TRUMP ACQUITTAL: Fairground mirrors fail again

An analysis of warped perception

This isn’t just a piece about Donald Trump, but last night’s acquittal of the tangerine one (and its treatment by the usual media suspects this morning) make the point about precisely what the former President was fighting against for four years.

This may read like a lala-land prediction, but here it is anyway: if writing history is allowed in the future, then the final analyses will show that President Donald J Trump lost the battle but won the war. He is in fact the contemporary parallel of Spain’s republicans who were the losers after the 1930s civil war….but eventually woke the world up to just how unpleasant fascism could be.

Ask the few of us with a balanced view about the brief era of Trumpery, and the summary would probably be “a flawed man with a pretty accurate diagnosis”. But for the time being, all history is being scribbled by the triumphalists, so that’s not what we read.

As I wrote at the outset, this is about so much more than one President; but if the facts are on the side of balance, the media accounts are solely about black lies and raw hatred. Only one man truly believed he was going to win on Election Night 2016: inexplicably inaccurate data had been writing him off since the previous February. But his supporters remained loyal.

His detractors said he hadn’t won the popular vote, so he wasn’t really President – a lie prefacing many more to come. The secret bureaucracy surrounded him with wreckers, all of whom he fired in time – so he was unstable and the White House was a farce. He called Senator Warren Pocahontas, so he was a bully. He made locker-room remarks about “pussy”, so he was a rapist. He talked about the chlorine in HCQ, so he’d recommended that people should drink bleach. He had borrowed to expand his business, so he was broke – and probably beholden to Putin, who had helped manipulate the election in his favour.

Seattle rioters closed in on the White House, so he cowered in the cellars. He said there was a Secret State, so he was paranoid. He said that Covid19 masks were not effective but HCQ was. He was mad. He must be mad. But actually he was right. When he contracted Covid, he was going to die – serve him right. When he recovered, he had obviously faked the whole thing.

He incited a riot by thanking his supporters. He was plotting a coup, so he was impeached. He warned of postal vote irregularities, so he was obviously trying to fix the election. When the irregularities emerged, his investigative affidavits were ignored. Having dared to suggest that a reporter call him ‘Mr President’ “he had delusions of grandeur”. When he called the election a fix, he was impeached again, with ironic shouts of “fight fair you fat bastard”.

He survived every bogus investigation thrown at him, and then lost an election based largely on postal votes counted between 3 and 5 am in the morning.

This is what arch DNC attack-dog David Plouffe wrote in 2016:

This from an Obama dirty tricks fixer and College drop-out. Fanatical or what? Well let me tell you, I have history with this “gentleman”. He is a prize asshole.

The bottom line is that Trump was blocked in every element of his foreign policy by disloyal neocons, and got on the wrong side of the Hollywood fluffies, George Soros, institutional pc and liberal fashion in domestic affairs. For my money, he was naive in the way he took “intelligence” at face value, got too easily bounced into things – and set a terrible precedent by churning out childish tweets. But ultimately, he was surrounded by Tontos who, when the chips were down, said “Whaddya mean ‘we’ paleface?”

His character assassination went well beyond the pure neocon Pentagon-to-DoJ unelected State. Donald Trump was really an Independent candidate who reverse-took-over the GOP. His political, social, ethnic and media enemies were of the typology that now dominates the Anglo-Saxon first world: the WUTS, or Wishful Unthinking Tendency.

Magnanimous in defeat? Er…..

I’ve been writing about WUTS for the best part of fifteen years. The central insight I offer about them is this: it’s not just that they don’t think, it’s that they never think again. They are unable to discern consequences – and when those outcomes arrive, they are devoid of second thoughts. At that point, they simply run away and rebrand themselves as something else – NHS activists, social workers, teachers, academic virologists, Greens, Andrew Marr or Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

I was a fulltime market resercher and then socio-economic data cruncher for over twenty years. The WUT typology I’m pushing yet again for your examination is real – and not plucked out of some catechismic plasma from 1870. The typology overall is best described by looking first at those “ideas” and policies they have supported over the years; and then at their general attitudinal and behavioural make-up.

It strikes me that – while there is no etymological connection here – a shortened form of typology is ‘typo’. WUTs never correct their typos.

They were the folks that held a belief formed in the 1940s that all imperialism had always been an ineluctably evil, destructive and a thinly disguised form of slavery. This is why they never thought of Soviet expansionism as imperialism – because of course, the Poles, East Germans, Czechs and Hungarians had been liberated by the USSR. It is also why today, they simply cannot get their heads round the EU as bureaucratic imperialism.

