At the End of the Day

I’ve been pondering for much of today about how I might release myself from a commitment to pacifism. I mean fair enough, I get that all war merely kills millions of people who were not the ones who had the Big War Idea in the first place; and I know it merely serves to promote psycho generals and advance the Secret State. But war in the 21st century need not enrich arms dealers – or indeed, kill more than a few people who had the audacity to leak vital information about what was going down.

War today uses weapons such as currency values, economic damage, cyber attacks, media propaganda, weather control and pernicious health scares. If, like me, you’re not prepared to get worried about such things – albeit keen to show that only compliance can help them succeed – then such nonsense is more laughable than lethal.

I’m weakening here. Suppose, for example, I were to become Teriyaki Chicken – the infamous Kamikazi pilot….a man who took out, one by one, the top billionaires and top brass behind our current malaise – thus becoming the only Japanese suicide pilot to fly 27 successful missions. Would I be deemed war criminal or Superhero?

I rest my case.

Ironic LOL of the day has to be the story from Germany about a Green Party volunteer who left the street lights on in his village for five days. It’s funny on two levels – because not only did he waste a phenomenal amount of energy, but under investigation it transpired that he accidentally covered up the sensor for village’s automatic lights…..with a Greens election poster. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

We must hope it isn’t the beginning of a trend, or before you know it we’ll have the anti-EU AfD Party accidentally voting for a Bill in Strasbourg to put the Greeks in charge of the Bundesbank.

Sajid Javid got born just after I left University. He’s two decades younger than me and comes originally from an entirely different culture to mine. The multivariate problem I have with the bloke, however, is nothing to do with that: he was born in Rochdale (as was I) and made his ascent from nothing much (as did I).

My first issue with him is that his name is almost impossible to get right. It’s like a kind of anagram that went wrong, such that his name should really be Savid Jadij or Vivid Jadas, and yet might also be Rabid Davos…which is, of course, not an anagram of his name at all, but does bear a striking resemblance to his banking career.

That segues very neatly into my second problem: a difficulty in dismissing his very senior role in turning Deutsche Bank into probably the most toxic bank in the world. Political Correctness these days insists that we should turn a blind eye to blind ambition when it involves a Person Of Colour. Insist away, O pc jerks – I am colour-blind: “I’m dusky of skin and therefore must be excused from blame” will never cut it with me.

Arseholes come in all the sizes and all the colours. I can forgive our Sajid for looking like Uncle Fester, but I have problems squaring his avowedly neoliberal instincts with the job of protecting affordable healthcare.

Other useful liberal idiots and Davosites around the world woke up this morning to the traumatic news that their hero Just Intrudeau might be Just In Trouble. The most recent Canadian election polls suggest that the largest Party in the next Parliament is going to be the Conservatives.

However – as I posted here five days ago – there is still an easy fall-back position for Trudeau, in that he can form a Coalition with the Socialist NDP….whose popular leader has made it clear that he would rather suck the nether regions of Donald Trump than let the Conservative Party gain power.

Meanwhile, he who cleaves to the cross-dressing Queens of Canada has reacted with a predictable grab-bag of fiscally unaffordable promises.

Thus by such spoiling tactics does “democracy” allow for the onward march of Progressive Intolerance.