COVID TETHER-END: Boredom with whoredom

Dame Katy Bingham

A charade about a virus seeing off 0.0024% of the Earth’s oldies has gradually, over the last nineteen months, morphed into compromised Health advisers ruling by all-powerful decree for which they demand zero accountability. This must stop. The stop starts, as it were, with the alarming case of Dame Katy Bingham, as The Slog reveals devious zig-zags to avoid the torpedoes of fate.


“It’s only for the old and vulnerable”

And the key economic workers.

And medical/care home staff.

“It’s only for adults”

And those in crowded offices.

And teenagers who might kill granny.

And everyone over thirty.

“But not for under sixteens”

Sorry, make that under twelves.

Noises off: “Fuck off!”

“A fifth of all hospitalised Covid patients are under 25”

Let’s do the under twelves anyway.

The Slog wonders where it might end…..

Chris Whitty (a man who has never knowingly shared bodily fluids with another human being, although the jury’s out on aliens) addresses a meeting of SAGE….

“We should start jabbing pregnant women, so they can pass on the immunity gained to the baby”.

Patrick Vallance nods approvingly, having already the previous week gained Cabinet approval to inject all newborn babies everywhere.

“The earlier the better,” he agrees.

“And make all that messy intercourse thing against the law except when doctors are present,” adds Whitty.

An eerie, slightly awkward silence falls upon the room.

“Goodness,” says Health Minister Javid, “Someone will have to, um, oversee that. I see it as my duty to get involved….”

“With what?” asks Vallance.

“Oh, just to watch, observe – you know. Bring my videophone to, er, record it. Nothing pervy.”

Guest attendee Dame Kate Bingham comes briefly to life.

“So to be clear, then,” she asks, “we’re going to make sex without observation illegal, correct?”

“Precisely,” answers Whitty.

“But only for straight couples,” says Culture Minister Daniella Bendit.

“Quite,” agrees Bingham, “as there’s no conception involved with the, er, back-bottom thing….”

“OH YES THERE IS!” screams Daniella, “men can have babies too you know. But the LGBTQ community would never allow such, such….gross invasion of their privacy”.

Katy nods while offering a patient smile.

“And what purpose will the observation process serve?” she enquires.

Whitty sighs audibly.

“To pinpoint the moment that conception occurs so we know exactly how old the foetus is, of course. We wouldn’t jab a foetus before six weeks. That would be most inappropriate”.

“Would it?” she asks.

Vallance interjects.

“Absolutely. Most miscarriages occur in the first six weeks. Think of the wasted vaccine”.

“Yes,” says Chancellor Sunak, “We must be prudent in all things…”

Suddenly, Dame Bingham’s double-sided face brightens up

“And what if the sperm are infected?” she wonders rhetorically

Guest attendee Ben Osborn (UK boss of Pfizer) jerks bolt upright.

“Now you’re cooking on gas,” he suggests, “330 million sperms per ejaculation times three fucks a week….”

“….adds up to 52 billion vaccine injections per annum per human 14+ male,” Our Katy interrupts, “and as a longtime consultant to the Pharmaceutical sector, even for us that’s a very big number…”

Patrick Vallance rises from his seat, takes out a mobile phone and hisses into it, “Buy!”

“Good God,” says Javid, “does anyone have the micro-technology to vaccinate individual sperm?”

A hitherto silent man at the far end of the table taps it with his Mont Blanc fountain pen. All eyes turn to him, for it is none other than head of biowarfare counter-intelligence, Sir Mack ‘The Knife” Pigswill.

“Funny you should ask that,” he begins, “but purely for the value such research can bring to medicine and the protection of our freedoms generally, some of our chaps down in Wiltshire have been working on, um, that sort of new stuff….or Novochok, as we call it in diplomatic circles”.

Christopher Whitty blinks. This is a rare occurrence.

He looks across at Dame Katy. “Masks,” he says.

“Masks?” she replies in an interrogatory manner.

Javid coughs.

“They’re Chinese-made origami recycled paper worn over the mouth and nose,” he elucidates, “but that’s not important at the moment”.

Whitty ignores him.

“Masks for every foetus over six weeks old. Absolutely crucial. Can you imagine the mayhem for humanity that would result from every baby in the world infecting grannies?”

“Aha,” ventures Javid, “Sounds to me like a reference to the Care Home policies of my predecessor, f’nar f’nar”.

