TODAY’S LONDON DEMO: the beginning of the end for élite hanky-panky

The Matt Hankypanky affair (if that’s not too narrow a term) is alternately hilarious, mysterious, a sign of the times – and yet ultimately, for me, a demonstration of unpardonable arrogance and hypocrisy by the Health Secretary. All of that has relevance for today’s important demo – due to gather at some point in Parliament Square.

Hilarity was built into the story from the start. A furtive little man takes a peek outside the door to check the coast is clear, and then engages in full snoggrope with the attractive aide in question. With a name like Hancock, you’d think he might see the risk coming; but no, he gets stuck in anyway…engaging in what he later calls “breaking social distancing rules”, a minor misdemeanour easily dismissed by Boris Johnson -a case, perhaps, of Frank Harris judging the morality of Casanova.

The mystery for me is how The Sun, gawd bless ’em, managed to install a camera in a high security area with such an excellent view. That raises two likelihoods in my mind: somebody with clearance wanted Hancock caught in the act; and The Sun knew about the affair beforehand. Neither thought bodes well for Hankypanky, although they cheered me up no end.

I am old fashioned enough, however, to make two further observations. First, Johnson had called Hancock “f**king useless”: here was a golden opportunity to rid himself of a troublesome priest, yet Bojo lacked the cojones to do it – confirming the Slog’s view – expressed in a recent post – that Saint Matthew has powerful friends. Secondly, unlike most others on social media yesterday, I am minded to take a very serious view indeed of not just Hancock’s behaviour, but also his snotty attitude to any suggestion he might resign.

The Health Secretary has shown himself over many months now to be shifty, secretive about everything, manipulative and mendacious – as well as having career behaviour in the past that showed him to be a nepotist with delusions of leadership grandeur. He has ignored research incompetence, kept vital information from his colleagues, frozen out patently useful drugs, taken only the narrowest of medical advice, and pursued his own digitally dystopian agenda. He is a dangerous little man clever enough to know what he’s doing, and objectionable enough not to care a tinker’s cuss for the socio-constitutional consequences.

Further, his action in response to these revelations confirms without any doubt that he is just another chancer who somehow sees himself as entitled to droit de seigneur. In short, he typifies the sociopathic humbug and superiority complex of those who aspire to totalitarian rule over us.

He has made his highly-born wife a laughing stock, and traumatised the three children he claims to want to protect from the very social media he exploits. I am no prude (and have the chequered sexual past to prove it) but in two marriages spanning a total of forty years, I never played away and I disapprove of those who do. I flatly refute the silly idea that we should merely shrug and move on. Hancock has used lachrymose saintlihood as his sword; he should perish by the sword of equally hypocritical Redtop journalism.

At the moment, today’s Anti-Emergency Laws demonstration in London lacks a name. In turn, online search engines are either blanking it, or using the standard State Diktat drivel about ‘Activists denouncing measures imposed to combat the spread of COVID-19’.

Here’s a view from my vantage point far, far away: as long as we can be easily written off as single-issue irresponsible nutjobs, we’re not going to get anywhere. The issue at the heart of the demo is no longer the hyped SarsCov2 contrick: the issue is the rejection of Rule by Decree, and the abolition of “emergency” legislation. This is a broadly-based demand for the return of Civil Rights, not just a rabble of hairy activists.

As of right now, I am ditching Covid19 as an issue in its own right from The Slog, and replacing it as a subject with a higher-order, umbrella definition of the real threats to personal freedom we face as a species.

I realise that’s in danger of sounding pompous….as if somehow, what one obscure blogger-philosopher thinks and perceives is, alone, going to have much effect on how all this spans out. The Truth is, it’s for my benefit as much as anyone else’s; and equally, it’s a signpost to say “this is where I’m going, if you want to come along for the bumpy ride, then by all means do so….but being a passenger is not an option for the able-bodied”.

The rationale behind the decision is simple: however SarsCov2 was created and/or “sold”, it was (and remains) only the means to an end of dystopian technocracy.

Events have reached the point where the vaccination issue has in turn become a feeble and yet empowering excuse to demonise, divide and threaten dissenters with compulsion. For even the most fundamental thinking individual, the idea that this is a necessity justified by “the health emergency” is beyond either reason or parody – nothing more or less than Van der Lubbe “being found” in the flames of the Reichstag – and then presented as a one-man Communist coup by the Nazis.

We are watching a naked attempt by technocratic barbarians to push through a swivel-eyed scifi belief system whose crass, unthinking inhumanity seems somehow to be invisible to four citizens out of five.

I would summarise our common enemy as those who would persecute thinking protestants by accessing the twin fearful powers of Group Inquisition and compliance bullying.

That is to say, not just the Sturm Abteilung smashing Jewish shop windows in 1934, but the bourgeoisie who stood by in silent approval. Not just the psychos hungry for absolute power in 2021, but also the ‘defenders of equality’ on the Left who secretly enthuse about the idea of Big State power without compassion.

My list of the contemporary guilty covers – in no particular order – the soul of the Tory Party, most of the Labour Party, tiny-minority narcissists, comfortable smuggies, the Police, mainstream media owners, Whitehall ideologues, NHS bureaucrats, social media censors, the judiciary, celebrity luvvies, climate freaks, scapegoating banker sociopaths, medical/science collaborators, the intelligence community teachers, globalist Big Business, flunkey hacks, and all those faux cynics who have given me an ear-bashing – or simply dropped me from polite society – over the last two years.

‘A swivel-eyed scifi belief system of crass, unthinking inhumanity’. I can almost see the pursed lips, shaking heads and rolled eyes of the I’m Alright Jack fraternity as they read those words. But myself and millions of others have produced a mountain range of investigative evidence to show that the framing term “wild conspiracy theory” is an insouciant insult far beneath contempt.

