Debt, inflation, distraction, distortion & destruction

99.9% of us are being asked to cough up for the naked greed of 0.1%

Gosh. I’m stunned. How on earth could that have happened?

Businesses (smaller, non-global) have been sacrificed on the altar of Reset. Consumers across the Western world are maxed out to the hilt. And sovereign nations are up to their eyes in unrepayable debt. The US leads the pack with a national debt of €20 trillion, and Biden the masked Hologram is racking that up as fast as his minders can think of new ways to spend.

The Telegraph’s token Yankette Janet Daley (left) put together a header of unintended hilarity when judging Biden’s First 100 Days; she could’ve improved the accuracy by simply leaving out the word ‘yet’, but a debt mountain of that size only makes sense if it is never going to be honoured….and let’s face it folks, it never will be. Over in Yerp, three years of The Slog boffing on endlessly about France holding the real key to EU survival has at last come good. Or bad, depending on your affiliations: after borrowing another €211bn in 2020, and staying with that accelerated rate in Q1 2021, France now owes €2.67 trillion. That’s bigger than the €2.64 trillion Italian Job, and guess what – even Germany is in hock to the tune of €2.3 trillion. (The additional horror for the BundesRepublik is that, as the major ECB contributor by far, without a Debt Jubilee it’s on the line for a potential sum so enormous, the noughts would stretch to the Moon and back)

I could gloat at the expense of Remoanoid bots by pointing out that Britain’s debt is somewhat less at exactly €2 trillion, but given the poor deal we signed in order to achieve Brexit, our European Investment Bank obligations are equally horrific.

The sole thing that astonishes me is the tone of an MSM set that suggests all of the above was ever anything less than inevitable. The Old Media titles continue to omit the important rational question which – in many ways – is almost a conclusion it its own right: why would a gang of selfish, pocket-lining bombasts who despise their electors go to insane lengths to protect them from the ghastly prospect of four Covid deaths per hundred thousand – almost none of which were additional to seasonal mortality among the elderly?

The question remains A Must to Avoid (as Herman’s Hermits sang all those years ago, “a complete impossibility”) but its purpose is made more pressing by the emergence of disturbing expectations of hyperinflation.

The evidence for this has moved on from being simply about commodity prices, to manufacturer costs, desperate retail need for more profits….and thereby, yet another hit for the consumer – as this US analysis clearly suggests:

Now the CEOs of Big Whingers – P&G, Honeywell, Kimberley Clark, Coke, Pepsi, Nestlé, Danone, Mattel, Whirlpool and a host of others – are piling in with their Needs Must narrative:

The commodity cost challenges we face this year will, obviously, be larger next fiscal year. The exact timing and amount of increases vary by brand and sub-brand in the range of mid-to-high single digitsfor us, inflation is taking hold. We see it, it’s real. And we do expect that inflationary environment this year and we’re going to have to stay ahead of it…..In terms of ’21, there is certainly higher input inflation, but also higher freight and transportation costs…..We now see broad-based inflation across our various commodities, packaging materials and transportation costs. We are raising prices where appropriate…. we have seen an accelerating inflation since the start of the year, which is impacting us…..we are reaching now a very strong mid-single digit level when it comes to inflation.we’re certainly feeling the inflationary factor….it would be well to remind you that delivered aluminum in North America sits around $1.28 versus $0.75 a pound last year at this time. So an increase of 70% and as we contractually pass through the LME and the delivery premium reported revenues will reflect both volume increases and the higher aluminum cost this year…..I get that the Fed doesn’t want to recognize inflation, but there is inflation and it’s not just raw materials, on top of that, freight costs are going up…..I mean even just in the first quarter, we saw the input cost go from $3.60 to today $4.20 and that’s after March having been a relatively favorable change that obviously has been erased here in the month of April.”

The unanimity of those extracts from senior management media briefings not only makes one fearful of what lies ahead: it also goes to point up – yet again – how completely out of touch the bourse financialisers are with the real economy on the ground. This is something that has bothered thoughtful commentators now for nearly thirty years. What’s now clear is that (almost certainly) the neocon >> banking >> surveillance >> energy >> Davos billionaire spectrum saw disaster coming a long time ago. So too did the hegemonists at the State Department, the IMF, and those inside Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms. The last twelve years represent a vicious rape of sovereign treasuries, and the milking of every form of overvalued paper (from stock packages to currency) in a bid by the 0.1 per cent to complete the entire transfer of wealth and power from salaries to assets.

It also, of course, explains the need for Contrick19….and the desire of materialist whores throughout politics, the media and unelected bureaucrats to cooperate in a mutually beneficial scheme to scare 7.62 billion people into serfdom. The only added element required was the greed of the Pharmafia and its tentacular control of Health research. But this last represents the means, not the end objective.

The objective appears to be blaming dysfunctional greed on one silly little virus…while keeping us all controlled by its ludicrous regulations. But hey – if you have a rationale that holds more water, do please tell me.

Eight million people – the 0.1 per cent – control most of global gdp. A tiny fraction of them – 800,000 – control a third of it. Once AI bots, mechanisation, the digital internet and standardised welfare have destroyed 99.9% of jobs, what is the “point” of roughly 7.62 billion – as in, the rest of us?