Seeking a risky haven in a dangerous world

I’m taking this opportunity before we mostly blend into the bosom of families to recommend a good base for resistance to this pernicious attempt by the Cacophonous Liars Front to change our species forever.

It comes via a South African Slogger, the British online journalism group Unherd, and the very widely admired SA journalist Brian Pottinger. You have perhaps already heard South African President Cyril Ramaphosa making unequivocal promises never to introduce forcible vaccination in his country. In these days of broken promises at every level in life, the word of one politician is one of those rare commodities that my well go down in value, but is highly unlikely ever to go up.

However, I do love South Africa – it is by far the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited – and while its security situation is a long and winding way from perfect, beggars can’t be choosers in this obscene epoch through which we are all traipsing. The only thing I don’t like about SA is biltong, a form of dried meat with a texture and taste that resembles an ostrich’s toenail. But then, it’s an easy thing to evade in everyday life….and the rest of an ostrich tastes pretty good.

In the interview that follows, Pottinger is interviewed about the situation there these days, and I would urge anyone looking for refuge, sanity and manageable risk to study it in full. Not only is he the former editor of the SA’s Sunday Times, he is a genuinely lifelong White African who has amassed a great deal of wisdom.

This might represent an overblown and somewhat pompous observation from a bloke who has only visited South Africa five times, but I would venture that – just possibly – a mass immigration into the country of freethinking entrepreneurial employers and defenders of freedom would be every bit as good for the Rainbow Nation’s survival and development as it would be for those escaping from ill-named, experimental vaccination: verily, a marriage of convenience that might turn out to have been fashioned in Heaven.

That possibility itself is not built upon wishful ignorance: Brian Pottinger is informative and eloquent on the subject of those who have mainly resisted the disgusting tendrils of trans-humanists, Global Pharma psychotics, corrupted health bureaucrats and their political bottom-feeders. They are, he insists, the very downtrodden 20% in many contemporary societies who have learned, through bitter experience, to fear the motives of the oligarchic rich.

I may have had a spectacular – some could justifiably argue farcical – failure to establish a redoubt of doubters over the last two weeks: the target was Southern Goa as a residency. But the worst failures so often teach us infinitely more than triumphs. I’m here to tell you that I rode in cabs through places as far apart as Athens, Frankfurt and Paris, and was served by harrassed retail staff from Miramont to Heiraklion. Every single one of them either (a) flatly refused to comply with vaccination against Covid and/or (b) obeyed the government’s medical apartheid edicts under duress. I offer you pretty much word for word the response of a Greek waiter in my Athens Hotel who made me eat on a chilly terrace in order to comply with gratuitous anti-science dictated from Brussels. I became aggressive, and he said:

“Look sir, I have a wife and three small children to support. If I let you eat inside, the hotel will be charged a standard fine of €15,000 if discovered – and go on a black list. If I’m denounced as the man who gave permission, I’ll be fired. Word will go out to potential employers as to why I was fired. They have us all in a vice”.

I felt guilt about my aggression; yes OK, fine – I know these small compliances add up to despicable evil. But the transmission of evil rests elsewhere….and those forced to dish it out at the sharp end of life are seen as dogmess on their shoes by the Masters. So I made my peace with him, and apologised. I offered the guy a tip at the end of the meal, and he refused it. Odd, is it not, how only the guilty convince themselves they’re innocent.

We all need dreams – and never more so than in the presence of waking dystopian nightmares. My dream as this Christmas season unfolds is that good people will seek out relatively safe havens – not just to help those locations do the best for their citizens, but also to show in more and more convincing ways to the rest of the world that normality is within their grasp….if they learn the Herd Immunity lessons of the poorer nations like Afghanistan, Turkey, India, South Africa, Algeria et al.

That said, I will reprise the opening words of this post: ‘we mostly blend into the bosom of families’.

The greatest crime by far committed by the forces behind this unique global wealth heist is the encouragement of workplace, social media and above all familial bullying of the discriminating minority by the boneheaded collaborators. It’s a greater crime than the encouragement of the Hitler Youth to report its members’ parents to the Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo during the 1930s, not least because this time around, the disloyalty is global. But for thirty years, the same was true after the Second World War in the risibly named Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) – better known as East Germany under the less than amiable rule of Erich Ernst Paul Honecker.

A rising star of Party discipline in Honecker’s Communist State was one Jugendfuhrerin Angela Merkel. The same Angela ‘Mutti’ Merkel pushing hard for innocent people to be pinned to the ground and forcibly jabbed today. She is the sort of humanity destruction steamroller that should have been consigned to a tiny italic typeface footnote of history long ago.

But she is still with us. And until her disturbed mental typology has been recognised and rejected, our human tragedies will continue.

Do not follow those who wish to interfere medically with the foetus that turns into a Stalin or a Hitler or an Amin or a Merkel. Rather, offer an open-minded education to those whose writings, actions and thereby acquired fame can explain in an accessible manner the difference between human frailty and inhuman systemics.

This above any other is the season devoted to being a better person. Try your best, shed your demons, and sei nett zu einander.

John Ward is a realist too old and ugly to be dissuaded by those who insist that they want to be better people – up to but not including the pain and risk involved in the transformation.