UKRAINE: a parallax view of Zelensky, Biden, NATO, Covid19, graphene debris and the New World Order

I sincerely hope that this seminal post will force a revision of how most observers view the recent history of Ukraine. Zelensky is not a hero, he’s a corrupt, nasty piece of work adopted by the usual suspects. Biden is not a democratic politician, he is a depraved old man with a greedy son. Putin is not a nice person, but he refuses to see his countrymen raped. EUNATO is an expansionist Empire with delusions of hegemony pushed from behind by the US Unelected State. Biolabs in Ukraine are inextricably linked to the origins of Covid19 and the contents of mRNA/Graphene “vaccines”. All roads from the CDC, FDA, CIA, MI6 and UK drug regulators appear to lead back to the Great Reset. But that event is being run by the monied psychos. Ukraine is not just a distraction, but more accurately yet another dimension of genocidal bioweaponry.

The Biden crime family and its Secret State allies have been ripping the Ukrainian people off since around 2015, when Sleepy Joe was still US Vice-President to Barack Obama. They’ve been doing it in four main ways:

  1. Withdrawals of tens of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people in return for spurious ‘consultancy services’ through financial “holes” – laundered with the help of banks in various countries, and then subsequently transferred to the accounts of a US company owned and controlled in full by the Biden family.
  2. Using the power and influence of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Secretly recorded phone conversations between Poroshenko and former US Vice President Joe Biden have been placed with the Ukrainian judiciary illustrating what is euphemistically referred to as “external governance” – that is, the US secret services being given carte blanche to construct (and hire for biolabs) and obtain greater control over Graphene R&D largely based in Kharkov.
  3. Corruption scams running to billions of dollars related to the fraudulent procurement of coal and gas deals, via which Ukrainians still pay 30% higher prices than costs warrant. Many high-ranking Ukrainian and US officials took out astonishing amounts of money over several years via this method.
  4. Living up to its long-standing reputation for greedy corruption in all directions, Ukrainian officials embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars given by the US State for technical assistance in the development of bioweapons. Some of this money was then used to bribe the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine into looking the other way.

Monied corruption is, let’s face it, a multi-dimensional thing. And nowhere more so than in pro-EUNATO Ukraine.

An extremely detailed and lengthy dossier (and transcript of a press conference on 3rd March this year) has been passed to me by NABU leaks: you can study it in full here, although I would stress that some further knowledge of the Biden family’s flagrant self-enrichment has also come into my possession from other sources.

Suffice to say that what Vladimir Putin might do with this information has the US Democrats in something of a spin at the moment: it’s not a big deal for Biden to shut the DoJ up…shutting Vlad the Lad up is in an entirely different league. No wonder the US élite is now openly saying that the solution to Russia’s “war of aggression” is the assassination of the Kremlin leader.

If you want further angles on the reality of Ukrainian political depravity stretching back many years – and the geopolitical machinations that benefit from it, you could do a lot worse than listen to this podcast interview with on-the-ground Texan Russell Bentley – – –

Meanwhile, these two young chaps seem rather close:

Using “contacts” to facilitate a distraction from Canadian fascism is a lot easier if you know a Ukrainian Nazi. These two are close friends whose relationship goes back to a shared experience – The World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders program. Zelensky graduated in 2000, as did Trudeau. In July 2019, Zelensky credited the Canadian Prime Minister with “inspiring him to get into politics.”

All roads, sooner or later, lead back to Davos, and its penetrator in chief Klaus Schwab. But the money to fund Zelensky’s lightning fast rise to the Presidency, as several investigators have traced, comes from the CIA, the Globalist banking cartel, several Ukrainian oligarchs….and the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

OK, the Azov funds him – but does Volodomyr Zelensky really deserve the monniker ‘Nazi’, given that he’s Jewish? It’s been a contentious issue over the last couple of weeks. But one needs to delve into the nature of Ukrainian Nazism. Zelensky has several senior Azov cronies around him who parrot the ‘other half’ of Nazi doctrine: that Hitler’s real target was Communism, that Hitler was thus a bulwark against evil, and that no ‘democratic’ State ever has the courage to “take on the Reds”: only a Fuhrerprinzip can be effective against it.

