Yesterday’s launch of Underfire was a success in terms of hits and enthusiasm. But there’s a long way to go yet.

First up, many thanks to Josh in Canada for reacting so quickly to the logo art direction appeal: barring unknown factors, this is now the official logo/website header:

How Underfire Should Work Anyone prepared to accept the raison d’etre of Underfire can become an agent. This is a modular grassroots concept, to be furthered either on a digital or geopgraphically physical basis. The membership is solely for those prepared to give support to citizens being vaccine-bullied and/or ready take an active role in opposing State compulsion in any and all totalitarian forms. “Active” doesn’t just mean marching for miles and yelling slogans: it means staying in touch with victims, doing tedious admin, writing press releases and posting letters…a vital medium when social media have ears. It means turning up.

You can apply to be an agent by contacting me on saulbollocks@protonmail.com, I’ll e you the form, you return it.

There will be a website nationally asap, but for this I need volunteers to design, update and manage it. I’m afraid I simply don’t have the time to do that. The basic format I envisage is a newsblog, a map of where Underfire cells are already operating, numbers for victims to ring, a noticeboard, and a forum/suggestions thread. Again, if you want to put yourself forward to be involved in that process, write to the protonmail address above.

A regular local newsletter via email is a must. Specifically how it’s done will depend on size of community and agent preferences.

Try to engage with frontline local medical staff where you can. My strong impression is that their doubts and misgivings about Contrick19 are far more widespread than we’re being led to believe.

I will be supporting your efforts with Underfire branded tweets on Twitter and elsewhere. I strongly recommend NOT developing a Facebook page, as the goblins will take it down at the first sign of you being “off message”

I see no reason why this movement can’t be international. If you’re outside the UK, then use the things on offer above with the suggested protocols. Already, Sloggers in Poland, Austria, the US, Greece, Australia and Germany have expressed an interest.

We all play to our strengths when we can. Mine are in persuasive writing and good promotional ideas. But if Underfire is going to succeed, then those who take it on have to be ready to think for themselves and take initiatives. I’m happy to offer advice going forward, but from now on the ball’s in your court.

Good luck, and bon courage