At the End of the Day…..

The Slog looks for adventure, bravery, curiosity and creativity in contemporary State policy, and finds it lacking in anything that might galvanise or inspire Homo sapiens as we know it.

….it’s a formulaic script, devoid of creativity and truth.

As most of you will know by now, I’ve never liked BoJo; I recommended that people vote for him in order to get Brexit, and I now bitterly regret my decision. I’m afraid he has turned out to be the worst kind of NWO whore-lackey: I should’ve stuck with my 2011 verdict: “The most dangerous politician in Britain”. I’ve lost count now of the number of times I’ve been on social media and heard both him and Priti Patel calling mass dumping of crooks and extremists onto UK soil “unacceptable”, while doing 3/5ths of nothing about it. They both suffer from the same Blairite “I have spoken and thus it shall happen” delusion…and both hope nobody will see through the illusion.

But those social media also contain the same begging to be heard ordinary Britons pointing out how much they detest this policy of appeasement – and being (of course) condemned by Leftlib idiots, Gary Lineker and the BBC for being “racist”, when they are merely life-students of sharp end social anthropology. The political and media-chattering classes will never learn that there is a basic proletarian common sense that can – with little or no notice – turn into wild backlash. Although a confirmed Brexiteer myself, I fully accept that the arrogant deaf-and-blind metropolitan sect’s crypto-Bourbon stupidity delivered the majority for leaving the EU.

It goes without saying that many people (including myself) at first failed to grasp that the anti-Brexit alliance is in fact almost indistinguishable from the Davos Front. But these same people continue to score spectacular scissor-kick own goals with brutal disregard for reality; and so it is that we arrive at the seemingly insouciant Prime Minister Johnson chairing a COBRA committee on “the terrorist threat”.

I use the word “seemingly” because everything Boris does and says is so predictable, there is not a chance in Hell that he was unaware of the consequences of flooding the United Kingdom with totally unvetted and largely unskilled chancers with either an inbuilt hatred of Christian Whitey and/or a determination turn Britain into an Islamist Caliphate. Indeed, there is intrinsic to the scandalous events in the English Channel that sadistic nihilism courted by George Soros – whose sole intent seems to be the destruction of any nation with a libertarian culture strong enough to defy the totalitarian State.

What these global hegemonist Build Back Better purveyors want is rabid anarchy to justify them stomping upon the remaining 1in8 forces of reason, with a mission to ‘restore order’ based on fear.

Fear of annihilation by disease, fear of death on a blazing planet, fear of terrorist slaughter, fear of wealth destruction, fear of Russian intentions, fear of attacks from other solar systems….fear of shadows, discovery, unlikely love, risk, left-field, new stuff and in fact anything that makes life fulfilling and in which interference from the Unelected Persuaders and their too easily Elected Lackeys is absent.

Fear, at the bottom line, of everything the two lovers in Nineteen Eighty-Four desired….apart from each other. Which, of course, the prurient asexual State both hated and feared.

In that context, Boris Johnson isn’t just betraying UK Tory values: he’s betraying everything good, natural and meek about our species.