Much of this dates back to horrific war crimes committed against Ukrainian women as Stalin’s Red Army pushed through on is way to Berlin in 1944. Significantly, Facebook decided in February this year that it would now allow its billions of users to praise the Azov Battalion…standard Zuckerberg (also Jewish) rewriting of history now that Azov are the good guys working for the angelic Zelensky.

But our Volodomyr is no angel. As we shall see, he is a fully signed-up NWO greedster being glorified by Western media moguls as part of their hegemonic agenda.*

He was propelled with massive social media funding via the bankers into the top job at something approaching the speed of light….as of course was Macron in France (also sporting Davos as an alma mater).

To give you some idea of the immediacy involved, Zelensky starred in the hit television series Servant of the People, where he played the role of a high-school history teacher who won the presidential election after a viral video showed him ranting against government corruption in Ukraine.

The series ran from October 2015 until March 2019. Zelensky and his producers nicked the name for their new party founded in March 2018 by Saint Z and members of his production company. Six weeks later, he unseated the incumbent Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko….and was sworn in on May 2, 2019. From Soap Star to Head of State in a year. Not bad.

But that’s nothing in comparison to the speed with which “President” Zelensky has become very, very rich. One of his main backers is the Asov-supporting Ihor Kolomoyskyi: both men’s names appeared prominently in the Panama and Pandora Papers.

Ten days ago, Ilia Kyva, a member of the Ukrainian parliament from the Opposition Platform For Life (OPPL) party, posted on Telegram that Zelensky has accumulated more than $1.2 billion US dollars during the first two and half years of his presidency, stored in multiple accounts at Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica. He gave further specific details, adding “These get regular replenishment in tranches of $12 to $35 million deposits through various channels, such as from Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Pinchuk through First Union Bank and Deutsche Bank, as well as Ihor Kolomoyskyi from his Geneva accounts at Banque Nationale de Paris,”

Zelensky bought a villa in Miami for $34 million. George Webb – respected online journalist reporting from Miami – has visited Zelensky’s Miami property, near the Kazakh Consulate there. Webb knows his stuff: just ten hours ago, he wrote on Twitter, ‘Alternative media slowly catches on to the US State Department running biolabs in Ukraine under the Defense Threat Reduction Agency – DTRA. We said Kolomoysky was spraying these pathogens in Africa two years ago in March 2020. We showed CNN the evidence, and they ignored it.’

During a podcast four days ago, Webb testified that he had confirmed with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) that they have been working with Ukraine at 11 different biolabs (next day fact checkers denounced the story as fake news, not realising that the Defense Department had already confirmed it); he added that “There’s a big, active bioweapons program in Ukraine. We’ve got documents called ‘UPA” (Ukraine Program Aid), relating to the hemorrhagic fever bioweapon that we’ve been hearing rumors about”.

He describes the operation as a programme of 4,000 people, soldiers and sailors in Ukraine, one for each corner of Ukraine; one from Lviv, one from Kharkiv in the north, one from the Lugansk area and then one from the Odessa area, that were all given this hemorrhagic fever bioweapon.

Regular followers of The Slog and its coverage of the Ukraine caper will remember that last weekend we quickly brought to your attention the focus on capturing the 11 biolabs and moving swiftly towards Kharkiv. Kharkiv is still the largest known centre of Graphene bioweaponry in Eastern Europe.

You all remember Graphene, surely? That’s the debris in ALL the major vaccines haha that aren’t vaccines, but do seem to be the cause of mid life death being up by some 300% in the UK.

