The Wonderful Wizards of Os

Davos, Soros, Bezos….these are nos amigos. Or so they tell os.

A week ago, I published a pretty visceral post here about the blatantly obvious connections between Public Health England, the Pharmafia and the Gates Foundation. Yesterday, I ran a piece about the equally smelly club-tie nonsense involving Mark Carney, George Osborne and every known dubious Great Reset harbour from the WEF to the BIS via Davos. I’m writing this sort of stuff more pointedly now, because We the People desperately need hard-fact connections and conflicts of interest to counter the ‘conspiracy theory nutjob’ frame that has been constructed by The Blob* and its myriad allies.

Thankfully, I am far from being the only bloke doing it. A week last Tuesday, the site Viable Opposition performed a wonderfully invasive operation upon the living corpse of the Covid19 narrative. I urge you to follow that link and read the piece in full – but suffice to say here that the bottom line is Canada’s Covid Strategic Choices witch-coven led by one Robert Greenhill, who was the Managing Director and Chief Business Officer at the World Economic Forum; and that he now works for Global Canada (where we find Chief fiscal meddler Mark Carney) which is in turn bankrolled by the Gates Foundation….and empirically deranged PM Justin Trudeau (or Just Intrude for short) is as thick as thieves with both of them.

The investigation is meticulously researched, and the Usual Suspects trail as clear as ever. As the Blobbers are trying to make the Truth a moveable feast, we need more excellent Follow the Power stuff like the posts available at Viable Opposition.

*The Blob: a richly descriptive term for the NWO machine coined by AJC Boone in her recent essay here.

Meanwhile, the social media free-speech site Parler (in New York Times/CCN-speak ‘the medium favoured by the extremist Hard Right conspiracy theorist clique’) is now engaged in a bitter battle to sue Amazon – the organisation that de-platformed it earlier this week as part of a purge that followed the staged US Congress Reichstag Fire riot.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon was last year voted the No. 1 evil tech company. In 2014, Amazon won a bid for a cloud computing contract with the CIA valued at $600 million: it held the contract until 2019, when Microsoft won it. Amazon then sued the contractors…nothing like honour among thieves. Although very ‘Democrat’ in its political donations and anti-Trump obsession with open borders, this hasn’t stopped the delightful Jeff from has actively marketing facial recognition software to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In the same vein, it has made various acquisitions in the snooping “space”, most notably the Ring Home surveillance network and drone development.

I guess they need all this kit to make sure nobody goes off for an illicit pee in their factories, given that – even if your bladder is a Montgolfier balloon – the Gradgrinds at Amazon insist you stay at your post. They view their workers, in fact, as slaves…something of a model for what the future holds.

Bezos calls our era “the golden age of AI”, but if you’re not convinced yet about what size of dick we’re dealing with here, read on. The great Resetters at the World Economic Forum are forever happy to write about our Jeff – yes, there’s that name again…..

….and gush forth with hero worship like this: ‘”Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet,” Bezos said. “I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share.” How Bill Gates and other billionaires are using satellites to save the world.’

And right alongside this old warmster con trick on the WEF site is the new con trick:

The alarmist prose is all too familiar:

Yes, the dramatic spread of Covid 19 has produced no excess seasonal deaths beyond those caused by public heath administrative neglect and Lockdown angst, so the Schwabos must move with exceptional scale and speed to use this unprecented level of bollocks to hide the Big Heist so vital to increasing the wealth trickling down to all you Untermenschen and oh do shut up….FFS someone buy Schwab a cat to stroke.

“Goodbye, Mr Bond…..”

Frighten people with plagues and armageddon horror scenarios.

Create a financial balls-up and say a big boy called Covid did it and ran away.

Censor or silence everyone and anyone with a pea in his whistle.

And promise a better time built back by those wonderful 2,561 people who ensured that they got 60% of the wealth on the planet while the rest of us – a mere 7.79889 billion in number – got to share out the crumbs from the baronial table.

So let’s throw another peasant on the fire and leave it all to Klaus and his networks….because, as this current series of posts shows again and again, they all stay in touch all the time, they’re all more than slightly sick, and they no longer give a tinker’s cuss who knows it.