Online technology has landed Truthsayers with many major obstacles in the way of discovering the gap between Real and Spin. Reliable provenance has become something akin to the double-dealing plot of a John le Carré spy novel. But as long as we recognise (and use) technology that can catch out those who would rewrite history, there is hope.

‘”Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,” repeated Winston obediently. “Who controls the present controls the past,” said O’Brien, nodding his head with slow approval. ‘Is it your opinion, Winston, that the past has real existence?’

From the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four

“The important thing to remember about the masses is that the bigger the lie, the more likely they are to believe it. The best lie is the brazen one repeated consistently”

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Despite my regular rants against Artificial Intelligence, one cannot fail at times to be in awe of what digitalised gadgets can achieve. Having been tossed a Smartphone – as probably some kind of runners’-up silver medal – late last year, I have to admit that it has already become almost a part of me. That’s the problem: dependency. Because convenient as it undoubtedly is, it still suffers from the indigenous flaws in all AI….lacking as it does three of the five primary senses, it’s a tailor-made potential lying machine; and by reducing the need to be resourceful, it takes us yet again to a thinking place that is far from natural….and likely to lead to creative atrophy.

The internet as a whole, in fact, breeds acceptance and obedience.

Had O’Brien, the man in Orwell’s Room 101 – or Josef Goebbels in real-life Nazi Germany – been given access to digital communications (and its fellow-travelers, control and surveillance) recent modern history would have been changed beyond all recognition…and not for the good.

The fact that they didn’t get such access probably explains why 1984 didn’t come to pass until 2020. But as we head towards the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, the smug insouciance of seven out of eight of us remains (for me anyway) an appalling danger.

Nevertheless, I want to suggest something about one aspect of online technology that gives the 1in8 a powerful weapon with the potential to consign Room 101 to the realm of fiction. That tool is the Page Capture.

Show is nearly always better than Tell when it comes to persuasive demonstration. In turn, one picture can overwhelm a million words; and one Page Capture can send a lie to prison for perjury. Here is something that I think makes my point:

In capturing the past here – this is a Reuters ‘Fact Check’ from August 2021 – we are instantly aware, in the light of what we know now, of what a Goebbelsian lie this ‘Fact’ represented. And on what was it based? Well of course – what else but the thorough diligence of Fact Checkers:

Yes, they asked Bill Clinton if he was still pleasuring interns with Cuban cigars, and he said “Ah deed nart hayev sexual innercourse with that wumn”. Case closed.

The Page Capture denies media whores the right to control the past – so as long as we have it, it’s a powerful weapon.

This next capture exemplifies using the present to control the future, but the principle is exactly the same – bald assertion used to marginalise “conspiranoids” and close down informed discussion: where else would it be from but the New York Times?

Look into my eyes look into my eyes you will forget everything and this is a good thing for what is to be gained from raking over old ground simply put it behind you and move on only kleinlich babies think anything can be gained by holding people to account there are new dangers to face so look into my eyes look into my eyes.

The body copy of the piece to your left is the clearest evidence I’ve seen to date that the NYT is no longer a newspaper, but rather the Inhouse Magazine of State Scams Incorporated. It’s journalism only in the sense that Der Sturmer and Iskra were journalism.

What’s next – forget the Holocaust? “Don’t be beastly to the Germans: it was nowhere near six million you know but it’s old history….cut your losses Jewish people, and move on…we’re all sick of the Jews using it as a weapon, right?”

The whole point is to minimise discussion and encourage revisionism. Yes, Jews do sometimes use their fate at the hands of the Nazis for their own ends, but I really don’t care a jot whether it was 50,000 or five billion, it was genocide, and it still stands alone (Stalin or no Stalin) as the greatest civilian war crime in history. This NYT “OpEd” can only have one possible purpose: to have younger people forget the evil of which Homo sapiens is uniquely capable. Thus, when the bad guys say “Don’t be silly, that could never happen”, otherwise bright commentarians will shrug and say, “Yes, you’re probably right”.

To forgive is indeed divine, but to forget is dumb: one forgives the odd asshole who rams a yardbrush up your backside, but chances are if you see him or her proceeding towards you in the street armed only with a shit-stained, family size yardbrush, it would be a wise move this time to cross to the opposite pavement.

The Ukrainian biolab complex shows us how, in time, the Dystopians will definitely want the power to change the recent past, because not to do so makes them look like amateurs….which most of the capos are, as it happens. I pointed out on the second day of Putin’s occupation that he had very clearly expressed objectives – Kiev where the State power is; eleven biolabs where US germ warfare was being made ready to infect Russia; and Graphene city (Kharkov) where several University, medical and pharmaceutical centres are engaged in weaponising a revolutionary substance.

The next day, the Pentagon issued a sanitised press release along the usual lines of “gain of function” research for “purely peaceful purposes”, forgetting momentarily that it is the largest military complex on the planet. Twitter’s ‘fact checkers’ then chose this moment to flatly deny the Pentagon funding and ownership. Headless chicken moment.

It was only the foresight of journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva that served to foil the Ukrainian US Embassy’s attempt to shred everything except the Ambassador’s dog:

Since then, of course, with something of a drumroll the Russian military claims to have captured mRNA tests and plans that show why Putin suddenly decided to invade: viz, the biolabs were close to being able to finalise and then launch a “vaccine weapon” selectively developed to cripple purely Russian DNA.

Increasingly hilarious concerns expressed by State Department flunkey Victoria Nuland about the biolab data “falling into Russian hands” have now caused the better than average journo to ask why she’s so worried about the Big Ugly Bear getting hold of “purely peaceful” documents about social medicine designed to counter the emergence of future viruses.

We are left with the bizarre situation whereby the Pentagon and State have admitted conflicting versions of biolab involvement, while media whores insist it’s all been a terrible misunderstanding….but smart hacks with page captures are able to prove that we’re dealing with a more profound understanding of what’s been going on in Ukraine: there is no ‘mis’ prefix involved at all.

All thinking minds now eagerly await what the Russians might take to the UN once they’ve collated all the stuff they found. And if they don’t….well, that will raise a whole new bunch of confusing possibilities.

The central point to take on board is this: whatever happens next in this quadrophonic tug-of-lies between a Russian dictator, the NATO alliance, a perfidious Ukrainian President and the incompetent eunuchs of Brussels, every time a member of the 1in8 sees a damning admission (conscious or otherwise) from the functionaries hanging onto the coat-tails of Those Who Shall Be Obeyed, they should as a matter of course page-capture it for posterity, and keep it in the Cloud or on the Dongle* of their choice.

People have short memories: the six-stage global takeover we are witnessing depends on that reality for success. It goes far beyond either the EU or Ukraine, and it implicates the likes of Anthony Fauci, Emmanuel Macron, Tony Blair, Matt Hancock and the Old Men of Davos and Beijing bigtime. It is my own personal regret that I didn’t from Day One catalogue the ludicrous contradictory statements of the ghastly Hobgoblin Fauci in particular.

I urge you all to learn from my mistake. Klaus von Schlaphead is damned by the inhuman New Normal he has espoused….but when interviewed, he still finds it easy to say, “I vos kvoted out of context”. George Soros uses the same technique. We must all learn to give these gargoyles zero wriggle-room: they must be seen for what they are, not what well-meaning naifs would like to believe about them.

*I must fess up here and record my view that dongles are better: they represent physical proof which, if handled judiciously, will always be yours to keep, hide and protect.