In the narrow Coronavirus sense, we have seen endlessly catalogued physical proof of insane ‘vulnerable protection’ policies and lies, groundless smearing of effective management drugs in favour of expensively risky genetic experiments, falsification and obfuscaion of almost every conceivable statistic, callous police behaviour when faced with libertarian pushback, blatant media fakery and bias, and – perhaps most regrettable of all – the use of amoral direct selling and ‘psy-op’ spin to ensure everyone gets vaccinated regardless of any plausible efficacy/cost/benefit analysis.

But the bigger picture is the one we must now examine, illustrate and then deconstruct for the broadest possible audience; because here too, a thick file of highly suspect élite behaviours is there to be read and digested. Actions, it seems to me obvious, that go well beyond a risible Trojan Horse called “health emergency”. The very eclecticism of the list is conducive to the conclusion of comprehensively repressive goals.

The unanswered questions are legion:
Who invented Build Back Better, and why does every Establishment on Earth parrot it? What was bad before Covid, and what does ‘better’ mean? Why did a falsely attributed BBB propaganda poem go viral on social media around the world?
Why is there this persistent need to goad Putin? What in God’s name is a British destroyer doing stalking Russian waters?
Why was the genomics/software freak Matt Hancock chosen as Health Secretary? What makes him seemingly bombproof?
Why exactly did Fauci help fund the Wuhan project, and how does he get away with changing his story almost daily?
Why was the Johnson Administration forward-booking outsourced Covid marshals from April onwards way beyond the PM’s June 21st end of emergency powers?
How has a mental derelict wound up in the White House, and why won’t the FBI push harder for US election irregularities to be properly investigated? Why are peaceful January 6th Washington demonstrators being smeared as insurrectionists and hounded into show trials?
How dare Merkel and Macron pick on Brexited Britain re European travel when our citizens have far greater Covid immunity than EU travellers facing zero restrictions? Why is British post to the EU being go-slowed? Why aren’t the French reciprocating on driving licence swaps? How does Brussels justify the daily boat-people dumping of illegals on England?
Why has Canadian PM Trudeau adopted such draconian anti-criticism measures?
Why did Bill Gates invest billions in low-altitude surveillance satellites? Why has he got so much money invested in US arable land?
Why has Davos transhuman motor-mouth Klaus Schwab not been dismissed as a dangerous freak? Why is there not more critical coverage of his blatantly fascist ideas on unelected ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’?
Why did Sir Mark Sedwill treat Covid19 as a bioweapon? What’s he up to at Rothschild Bank? What’s former Brexit Putchist Ollie Robbins doing at Goldman Sachs?
Why do Police officers face having their ability to comment on government policy constrained under plans being drawn up by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel? Does she want them even more unquestioningly politicised than they are already?
Having an unprecedented record of five felony guilt counts from the U.S. Department of Justice since 2014, why has nobody at JPMorgan Chase gone to jail? In fact, why do bankers never got to jail?
Why did the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell lie to a Congressional sub-committee last Wednesday, by saying the Federal Reserve “can only make emergency loans with the approval of the Treasury”? Even before he had Covid 19 as a useful patsy, the Fed was giving hundreds of billions of dollars a week in emergency repo loans to Wall Street trading houses. How come he didn’t ask the Treasury about that? How come the trading houses needed them?
Equally, why is Powell just about the only financier in the Western world who sees galloping raw material and factory cost inflation as “a temporary blip”?
Despite the huge and largely pointless treasury sums spent “fighting” SarsCov2, why is not a single Western finance minister in a blue fit about rising – in some cases unrepayable – Sovereign debt? Is this related to a Grand Tour by senior IMF bods during April and May 2020 during which – it has been alleged in several quarters – key ministers were told to spend at will, as ‘before long the debt reset would act as a Jubilee for the élite’.
Consider in that light the endless repetition by Davosites of yet another mantra “The Great Reset” and it’s bizarre resemblance to the 1970s novelty pop song, ‘They’re coming to take you away/to the Funny Farm/Where life is beautiful all the time”?

For let’s face it, the net-net result of State and mainstream media “fake analysis” has been to render Funny Farm beliefs normal….one half of that other strangely coordinated soundbite, The New Normal.

So the question to reiterate for today’s London demo is, “What are we protesting about?”
Answering “vaccination bullying and softly-softly obligation” is of course an important dimension – bt too narrow on its own; and far too big a target for the Truth-benders demonising vax dissenters as “selfish nutjobs and conspiracy theorists

The Hancock gall in removing NHS Duty of Care (from those whose sole crime is intelligent empiricism) was followed within 72 hours by the disgraceful bandwagon-jumping of Boris Johnson. But this is a far bigger power-play than the right to impose mandatory “health management”.

No: first and foremost, the demo has to be a clear expression of our unshakeable refusal to become the ever-obedient slaves of unelected totalitarians.

One final note of caution: for reasons best known to themselves, the Met Police et al have also chosen to allow a genuinely “activist” Leftwing Union-organised march today in the capital.
The ‘People’s Assembly Against Austerity’ starts at noon, whereas our demo starts at one pm BST.

I smell a rat here. London is awash with cops. And having finished their activities, the SWP wing of the TUC will without doubt make their way towards the Liberty demo in search of trouble.
I cannot believe this hasn’t occured to the wacko squatters who have taken up residence in 10 Downing Street.

There is nothing the State would like better than to brand our gathering ‘confrontational’, and get their snappers in place to record hapless Plod being assaulted by placards.

Do please turn up…and do please be alert for interlopers. Take shots of any ‘chanters’ you feel are atypical of the general mood.

But above all, make it clear that We the Real People are not going away