Would they lie to us?

I open today with one simple thought: those like Soros, the folks at Davos, Globalist business, neocon diplomats and senior military have all spent the last twenty years, directly and indirectly, bombing economies into rubble, depriving Western labour of jobs, exploiting Third World workers, developing robotisation to kill yet more jobs, and developing inter-bank trading that created unreal accountancy money to destroy the value of paper money.

They have made you work longer hours for less money, dumbed down your kids’ education, removed most of your employment rights, lied to you about employment levels and inflation rates, corrupted the police, the judiciary, the media and the politicians….and used tactics in the last six months removing your right to freedom of travel, association, free speech and every form of social conviviality.

So in the light of this less than glowing track-record, why do so many of us swallow the idea that global pharmaceutical combines’ sole motivation is, suddenly, to heal the sick without any ulterior motive?

The above happens to be one of my favourite programmes: it’s very funny, hugely inventive and most of the time devoid of limp jokes about Brexit racists and climate change sceptics, sorry, deniers.

Imagine if the panel members each week were Klaus Schwab, Peter Horby, Boris Johnson, Carrie Symonds, Angela Rayner….and Diane Abbott because we need a black person and she’s always good for a laugh.

It wouldn’t work, would it? They’d all pull out cards saying they once did insanely daft things, and everyone would say ‘TRUE”: I once recommended paying policemen 46p a day, I once caused thousands of unnecessary deaths by fiddling the HCQ trials, I once suggested humans should marry robots and so on.

One might try to freshen up the format by handing the decision over to the audience and let the panellists give out steaming great lies: Angela Rayner says there’s no basis at all to allegations of fraud in the US elections, Boris Johnson says Russsia is the only place that makes Novichok, and Carrie Symonds projects the idea that Dominic Cummings was actually a lockdown hawk. Yet again, the audience would vote ‘TRUE’.

So not very entertaining, then – but profoundly disturbing.

If an entire ruling class had form when it came to ramming a yardbrush up one’s posteria – and a prime member of that class edged towards you again armed with an even bigger yardbrush – you’d give the bugger a wide berth, shouting “Not today, thank you” would you not?

Well of course you would. But then, you’re Sloggers. And in terms of regular readership here, there’s only around 11,000 of you.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected to the US Presidency 60 years ago this month. 57 years ago yesterday, he was shot dead in Dallas. He took on the Shadow State, and so they rubbed him out.

Now they’re running everything from the Pentagon via Wall Street to the State Department, the media, the banking system, the energy strategy and the electoral software. This time next year, they’ll have full control of global health provision and techno-surveillance.

I’ll have been writing this blog for ten years next month. Supporting the SPA reform victims in the UK, defending kids against systemic paedophiles, protecting innocent men from false Newscorp-Cop sex charges and phone hacking, nailing Jeremy Hunt as the fixer in the BSkyB takeover bid, calling out pc and global warning fantasies, deconstructing the lies surrounding Brexit, writing over seventy posts to ilustrate the conniving madness behind Covid19, and trying to sort out what really happened last November 3rd.

So far, the score is The People 0 The Corporate State 9. There’s no getting away from it friends, we’ve been trounced.

2021 is going to be the Last Chance Saloon. Either we find a John Wayne to shoot Liberty Valance on behalf of James Stewart, or it really is all over. The Western World is physically addicted to lies that offer gullible comfort. Just as with alcoholics, the giant step is accepting that you have a problem.

A United Front of Civil Disobedience is the only way: open your minds – and then close ranks against the pirates.