Sir Patrick Bank-Balance dials another number, and hisses “Masks, microsurgery, sub-atomic mRNA…buy!” There’s a pause, and then he instructs, “I don’t fucking care, you moron – EVERYthing!”

“Think of it,” says Professor Whitty, “one day there will be a world in which all conceptions have been scrutinised, and all babies genetically reconfigured, socially isolated and masked to neither infect others – nor themselves fall victim to illness….everyone will live forever”.

Sir Mark Shedloads types a scrambled message into his Iphone for the immediate attention of WJ Burns in Langley, Virginia. Message reads:

‘Our worries about PCW confirmed. Off-message plot loss obvious. Talk soon sweetie MS xx’

This is what Katy Bingham said during an FT interview in October 2020:

“.…vaccinating everyone in the country is not going to happen….we just need to vaccinate everyone at risk…People keep talking about ‘time to vaccinate the whole population’, but that is misguided. There’s going to be no vaccination of people under 18. It’s an adult-only vaccine, for people over 50, focusing on health workers and care home workers and the vulnerable.”

Bingham’s reward for reassuring people about freedom to choose got her a Damehood gong in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list….a very handy prefix in her line of work.

But subsequent events have shown that either she misled us, or she was herself misled. Now a person with sound ethical standards would point out the lies and reject the “Honour” in protest. This she has not done.

I think it’s time this clique of advisors who are above the Law were made accountable for their exploitation of moral hazards at the expense of ordinary people who have been reassured by falsehoods. And I am minded – in the absence of any genuine Rule of Law in the country of my birth – to set about making an example of Ms Bingham.

Why do I employ the “easy” accusation of “a clique”?

Bingham’s husband is a Tory Minister at the Treasury, Jesse Norman…a firm BoJo supporter and gung-ho pro mRNA jabber.

As always, this Government fishes in a shallow pool of cronies who can be relied upon to say the right things at the right time. Kate Bingham is the Managing Partner at SV Health Investors – effectively, a superannuated analyst of the health science sector. In a rarely seen interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, last February, she persistently repeated that she didn’t get involved in “political questions”:

“Did we actually have confidence that they would be able to scale and generate the numbers of doses we wanted in time? So that’s why we’ve been quite public about it. That was the reason we chose BioNTech over Moderna. Both of them have good data, but the BioNTech supply chain was clearly far advanced for European supply ahead of Moderna who had prioritised supply in the US ahead of Europe….We weren’t choosing vaccines on the basis of being cheap. We were choosing on the basis of vaccines being effective and available quickly….I don’t really understand politics, and so I don’t know what the constraints are, I’m afraid….That’s a political question. I don’t have a view…..In terms of surplus, that is that is purely a political decision. The politicians will have to decide when enough is enough. And that’s for them, not for not for me….”

Much Pilatesque hand-washing here….but also note the emphasis: speed and availability. For this reason, she recommended BioNTech ahead of Moderna. Not a good call: Moderna has by far the lowest side-effect issues of all the “vaccines”. I wonder how she feels about that now? Probably, ‘Nuffink ter do wiv me, mate’.

On and on the evasion goes….but then Bingham is asked a direct question, and drops a clanger:

What we see in action from the panto-Dame here is two recurrent themes always trotted out by the Unelected State: first, I’m not carrying the can for anyone….yes, I like having the power, and no, I refuse to be accountable; and second, serial self-contradiction.

In October 2020, she openly offers a political view about who’s going to be jabbed; but by February 2021, she doesn’t understand politics and she accepts the term ‘whole UK population’.

And this year’s Champion Arse Covering Contestant is….and the prize is being doffed by Her Maj. A member of the Hall of Infamy alongside Horby, Landray, Fauci and Vallance.

But, um, er….not Christopher Whitty. I’m still asking around as to why this is. Lots of pursed lips and inhaling through teeth. The case continues.

Like so many of the fascist freaks and Leftist oddiquities providing an echo-chamber of altered and yet settled “science” in this continuing saga of contradictory assertion, Dame Katy Bingham needs to be put in a public arena, and asked some awkward questions. But of course, she won’t be.

That’ll be a job for us. As usual.

Watch this space.

The Slog acknowledges the enormous contribution to, and inspiration behind, this piece from Dame Dolly Tourettes