OPINION: love is a many-splendoured thing, but the internet isn’t

Sorry folks, but I really couldn’t resist this Front Page from the French Corporate State whores at La Dépeche yesterday. The headline celebrates ‘two decades of love found online’ at Meetic – France’s biggest dating site owned for some time now by US group Air Idle Control (AIC) – a company incorporated in Delaware…which is another way of saying Above the Law.

So here we have the front page lead headline in an influential French newspaper blatantly selling all objectivity down the river to get money from a multinational concern selling love matches base on AI (Artificial intelligence). If you doubted the facility with which globalism corrupts localism, then I respectfully suggest you undoubt yourself by reading on.

Despite some bitter experiences – and at times hilarious engagement – I have used dating sites on and off for the last ten years. It is cod science at its worst, and quickly reveals the madness of using AI to make judgements about emotional intelligence.

A couple of years ago, another piece of “sponsored content” in the Daily Telegraph on this subject gave out what at first sight seemed like a very impressive statistic: that 38% of all relationships among people over 35 begin online.

In reality, it’s rather short on the veritas factor. Note the word online: many couples do find partners online, but are just as likely to have used social media or the blogosphere instead of dating sites. Further, the stat gave no indication as to how long the relationships lasted: the UK TV format Blind Date produced just one (that’s 1) wedding during the 18 years of its run.

Online dating formats are almost entirely based on lies. Many of the photos supplied were obviously taken just before the ladies became addicted to pies and the men went bald. Alternatively, the hunks and beauty queens are photographed at desks, so for all we know the bottom half of the guys might be cloven-hoofed or the women mermaids.

The self-written descriptions are in turn masterpieces of euphemism – ‘a few extra pounds’ (morbidly obese), ‘voluptuous’ (ocean-going arse), decisive (bunny-boiler), and ‘life and soul of the party’ (a lush). Every man is looking for a ‘loyal’ woman (aka doormat) and the ladies ‘a man’s man, lantern-jawed and over six feet tall with a sexy-gravel voice’ (Clint Eastwood). The gap in life between aspiration and achievement is unfailingly funny.

Judging anything from an image online is hard enough in the first place. How people move, walk, run and dance has, for example, always been very important for me. When I write that, many people assume I’m using it as a guide to what life in the sack might be like with a person; that’s part of it, but as a trained psychologist I know very well that perambulation is an accurate guide to personality. Some women, for example, have what I would call a dismissive, superior strut: for me it’s a massive turn-off. Most women friends I have insist that if a man’s voice is wrong, nothing will overcome that drawback. All the dopey pseudo-science and clichés of dating sites do is make a difficult process almost impossible.

Finally, the cynical mendacity doesn’t end with the punters. To keep the site-traffic up, brands like Elite Singles, Meetic and Plenty o’ Fish send you emails saying ‘Twinkle-Toes is giving you the once-over’, when Twinkle-Toes very obviously isn’t doing any such thing. The Telegraph Service hits you with ‘Exciting News! You have new matches!’ that turn out to be one 70% match tucking into a plateful of cowheel tripe. The Telegraph service has the exact same user base as the Times service, but they both fail to mention this: it’s thus possible to pay twice without any increase in access to “the market”. Another French brand employs attractive male and female models who – spookily enough – send you raunchy messages and then disappear from view. The conversation I had with the site owners about a lady being used in this manner was one of the funniest phone convos I’ve ever had, probably because I posed as an Italian gangster based in Marseilles whose boss was less than amused by the disappearing diva, upon whom he had developed something of a crush. Trust me, you had to be there.

While all this palaver is mildly amusing, the sinister corruption behind it shows just how multivariate the New World Order project is. Dépeche has been printing blatantly planted lies for over a year now, the worst example of which was a splashed ‘scoop’ consisting of pernicious nonsense about the Gilets Jaunes being anti-semitic. It regularly features articles referring to anti-mRNA demonstrators as ‘socially selfish’, and has twice featured the arguments strongly in favour of mandatory jabbing. It used to be a newspaper I bought to get the pulse of the streets: now I use it to assess what The Enemy is thinking.

The result of all this News Control is that the vast majority of the French are still in ‘unifié contre le virus’ mode….although those carrying out demonstrations (les manifs) remain solidly against the health fascism apartheid. In Greece, I found the situation quite different: while the great majority of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants are cooperating fully with the heavy duty anti-unvaxed clampdown, it is only being driven by the draconian fines for non-compliance. Talk to them in confidence about the rules, and they are clearly obeying them under duress.

John Ward is obsessive, petty and far too sensitive about mendacious emissions from unaccountable political, corporate and media organisations perverting the Truth. He’s also rather picky about poseurs, fakes, dilettantes, ersatz virtue signallers and narcissists who talk a good game, but lack balls. He obviously needs to buy some long trousers and stop being so pathetic. Allegedly.