SUNDAY SMILE: Silliness rendered very, very silly thanks to attendance at Imbecilicus College Oxymoron, plus a Masters in Childish Idiocy from Simpleton University

Emit drivel, stamp foot, destroy

Joe Biden wants you to think that libertarians are extremists, and BLM isn’t. He calls Black riots a plea to Build Back Better, and White protests outside the Congress building insurrections. Conclusion: Joe Biden is a dummy speaking the words of those around him, and those around him are racist Nazi nihilists. But if you think that’s silly, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Simple Simon met a pieman/ going to the fair

Said Simple Simon to the pieman, “What’ve you got there?

Said Pieman now to Simple Simon:

“Pies you fuckwit, whaddya think I got, Boeing 737s?”

So what do we have here, to your right? Well, it seems Simple Simon went on to great success as a CTVNews hound, trotting out verbatim the idea that more fully vaccinated sick folks are to be found in hospitals because more and more people are fully vaccinated. The only flaw in this latest incarnation of “expert” opinion is that if an anti-Covid “vaccine” is working (shall we say) at full throttle, it didn’t oughta result in them winding up in hospital with Covid….or indeed, with side-effects from the “vaccine” billed as the “antidote” to Covid that didn’t actually turn out – in reality, at the end of the day and all things considered – to be an antidote so much as an anecdote about safety and effectiveness….as peddled to a wide-eyed populace by M. Hancock, A. Fauci, C. Whitty, P. Horby & Partners.

A relative junior in that company, Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser, has announced that around 40% of people being admitted to hospital with COVID in the UK have been vaccinated. And according to the latest Public Health England data, around 15% of those being hospitalised have had two doses of a coronavirus vaccine…and so this “shows that the more fully vaccinated you are, the better the effectiveness”.

But that leaves out two equally well-established considerations: first, the US CDC data show that serious mRNA jab side effects vastly outweigh all other vaccines tested over the last seventeen years put together; and second, Ivermectin’s prophylactic and management abilities applied in India and Africa cut death rates and reduced spreading at a rate far higher – and a cost far lower with zero risk – than any of the messenger RNA potions on offer.

You’d think, would you not, that this might well be game, set and match to Ivermectin. But apparently not. For the FDA in America has now approved the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use on children aged 5-11. An FDA bigwig pronounced, “Look, the only way we’re really gonna know if this is safe is to try it on kids.” This disarmingly brainless sociopath had his quote rapidly vapourised by all the search engines – that search, of course, only for rationales rather than reasons.

But perhaps all that is merely par-for-the-course Covid Silliness. After all, we are growing accustomed to talk of “thorough cost-benefit analyses”….but not when applied to our children, where the vaccine risks involved (plus the homoaeopathic incidence of Covid death) far outweigh any potential ‘gain of function’. No: for full-on maniacal, witless very, very silly shoot-self-in-head kamikaze missions, it is essential to return to the French and their view of Brexit.

Daily Telegraph

It’s important right here to make it clear that the pernicious level of petulance displayed by France is off the scale and through a Black Hole Bigly compared to the rest of the EU beyond the mouldering Sprouts of Brussels. It is illogical, infantile, mendacious and pig-headed – as only a French énarc desperate to blamestorm everyone else for his or her own mule-headed stupidity could ever possibly be.

As a long term Francophile hailing from Britain, I’d like to point out some irrefutable facts:

  1. Britain gave Brussels a clear two year’s notice of its intention to leave the EU, following a fully monitored democratic decision by the British People that they wished to depart
  2. In the event, Brussels has had six clear years to prepare for that departure, but blew most of it on trying to bully the UK back into their fold rather than fill the huge hole in its cash-cow Britain balance sheet
  3. This bullying included an overt attempt to conspire with Britain’s unelected bureaucrats in the Whitehall and MI6 Fifth Column to overturn the EU Referendum result
  4. While the blithering but hopelessly stonewalling idiot Michel Barnier drivelled on about the ticking clock, it was ticking for his employers, not the UK
  5. The EU already had a disgraceful record of using banker mendacity to crucify Greece
  6. The French Prime Minister Castex wants to punish the UK for obeying every last departure codicil in the Treaty of Rome: why?
  7. Brussels wants to show how “damaging” it can be to leave the EU. I see no sense of respect for free will within the rule of International Law in that intention
  8. I can find nothing in the Treaties of either Rome or Lisbon that give permission to an unprincipled mafia to threaten the electricity supply to undisputed British territories
  9. Castex wants anti-UK sanctions over a refusal to hand over our own territorial waters to French fishermen. What else would he like – our river salmon? Our Scottish deer? Will the French in return give us the right to pillage their wine harvests, snail farms and maize crops? A preposterous suggestion? Of course it is
  10. Macron in English means ‘long’. Presumably, as in nose.

I have tried over many months to persuade British smuggies that we are engaged in a war as yet undeclared with France. The French “élite” openly reneges on deals signed in good faith, exercises a go-slow on our mail, interferes in our domestic politics, casually denies the civil right of UK residents in France to obtain a French driving licence with minimal hassle….and yet makes it incredibly easy for Brits to get a residency – in order to get its hands on our taxable incomes.

For me, this shows the depths of desperation to which énarc France has sunk. You see, without the British cash-cow to make up the difference, the French inability to obey eurozone fiscal rules is being thrown into sharp focus. Germany continues to boil with indignation about this. Italy is now majority anti-EU. Hungary continues to defy the more braindead Godless leg-spreading urged by EUNATO. Poland is facing down the federalist fools.

Face it Europhiles: the European Union is in existential crisis – and the clowns running it have a Double-First in self-destructive bonehead dimwittery.

Odd, is it not, that behind silliness one so often finds evil intent.

Themed Mandela

To overcome the suspicion of profound silliness, every motormouth is now an expert. A tourism hack, for example, is now a Destination Expert. Yesterday, one of this breed wrote a silly piece about Nelson Mandela’s last home being turned into a designer boutique hotel for the Giga-rich, and how “wonderful” it was to celebrate his life in that way. Never mind the fact that Mandela hated conspicuous wealth throughout his entire life: the evil intent of the piece is to reassure European Whitey that fear not, South Africa is just fine thank you. For this is now Anglosphere diplomatic policy.

Whereas, of course, the reality is very different: at the G7 summit held in the UK four months ago, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that he believed ordinary South Africans had confidence in his government and things were actually looking “pretty good” for South Africa. All very on-message for the G7 clowns….but a month later, mass unrest there – looting, arson, violence and over 200 deaths – showed just how FOS Ramaphosa was.

The West in general (and the ANC in particular) continue the fiction of the Rainbow Country, but on the ground there is anger at the outrageous level of government corruption dragging SA slowly down Zimbabwe Road. The reality of bourgeois very silly and tasteless drivel about Boutique Mandela-la-la-land is just another form of censorship via distraction.

And there’s a lot of it about. Next Week: the Che Guevara Guerilla Loop at Disneyland.