You see folks, we’re all too quick to see Ukraine as pure distraction…..and it certainly is good at doing that: probably the Faucis, Trudeaus and Whittys of this world have been sleeping better over the last week.

But really, this is all the the same story unfolding on various fronts: senior players on Wall Street are marking down Pfizer and Moderna because Congress has successfully got the damning test paperwork handed over about “vaccines” showing just how much they’ve been lying about test results, contents, and efficacy. Whitehall statisticians are getting jumpy now that undertakers and insurance bosses are calling out their death stats as “clearly deliberately misleading”. Matt Hancock is looking very concerned about the private test data given to the Met Police giving clear evidence of genocide.

Graphene combined with fever germs is obviously a diabolical brew. Putin is hinting very strongly that Western NGOs have been collecting Russian DNA data with a view to military use of a weapon that harms only the enemy. Others are spotting that some communities in multicultural societies are getting very different batches of mRNA to others. Biden’s stolen election victory is directly connected to the behaviour of his family during previous Ukrainian régimes: Hunter Biden suddenly became the oldest ensign in the United States Navy, at the age of 42, because otherwise, he would not have been legally allowed to carry an encrypted Blackberry with military-grade communications….which he has been doing for some time. When Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Burisma, he was “briefed” by Kolomoyskyi…..the same man who launders Kelensky’s corruptly amassed wealth. No wonder he didn’t get very far.

But yet again, George Webb answers to his podcast interviewer in a manner that ends “they manage the bioweapons labs, including Fort Detrick in the United States”

So there we are…once more at Fort Detrick. And Wuhan. And two years of “plausible denial” about the lab-derived nature of Covid19.

Ultimately, everything appears to lead back to Davos. But Klaus von Schlaphead isn’t the money behind it all – his total net worth is a mere €15.5 million. He’s merely the lighting director. Nor are the Global Pharma bigwigs starring in this bizarre and unimaginably evil production: it is already clear that they’ll be thrown to the wolves. About the best they can hope for is to play the Lee Oswald role in this attempted assassination of Homo sapiens.

This is and always was about huge budgets, megalomanically wired psychopaths, vast stores of non-paper wealth, digitalising the oxygen abusers into poverty, and control of communications in an internetted world. That equation comes out as central bankers, military intelligence, social and “news” media, and silicon valley surveillance tech billionaires. These groups keep the Useful Idiot infants of Green climate mania, Black race obsessions and Red sexuality pc loyal by seeming to espouse their causes out of philanthropy; but the best defence mechanism of all for them is that their goal is so unspeakably twisted – so obscenely infernal – most people will deny an avalanche of facts and motives rather than believe their fellow human beings might be capable of even considering such an idea – let alone hoping to put it into practice.

We of the aware 1in8 badly need a courageous Establishment defector. No doubt some hypocrites will appear (expressing their regret and innocence) as the Pharma cheats are finally revealed. But all that will do is give the real perps the opportunity to convince the neutrals that Wicked Pharma did the deed from the Book Depository, and yes, bullets and brains can fly backwards after all.

The revelations need to go much further. What are we looking for – an honest cop, an ashamed media mogul, a bank compliance whistleblower? I wish I knew.

Thanks for persevering with this post. Enjoy your Sunday lunch.

*Allegedly, the original Zelensky TV serial will soon be airing on Channel4 in the UK. I think it would be a wise idea for the lunatics at C4 to have a rethink re that one.

The author enthusiastically acknowledges the massive contribution made to this article by several sources, in particular George Webb, NABU leaks, EverydayConcernedCitizen,, Russell Bentley, Deidre in New York, and a shoal of Sloggers who never let me down when it comes to spotting the obvious I’ve missed.

Further, as always I must pay tribute to former diplomat AJC Boone for guiding my misguided nose through the reality of what Ukrainianism really is about: her recent essay here, ‘Everything you wanted to know about Ukraine’, will be quoted as a default source of wisdom long after the contemporary con artists are footnotes in the history of this, our mind-altering epoch.