At the End of the Day

In the life of every real person, a day ends, and one thinks, “Time to take the piss”

When a large US internet trader starts offering birthday cards taking the mickey out of the Contrick19 narrative, you know things might not be so bad after all. I like this one because it encapsulates perfectly the hypocondriasis/special plague outerwear fear model that a frightening percentage of humans have been persuaded to accept. The ability to personalise the card further adds to the fun, such that in sending this one to my nephew, I was able to add inside, “Also, I pissed on the card”.

The card by the way is from the Moonpig selection, and no, the image is not produced with their kind permission, because this is free advertising for them and nobody asked me before a bunch of sneaky-snots began plastering my site with unwanted ads three years ago. So there.

In the media today, there’ve been more than a few displays of odd behaviour by scriveners whose soundness can normally be relied upon.

I suppose the first thing that puzzles me here is the headline itself and its reference to ‘economic Covid’. What is that exactly? If the parallel is the virus, then the UK economy is going to need more than three days in bed to recover. And if AEP was merely the victim of braindead subed syndrome well – even then – Ambrose has had twelve hours to correct the cock-up: let’s face it, Covid19 has represented pretty much everything except economics. As the type goes smaller to your left, however, things don’t improve: ‘the UK should be able to start dialling down restrictions from February’. Um, that’s nineteen days away.

Everyone has an off-day now and then, but as I got into the meat of the article it became rapidly clear that AEP was having a funny turn up there with Canute’s courtiers:

‘Once British care home residents and the over-80s are vaccinated, two thirds of potential Covid deaths will be covered. That will come into view within ten days…..It validates the Government strategy of break-neck speed vaccination rather than the European precautionary policy of dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’.’

Interjecting into the prose here, the description of speed is entirely valid – it breaks necks – but Ambrose dismisses the point as if it might be merely the red tape of pedants. He is wrong, and I refer him to the excellent piece at Off Guardian that lifts more than one veil on the dancing strumpet that is UK State output on “vaccines”. Very few i’s and t’s have been crossed….and even fewer eyes have been allowed access to the many corners cut in the F1 breakneck speed thing.

In the British politics I have followed since circa 1959, only two politicians have so insouciantly managed to raise expectations by what they say and write, while at the same time producing only tepid flatulence from another important orifice. One is at last revealed as Nigel Farage, and the other is the most disappointing has-been in Tory history, William Hague. When I saw this piece (left) trailed at The Daily Telegraph, my hopes briefly soared on the back of ‘Democracy is in far greater peril than the complacent West realises’.

But that was as good as it got. The ‘death of truth’ Willy described was the faux verité of the committed blocist. By para two it was clear that Hague sees democracy as an all-embracing term, but doesn’t entirely grasp the importance of free speech and zero spin in the cultural mix. Once the enfant terrible of Thatcherism, the former Conservative leader (now Baron Hague of Richmond, God help us) has become a human annus horribilis who never quite made it to fully-grown adult. He soaks up the censorious red ink of MSM vomit with all the ardour of a lapdog.

A few examples will suffice: ‘a mob incited and motivated by the president of the United States himself’. Oh dear. He should read Guliani’s forensic analysis of Trump’s pre-riot speech. ‘in Hong Kong, 53 pro-democracy legislators and campaigners were arrested for “subverting state power”’. How was this different to the Facebook fauchage of all Republicans, and the Amazon de-platforming of Parler? How was any of it different to Hitler’s 1934 purge of the Sturm Abteilung on his insidious way to absolute power?

‘In Hungary, the media and judiciary have fallen under the control of ministers’….the standard Soros/Brussels line on the brave stand against uniformity of Viktor Orban. ‘in India, the Modi government is showing autocratic tendencies’. Christ almighty: the CIA runs Modi in India…spend any time there in he company of senior officials, and this becomes more obvious than the dog’s bollocks accompanied by a full-on lipstick.

Is there a bottom line? Yes, I believe there is: if you want radically beneficial change in the West, the first step on the Long March is to remove all the collaborators from positions of power. They might be media hacks, pols, Sir Humphreys, Sir Marks, Ruperts, Morgans and the rest of the tramline thinkers: a long and hopefully unhappy retirement awaits them, and I wish them no further ill than that.

You may disagree, but I think tonight’s Slogpost subjects are funny in the same dark way that Alfred Hitchcock’s best movies were. I was talking to a twin-flame buddy today about North by North West, the Hitch classic in which entirely innocent adman Cary Grant finds himself mixed up in an espionage caper and winds up snaring the delicious Eva Marie-Saint.

The comedic basis of the plot is hard to ignore: Grant’s character is given brilliant lines to highlight his only slightly anxious relish of the intrigue, but ultimately the film is a satire on pompous military intelligence and its unerring ability to create SNAFU. The movie title itself involves a compass point that doesn’t exist – any more than the person created as the persona invented to confuse The Dark Side does. And who can resist the funny side of the hero rescuing his woman from falling off the capacious nose of Mount Rushmore’s George Washington?

There are many ways to puncture the conflated ambitions that typify the Davos Damned, and parody is one of them. We are – all of us engaged in this fight to restore 3D reality – the owners of a sense of humour. I mean, c’mon now – can you really see the WEF’s Klaus Schwab as anything other than a Bond villain minus only the long-haired white cat?

But equally, we must never believe that ridicule alone will suffice. It’s just that now and then, we all need the restorative powers of R&R.

Schlaf gut.