That headline is not a thesis. There follows damning statistical evidence to confirm it. We must never stop asking why the vaccine rationale is bunk, and press harder on those legislators complicit in the insanity.

£56 billion blown (and £2trillion in gdp lost) to free up one NHS bed in 20,000

Vaccinating the UK against C19 is going to cost £12 billion. All up, the amount invested in “fighting” Coronavirus stands just shy of £56billion, or slightly under half an NHS Budget. The final UK economy cost is literally incalculable, but current estimates suggest that Lockdown1 alone cost us £2 trillion.

However, the Pfizer trials, when observed closely, suggest that the net reduction in hospitalisations after all this will be roughly 1 in 20,000.

The source is the horse’s mouth (or ass, depending on your pov) – a commentary by the US’s FDA on the Pfizer “vaccine” trials.

In terms of its efficacy, you can’t deny that a very large number of triallists in the main Pfizer sample were Covid free by the end of the test: only 8 people out of 20,033 who received two full doses of the vaccine ended up testing positive for COVID-19. It’s what happened in the placebo ‘control’ sample that I’m concerned about.

Among exactly 20,000 people who were given a placebo, 162 of them expressed symptoms of acute respiratory illness and tested positive for COVID-19 during the evaluation period.

Among those people just THREE of them had ‘severe’ Covid…..and only ONE of them was hospitalised.

So projecting that forward, as a result of mass vaccination, just one hospital bed in 20,000 would be freed up.

Now BoJo and Matt said the money spent was to protect the NHS. Well, the cost of adding 0.005% to the NHS beds total has been £56billion….and gdp disaster. Given 130,000 NHS beds available, we get 7 more beds – or £8 billion a bed.

We do not need anti-Coronavirus vaccines and we never did. The virus kills 64 people per 100,000 – and falling: the net global death increase as a result of Covid19 infection simply isn’t there.

Far from protecting the NHS, it has completely fouled up its treatment of far more serious illnesses.

So we need to look elsewhere for a motive do we not? But not if you’re a celebrity, because most of them are braindead, dictatorial scaredy-cats.
“If I see you doing it again, you’re fucking gone”, a furious Tom Cruise bellowed at Mission: Impossible crew members at a British studio. They were (he felt) breaking COVID rules by standing too close together on set. Mr Cruise is a scientologist, and so presumably assumes this makes him Covidiotfinder General.

Whatever the exact motive turns out to have been for Contrick19, it wasn’t to save lives. Get real, do the maths, show the evidence….and wince as they accuse you of being deranged.

OK, it’s fine to wince: but don’t accept the lunacy accusation. Every week, more respondents in opinion polls express the view, in one way or another, that they have doubts about Covid19 hyper-hysteria.

Today’s “correct” majority is frighteningly often the subject of tomorrow’s book asking why so many millions of people bought into the empty rationales…..of Stalin, or Hitler, or Mugabe, or Gates, or Soros, or Davos, or neoliberal economics, or neocon demonisation, or electoral fraud judges andonndonandonandon.

This post owes a huge hat-tip to Christopher, Simon Black et al. It is dedicated to Amée