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It’s very crowded on the Naughty Step out there at the moment. Fullfact insists that we’re all being too beastly about poor Count Schlaphead von Davos, but the evidence suggests the old boy is in fact pretty beastly after all. And just when you thought the philanthropic peacemaker Manny McCrony was cruising to electoral success, his Ukrainian motives are thrown into doubt as French voters turn out to have a mind of their own after all.

Be careful how you handle the next but one tweet below, because according to the Fact Checkers at Fullfact.org, it doesn’t exist. Perhaps it’s made of Graphene….

Well ping my blog, look below, and there it is. Bummer of a contradiction, there, Fullfactchecking guys. It’s a tough one to ignore, because all the correct telltale branding is present, it has the genuine VIP blue tick award from Twatter, and let’s face it, it is the kind of casually nasty stuff in which Onkel Klaus tends to specialise.

"Donner und Blitzen"

One can understand the embarrassment of von Schlaphead, given that he does own a rather large property in Switzerland:

It isn’t exactly what you’d call a pied à terre, is it? In fact, overall it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that – one way or another – Herr Schwab is one of the least well prepared humans when it comes to his own Great Reset.

He is neither vegetarian nor Vegan. And even Wikipedia quotes him as saying that “excessively high management salaries are no longer socially acceptable”. This doesn’t sit well with his own WEF salary audited quite openly as one million Swissies – just over a million bucks.

However, in a global scoop, I can now reveal that Klaus Schwab suffers from a rare condition we élite experts call PPD, or Personal Pronoun Dyslexia. The best illustration of the condition is – as ever – show not tell. Thus, when Schwab says:

Humanity must accept that owning property and eating meat is no longer sustainable”

…when he says “humanity” he really means you. In no way does he mean me, as in him. When he writes

We will all own nothing and be happy’

….what he’s trying to say is you. Privately, unser geliebter Klaus admits he would be incandescently pissed off if he owned nothing, earned the same salary as an ockle-cockle maker*, and faced the same confiscation of his cash, pension and property assets via the level-playing-field-heist he so enthusiastically embraces.

*Ockle-cockles are entirely pointless aluminium structures with varietal holes surrounding an inner air tank which – when thrown into swimming pools – amuse the owner by going ‘ockle-cockle-ockle-cockle’ as they sink.

But although the Demon of Davos suffers from a tragic mis-speaking condition, it is important for the purposes of balance to take other considerations into account:

  • Herr Schwab founded the WEF in 1971. Since that time, Homo sapiens has experienced (without any doubt whatsoever) the greatest transfer of richesse and power from local social capitalism to globalist monopoly in recorded history. I have used every search engine/browser combo in the last seventeen years spent as a blogger in a bid to find anything emanating from WEF that suggests it disapproved of that trend. Of late, I’ve kind of given up on the quest. It is a fruitless one…a veritable South Sea Tulip.
  • Even the most dubiously doubtful internet sources confess publicly to being less than convinced by Klaus’s credentials. Wikipedia, for example, prefaces its WEF entry by openly declaring, ‘The neutrality of this article is disputed. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject”. No shit?
  • There remains the vexed question of Schwab’s penetration predilections. He revels in his track record of aiding and abetting the injection of Matt Hancock, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau, Vlodymor Zelenskyy and Emmanuel Macron into our Earthly power structures. This seems to me evidence of shit from sugar confusion going well beyond his underlying PPD condition. It does not endear WEF to me in any way whatsoever.

But talking as I was there of President Macron, some hubble-bubble is rising to the surface in the much misrepresented conflict between Saint Zelenskyy and Vlad the Impaler.

A week ago today, the French President said he was targeting more talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin within the next 48-72 hours regarding the situation in Ukraine plus an initiative to help people leave the besieged city of Mariupol.

The tenor of comment surrounding Macron’s intervention was very much one of humanitarian diplomacy. Perhaps that was genuine; but equally, it’s possible that something else was on the mind of the Boy Emperor. Sources close to the situation suggest that Emmanuel became a little hysterical about the Russian advance……and a distinct possibility that the Russians will take possession of a French owned biolab where mRNA/Graphene stuff was being developed.

“Macron bombarded Putin with demands for a direct telephone conversation” alleges one Paris source. It seems all Manny’s entreaties were ignored. This comes in the context of a surprise reversion on the Right to growing support for Marine LePen:

We are only eight days away from Round One, and what’s clear is that not only is LePen’s support increasing, there is some evidence in this survey that she is now mainly stealing votes from the President.

Furthermore, fellow Rightist Eric Zemmour continues to poll at 12% – with the likelihood that most of his votes would go to Marine in Round 2. (The same of course applies to those supporting Valérie Pecresse going to Emmanuel Macron).

Nevertheless, this latest Ukrainian development puts a new unknown into the mix: if Putin’s army does find something damning as and when it liberates a French biolab there, Macrony could be in trouble – especially when you consider that a survey in France last week revealed that 52% of French voters are ignoring the MSM line on Ukraine, in favour of support for Putin.

That combination of factors could change everything – in the EU, in NATO, for the Bidens and for the people in the shadows behind the Davos graduates.

Stay tuned.