WANTED: some new year’s resolution

Shambolic, agenda’d and unaccountable governance has gone too far. Every person loyal to free-speech democracy and equality before the Law must do something in 2021. No resolution of our obvious drift into shady dictatorship is possible without organised action.

According to one of my comment threaders, the chap above is where the buck stops. Were it true, this would be profoundly concerning for all of us: his podium Dick-and-Jane graphics aimed at newly-born chimps everywhere talk of spaces between people, masks on faces and hands applauding bubbles. But Our Leader stands alone, wears no mask, and is using his thumb in a manner (perhaps unconscious) suggestive of a thought pattern that runs, ‘Right then, it’s all mammories skywards out there, so I’m off’. Like almost everything surrounding health and the economy at the minute, it’s very confusing.

One knows the world is upside down when a minor health blip is treated as a nationwide muttering of the last rites, and a flatlining economy is billed as vibrant and ready to rock and roll into an era of unparalleled export growth.

Sadly, I am here to tell you that further down the food chain, inverted policy wisdom has turned into chaotic, directionless cynicism. Voices on the ground across Blighty – in the health sector, among employers, in the care-home business, at Westminster, among investors, and those merely on the Clapham Omnilaptop with their primary senses in good order – all tell me the same thing: what gets claimed at the Despatch Box and the podium bears not the slightest resemblance to what’s taking place outside the green leather and red carpet bubble.

First – and most disgracefully – the vulnerable are not at the head of the queue. Vaccinations are being given “with no rhyme nor reason” depending on availability. The word has gone out from the top into the NHS: get the numbers up as high as possible. The sole criterion applied by BoJo & Halfcock, Alchemists & Decorators, Downing Street SW1, is being seen to achieve targets, but without any accent on qualitative targeting.

Second, yet again the claims of hospitals “overrun by Covid patients” hardly if ever checks out – in the Midlands, North West and South West of England, it never does. In London, two institutions appear to be stretched, but both admitted “that’s normal at this time of year”.

Third, I lost two close English friends in the week before Christmas – one died alone after a heart attack thanks to Lockdown, and could have been saved had his family been present; the other’s cancer was neglected for far too long by a toadying NHS.

Fourth, on the other side of this lead coinage, five people who read this blog have faced emergencies since December 23rd, all of whom saw the arrival of paramedics within ten minutes – completely contradicting the jobsworth who gave Sky their lead story yesterday about the NHS ambulance service being “overwhelmed”. (Never underestimate the political element)

Fifth, nobody knows exactly now how to choose between the two medical experiments sorry, vaccines available…..and they’re being given zero guidance. The term ‘roll-out’ is now being used as a soundbite by B&H to imply action and urgency. “It’s a fantasy,” one NHS admin bod told me last night; a GP in Kidderminster said, “I’ve had six so-called Covid patients test positive, with no guidance as to strain involved or accuracy. I haven’t a clue whether they should be vaccinated or not, and I don’t know any colleagues who do. We are flying blind”.

I don’t think any of this will come as much of a surprise to Tommy Atkins, Rajid Singh or Delbert Charles. I doubt, furthermore, whether any of them care. But like it or not, the largely thus far silent minority must care, because this situation has always been about machinations at a pay-grade way beyond these clowns…and is of course about control, not health.

The three major Constitutional problems faced by the UK were there long before Covid19. These were (and are) the lack of political accountability, the continuing attempts by Whitehall Pharisees to move into the void left by political incompetence, and the concerted alliance between globalists and the Big State Left to turn Planet Earth into a technocratic hegemony. This is a power struggle for the soul of a nation, and the defenders of hard-won liberty, rule of law and informed democracy are being run in circles by the power junkies. They have but three weapons – media divisiveness, ‘correct’ conformity and citizen apathy – and their effectiveness is now beyond doubt.

As of today, I have run out of things to say that describe the breathtaking Truman Show that now has the world community frozen in the headlights and terrified of shadows. Reporting the fallacies is of little use when a majority have phalluses where cerebral matter should be. From here on, organisation, planning and alliances come before further investigation.

Stay tuned.