THE SATURDAY ESSAY: from vaccine compliance to vassal serfdom


In a mighty act of unbridled rebellion, 76 Commons MPs out of 560 voted against Matt Hancock’s Emergency Powers Extension Bill last Thursday. So 87% of our elected legislators are absolutely on board with such powers being extended, when the emergency consists of 42 deaths per hundred thousand….partially caused by a virus that is killing hardly any additional over 85s….and almost nobody at all under 45.

Not even the Nazis – including Agitpropmeister Josef Goebbels – grasped just how easy it can be to get people on board after you’ve frightened them. From 1929-34, they hard-sold the dangers of a Communist coup in Germany. But they still felt the need to burn down the Reichstag and blame it on van der Lubbe the crazed Dutch madman in order to make the charge stick. This was clearly over the top: 88 years on, all it takes is a minor-league health threat and one staged insurrection on Capitol Hill to get everyone sieg-heiling the New Normal. Yes, just one dead cop (who didn’t die from being hit with a fire extinguisher – or indeed from anything to do with January 6th) and everyone is happy to salute a sexually inappropriate hologram in the Oval Office.

Health Secretary Hancock (no evil propaganda genius he) was able to turn up in the Commons two days ago and sell a medically and fiscally bankrupt cock-up as some kind of Dunkirk miracle. His speech was littered with spurious causality blended with more fearmongering about mutants and Long things and Johnny Foreigner vaccine chaos; this was all it took to get an 8-1 majority.

88 years ago, poor little Dolfie had to wipe out his entire Sturm Abteilung of street-fighters to get the same result. How little it takes in 2021 for the electorate and their MPs to fold.

The era of easily-won dictatorship is upon us. Or is it?

The lockdown deadlock

For the moment no more than ‘Noises Off’ the staged production, the Resistance to Covid19 management in the West has nevertheless established one thing clearly to those of us who are awake: Lockdown is a flawed strategy from which there can never be a politically painless exit.

‘No exit’ is an interesting term that can mean all manner of things. At its simplest level, it means you messed up and will have to U-turn the vehicle: it’s a dead end – a sans issue – so go back the way you came and look for another route to your destination.

But in a deeper sense, it can mean Huis Clos, the original French title of the 1944 Jean-Paul Sartre play. This too was exported into English as ‘No Exit’ – not the translation I’d have chosen, because Sartre meant the play to be about having no alternative: being, if you like, trapped. For me, something closer might have been The Invisible Cage.

Sartre’s invisible cage imprisons three dead people who are in Hell. There is No Way Out and No Way Forward.

My simple point is that, when it comes to tackling SarsCovid2, UK and EU governments (and the Australasian lunatics) are in a slimfit, ideological cage in a cul de sac from which there is No Escape. For one reason or another, the US has just about managed to avoid this…partly because the President they loved to loathe set the right example.

Dr Anthony Fauci is now ever-so-quietly using an electric mini-car to 3-point and then U-turn out of the dead end. With Donald Trump unPresidented (following his game attempt to be unprecedented) there has been a low-profile metamorphosis from confused and patchy Lockdown to an exit from that essentially UnAmerican condition. The drama of “plague” has thus been hugely diluted.

Today in the US, things are clearer: Wild-Card Donald has been banished, and so the unelected corporacratic State can continue on its progress towards the emasculation of all imaginary internal and external enemies.

Not so elsewhere in the First World. In these territories, the mask>lockdown>vaccination media coverage has become a security blanket: a version of Covid Armageddon from which – like the Spanish Inquisition or Cosa Nostra – there is no escape without the rack at best or a bonfire under the feet at worst.

The Emmanuels and Borises of this world have only themselves to blame: they and they alone chose the opportunistic witch’s brew of dramatic hyperbole in search of leadership heroism. “We are engaged in a war for the survival of the human race,” Macron declared in Spring 2020 – very obviously a brainless remark even then. Anxious to grasp his own Darkest Hour moment, Johnson called Covid19 “the greatest peacetime threat to these islands in history”…utter bunk badly in need of the ‘de’ prefix.

The political wing of Great Reset may not realise it yet, but they are trapped, with no room to make a U-turn; and their cage is far closer to Sartre’s Huis Clos Hell than any Highway Code impasse, because they have played the “there is no alternative” card from Day1.

Furthermore, their “rules” have been so extreme, once it becomes clear (as it probably will in time) that the fiscal cost, economic damage and house arrest things were avoidable, they will be condemned forever.

Sooner or later, they’ll become aware of two choices.

First, the temptation to become still more censorious, illiberal and mendacious by utilising the repressive tools at their disposal.

Or secondly, to opt for dumping the blame on fellow cage occupants…thereafter to pile up the bodies of the guilty fallen, and make good their escape by climbing over the corpses to freedom.

Which route winds up being taken depends, to a large extent, on what one means by the word “they”.

Them and Us

Most of us concerned about the possibility of a darker geopolitical/fiscal agenda behind all this frequently talk about “Them”: they’re sticking with this same gruyère cheese of a narrative, they’re running things up the flagpole to test public reaction, they won’t take no for an answer, they’re playing us along and so forth.

