At the End of the Day

It is possible that – in preparation for our eventual fate as latter-day mediaeval serfs – we are being retrained to believe that thunder is caused by clouds colliding, St Anthony Fauci is a perfect match for the image on the Turin Shroud, Janet Yellen is the Dalai Lama and fire extinguishers cause spontaneous cremation.

Today was one of those “check a few things out” times for me….and, if I’m honest, time to catch up with the everyday chores of life. But some lessons are still learned along the way.

One of these has been a confirmation in meticulous detail of the fact that the 21st Century so far has been primarily about the invention of causal relationships where they don’t exist.

The police officer who died during the Capitol Reichstag Fire has been declared by Biden the Bountiful to have been “murdered at the hands of an insurrectionist mob” who “hit him over the head with a fire extinguisher”. Nice assertion, shame about the reality: the cop died two days later (having come home to tell the family he was “just fine”) of causes unknown. We will now never know the causes, because his body was cremated by the State without the family’s permission. He never once mentioned being hit by anyone grasping anything.

The UK Government is claiming a triumph for vaccination being the force behind a fall in covid infections. Such a correlation is, at this early stage, ridiculous. Equally daft is the idea that the ‘vaccines’ are any form of innoculation, as the makers themselves (and our CMOs) openly admit they neither protect against mutation nor stop transmission.

It’s easy to get numbers of vaccination side-effects (at last) but nobody is putting that causal relationship into any kind of context: The Pfizer/BioNTech concoction produces unpleasant side-effects in more than 1 in 10 people, but – get this – ‘these reactions were usually mild or moderate in intensity and resolved within a few days’. The same is true of Covid19 for 99.8% of people….so where’s the benefit?

The Oxford University/AstraZeneca “breakthrough” in turn produces headache, fatigue, myalgia, malaise, pyrexia (fever), chills, arthralgia, and nausea – reported in ‘more than 1 in 10 people. The majority of adverse reactions were mild to moderate in severity and usually resolved within a few days’. See above.

I wonder how most people beyond the heavily Truth stained brain-washing media detergent program would rate the congruence between Dr Anthony Fauci and “courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition during the challenging COVID crisis”….0.0042% maybe? Well, be very afraid folks, because he’s been awarded the $1 million Dan David Prize for his “advocacy of COVID-19 vaccinations now being used worldwide”. It’s not quite on the scale of serial killer Uncle Tombama’s Nobel Peace Prize for getting elected, but it’s equally worthy of having sick bags standing by within easy reach.

And finally, the time has come to discuss the relationship between the word “independent” and Janet Yellen, the reinstalled US Fed boss about to lead the investigation into wrongdoing by RobinHood and its clearing house Citadel in the growing Gamestop/Reddit scandal. Last year, Ms Yellen earned $1.4 million in speech fees from…..Citadel.

I think I’d call that a 100 per cent correlation between Yellen and Conflict of Interest. How about you?