OPINION: the real meaning of ‘World Class’

The Left loves to talk about the NHS as being ‘World Class’. It is in fact the biggest employer in the world, and probably the worst negotiator. The term is used, however, to suggest expertise, very high safety standards and outstanding service. It has become something behind which the NHS hides. There is another World Class chiefly based in the US and Switzerland that consists of around 0.1% of the Real World population. It is a rule of life that an institution calling itself World anything should be avoided at all costs.

Happy-clappy PR-staged bullshit politics

If you’re still not convinced that the media and the Establishment are full of crap – and effectively running the Covidaphobia saga as a stage-set with wobbly walls, this ought to do it for you. The crowning glory of a World First? More like the crowing vainglorious hype of a Government that has sold out to World business.

On the subject of all things ‘World’

Never trust anyone or any institution that leads with the word World. It is the first refuge of the mendacious politician, the credit-stealing distributor, the hidden hegemonist, the Green gangsters, the nefarious neocons, the Devils of Davos and the vomit-inducing ‘mission statement’ of Big Greedy Corporate.

Big Dubbya is the default weasel in every claim made by multinationals: ‘In a rapidly changing World, we’re by your side’; ‘You wanted a greener World…so we gave you recyclable shopping bags’; ‘Our goal is a World Class health service’; ‘The World’s favourite airline’; and of course, ‘Probably the finest lager in the World’.

But nothing can arouse my justifiable suspicion more than the inclusion of the word in the brand name. It drips megalomania, and hides what is essentially clique cant behind a baseless image of officialdom, philanthropy and overriding authority.

A few such things are harmlessly crass: the World Series of baseball actually involves two American leagues, because pretty much nobody plays baseball beyond the US and Canada. More often, however, anything with ‘world’ in its name is far from benign.

The World Economic Forum. By what right or funding does it claim to be such a thing? Er, “they” just decided to call it that. It represents a world that doesn’t include much more than 1.5% of us. It is based in Switzerland, which has the largest percentage of High Net Worth residents in Europe.

The World Trade Organisation. This is is an intergovernmental organisation that is concerned with the regulation of international trade between nations. Its real purpose is to promote zero-tariff world trade and thus further cement the “basis” for globalism. China and the US are thus very keen on it. It is based in Switzerland.

The World Bank. It is part of the UN structure ( a neoliberal scam for decades) and its Board consists of bigwigs from a number of nationalities. It answers to nobody, and is never censured by its parent. It is based in Washington DC.

One tiny step down as a branding disguise finds us in the land of ‘International’

The Bank for International Settlements. Its mission statement is ‘To serve the needs of the Central Banks’. It is owned jointly by 63 central banks – almost all of whom are privatised and not answerable to government. It is based in Switzerland.

The International Monetary Fund. It lends money to nation States in financial trouble, who then become forever part of its orbit. It is an instrument of US hegemonous foreign policy. It is based in Washington DC.

All these institutions work on the same side. It is not our side. Most Europeans at the moment would see Covid19 and Brexit as the two biggest “difficulties” we have. They are neither separate nor problematic. None of the above organisations support Brexit, and all of them trot out the Covid narrative without exception. Crushing Brexit and using a virtually harmless virus to remove all our liberties are all part of the game.

The oldest game in the World: World power.