Further down the rabbit-hole, the real lunatic fringe sees Zionist elders, Masons and for all I know the Salvation Army pulling impeccably arranged strings in order to bring The Great Master Plan to its long-planned conclusion. I see no sign of order, only some loosely allied interests looking for…there it is again, that way out. I see opportunists dealing with a heaven-sent (albeit risible) virus to shut up opposition. And I note corrupt Ministers pushing us towards options that suit their cronies.

I do not see vast platoons of goose-stepping brainwashed Stormtroopers. Mainly I observe, and write about, greedy power junkies having a ball by taking advantage of citizens who are variously thick, busy, distracted, smug or ideologically blinkered or simply idiots who’ve never studied history.

The one overwhelming thing I do see, however, is a mainstream media set complicit in the process of news sanitisation and surreal spin…..alongside a social media sector actively censoring (and illegally sabotaging) anyone who speaks out from beyond the Green > PC > Islam > Leftlib > Vaccinated Health > Globalist > bourse financialisation > media > neocon hegemonists.

This loose – largely unstated – alignment of totalitarian top-down power application is thus my own definition of who ‘They’ are; and as you can see, the spectrum looks far-fetched.

In fact, it isn’t: the very clear commonality is the insistence of all these people on a universally applied Controlling Catechism.

All of them believe that things have “gone too far”, and thus only a global Putsch can now solve the problem. The only thing that changes across the alliance is a definition of the problem.

For bankers and bourse firms, there are no tools left with which to hide reality: they’ve been baled out to the tune of $23 trillion, been given QE whereby central banks buy all their bad investments, and then taken a mere twelve years to get into an even worse pickle than before.

For miltary intelligence and globalists, the issue is first, access to energy and control thereof. It’s costing the State a fortune in continuous war to get it. And second, falling real consumer incomes requiring easier and easier credit to keep purchase rates high enough to justify insane stock market valuations.

For the new harder Left and its allies among radical ethnics, Greens, sexuality narcissists and feministas, the key problem is the ballot box and its stubborn unwillingness to give them any votes.

For media moguls, the problem is plummeting profits, rising costs and loss of influence to the internet.

For the Secret State, the problem is far too many people to look after, creeping insurrection possibilities once the masses twig to the real outlook for them, and an exploding birth rate. It badly needs excuses for a New Normal – as indeed the giant pharmaceutical sector urgently needs new pandemics.

For all of them, the real attraction is power: hegemonous, unrestricted and irreversible. Leading the charge in this Reset grab are men who have made such unimaginable amounts of money, they can now effectively operate as sovereigns in their own right: Soros in finance and geopolitics, Gates in healthcare and surveillance, Zuckerberg in information, Bezos in fulfilment distribution and so on. All of them are quite clearly plugged into the security services….just as obviously as Texan oil has forever been in bed with the military and neocon geopoliticians.

Leaders, losers and lackeys

Broadly speaking, I continue to surmise that there are three groups within this power spectrum: the Instigators, the Useful Idiots, and the Lackeys.

The first of these are archetypal psychotic megalomaniacs. The second are gullible believers who perceive a short-cut to their Utopian vision. And the third are the political and bureaucratic parasites forever willing to make the correction centre trains run on time, and deal with the logistics of genocide.

These separations are not hard and fast: they will change according to short term narrative spin needs, tactical distractions, choice of bogey-men to be overthrown, rapid financial actions, left-field political developments and so forth. In turn, we may perhaps never know who the instigators of certain individual actions were: in relation to SarsCov2, we can be sure that Big Pharma was involved early on (as were the media) but the scientific community remains split on whether the “brand” that emerged, Covid19, was the result of natural or lab creation, intentional or accidental, Chinese or American.

As usual, it comes down to who had the most to gain. I’d be surprised if the original group did not contain at least the following: Banking, the CIA, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the IMF and probably one or two “experts” whose counsel the political classes have so unswervingly followed.

Once the Reset is complete, it won’t be long before the media, politicians and security services turn on the Useful Idiots: revealing their commitments to violence and links to dubious organisations will be easily achieved. Any resultant violence will be put down ruthlessly, and almost all of us will cheer wildly from the sidelines.

A New Dawn at the end of politics will be declared, to be replaced by technocracy allegedly aimed at producing a perfect Earth. Every which way kind of revalued digital money will be poured into research designed to complete the wholesale switch to artificial rather than human intelligence. We shall be told that, as a result of this action, lives of leisure lie before all of us.

Arguments will continue about whether deaths are being caused by hyped viruses, climate change, solar damage, ‘natural’ disasters, poisoned water, vaccinations that create Cytokine or anything else They decide to invent. Anyone pointing this out will be smeared, ridiculed and then silenced. A three-speed internet will arrive, under which contrarians will be handed the slow lane and all blogs will be screened by bots prior to publication. Needless to say, almost everything will be deemed offensive until, one day, any information published from other sources beyond “official” will be an offence.

It doesn’t have to end up like this of course. But it will if the current display of widespread compliance continues.

Enjoy the weekend.