Obama introduce hitech ways of spotting election fraud just for show?” Or even more directly, “What’s the point of having apolitical protection of democracy if just one cultural Marxist can dismiss suspicion as “frivolous”?

We must see what tomorrow brings. One source close to the Supreme Court averrs tonight that it “will not want to touch this with a ten-foot pole”.

Nevetheless, that is their job.