This doesn’t happen very often to me these days, so I’m going to run this piece while the news is hot.

I just got a leak from a major UK research company, and this is the profoundly depressing reaction of Tory voters:

This won’t be an exclusive for long, so I’ll keep my reaction brief.

  • The so-called vaccines are messengers releasing part of an RNA* message into the human blood stream. This allegedly produces a 95% rate of immunity. There is no data AT ALL about what happens after that stimulation of antibodies has been achieved
  • *RNA is the virus equivalent of human DNA
  • The people trying this experiment out on you rather than in the lab have 100% immunity from prosecution
  • To put 60% of bozos at risk for the sake of a virus that kills 64 people in 100,000 sets a new bar in depraved Pharma marketing
  • It may interest you to know that NOBODY IN ANY DISEASE CONTROL LAB ANYWHERE HAS SO FAR ISOLATED THE RNA OF THIS THING CALLED COVID19. All they have is RNA fragments of Coronovirus they have branded ‘Covid19’.
  • But they want to inject you with what they’ve got.

Here’s another shocker for those who think all Labour voters have had a brain bypass: 10% fewer of them are happy with obligatory vaccination.

I would bet the farm that the 49% of Lefties against the idea are grounded Old Labour stalwarts still in touch with their common sense.

But even so….you have to ask the question again – awkward as it may be: is this electorate democratically fit for purpose?

I’m going for a long lie-down in a darkened room.