They’re the blokes who wanted unilateral disarmament in Europe after 1955. They pushed for that nice Bobby Mugabe to take over Rhodesia. They watch South Africa heading down Zimbabwe Road, and call you a racist for pointing it out. They lauded Arthur Scargill after 1970, elected Michael Foot to lead Labour, supported Militant in the 1980s, still support Jeremy Corbyn, and work hard to position Momentum as squeaky clean despite its links to BLM and Antifa. They think all Climate Change is real, and just love the Extinction Rebellion antics.

In the US, only some of the social signals and cultural change: they admire liberal celebs (ie, all of them) and hang on their every word. They gave money to the IRA from 1950 onwards, wanted Jane Fonda to run for President, love CNN, think Twelve Angry Men was the all-time oustanding movie of their lives, believe implicitly in American values but are somewhat hazy about what they are, still swoon at the name of James Dean, turned feminism from a civil rights movement into an uncivil neoNazi haven for mad lesbians, went wild for Cigar Chief Clinton, were taken in by Uncle Tom Obama, convinced of a Hillary landslide in 2016, suckers for Putin demonisation, and unable to interrogate either the climate model failure in general or the Soros, Schwab, Biden and WaPo/NYT narrative in particular.

Across the world almost without exception, they are anti-Jew, pro-Islamic, Sinophobic, and convinced that Covid19 was and is a serious threat. They’re the ‘keenies’ out there in the shopping queues demanding that every face must have its mask, and every science-literate commentator be wished to Hell as a Truth denier.

The auto-projection and cognitive dissonance involved in their World View is beyond gobstopping – and thus at times hyterically funny. One imagines Ginger groups called ‘Lesbians for Sharia Law’ (who she?), ‘Trots behind EUNATO Internationalism’, ‘Under Fives against Slavery Statues’ and ‘Solidarity with Peace-loving Building burners’. None of them would be short of enthusiastic recruits.

Always some (and frequently all) of the following causes are carved on their hearts: liberal fanaticism, disastrous climate change, collectivism, blocism, globalism, celebrity, Obamism, detestation of commercialism, EU survival, NATO hegemony, Brexit reversal, Islamophilia, anti-Populism, draconian anti-Covidism and Cultural denial.

In a more empirically driven and scientifically explorative world, the personality and consequent behaviour of the WUT typology would be straightforward. The complication is that the most common WUT tactic is to smear others with their own dysfunctional features. But the psychographics of the ideologue never change.

First and foremost is the irresistible comfort blanket of proto-religious belief. This catechism of Settled Science goes way beyond table stakes: they are things about which infidels will be burnt at stakes. With the fury of a Spanish Inquisition under the iron rule of Bloodnok the Viking, it is decreed that all cultures and ethnicities are the same and equal, with the exception of white folks because they deny this Well Known Fact; that Socialism is the One True Way, and its past failures are entirely down to wicked plutocratic (probably Jewish) sabotage; that Homo sapiens alone is an incarnate deity with Rights that apply to it alone, but all other species must be saved no matter how obvious their DNA dead-end might be; and that everyone who denies any of this blatantly obvious reality is a certificated eugenicist and almost certainly a member of Nazi ODESSA.

Closely allied to this ideology is the belief that all data emerging to counter any of it is phoney, fake, fascist, false….and furthermore, so societally, medically and existentially dangerous, it must be censored and its harbingers repressed in special re-education camps.

The link in turn to obsessional caution is equally clear and devastatingly infantile: “You are trying to steal my comfort blanket using sly pickpocket techniques, and so you must be detained in a correction unit – whereas right-thinking people like me need Health & Safety, vaccination, things that kill 99.9% of all known germs and ruthless defence against enemies with things like Wuhan batshit and Moscow Novochok”.

RIP the Voyager gene and entrepreneurial community capitalism, enter big monopolist paternalism wherein “you shall own nothing and be happy because we have built back better”. Sound familiar?

Last, and yet in a way most significant of all WUT characteristics, is – in defeat – to flatly refuse any acceptance of their fate: “the fight goes on….come what may”. They fought Brexit with venomous mendacity and would rather see it fail with the loss of all hands than think again about the nature of Brussels bullying corporatocracy and perfidy since 2016. They feel the same about the ludicrous cost of Covid lockdowns: is it any surprise that Ferguson & Horby are happy (as lifelong Hardleft followers) to see Euro-American free speech democracy sink without trace?

This is nothing less than Hitlerite scorched-Earth nihilism. And it is, of course, where all dictators of either Left or Right end up: in the last round-up of political prisoners to aid in defending the last redoubt of inflexible totalitarianism.

The final irony is that Boris Johnson and Joseph Biden come from opposite ends of our regreattably one-dimensional political spectum. But they are equal and identical sworn enemies of free-speech democracy built on the basis of an informed electorate and equality before the law.