Communitarian Catalysts can and will defeat Globalists

Reassertion of a simple message this weekend: the growth of the Secret State and the surrender of mass media to its needs are by far the biggest threat to liberty there’s been in my lifetime; but doing nothing is the only thing we have to fear from a bunch of half-baked global hegemonists… and appeasement never, ever works. The mendacity of the Davos-to-Langley propagandists is at times comical- and should be lampooned whenever possible – but vigilance about what else these clowns might have in mind is absolutely vital. The natural world will triumph in the end, but we the 1in8 are the catalysts for acceleration of the process.

Wuhan was working on MonkeyPox for much of last year.

The Pfizer vaccine skin reaction is being passed off as MonkeyPox

Mario Draghi is a banker now running Italy. He is 1 man who got the vote of 1 President. 1 man, 1 vote. It’s democracy.

Prince Charles negotiated a D-Notice deal with MI6 to ensure nothing naughty can be said about the British Royal Family.

The Davos basic income slavery is being tested in Wales – £1600 pm for youths leaving care homes with nothing to do. ‘It is estimated around 500 people will be eligible for the scheme, which will cost the Welsh Government £20 million over the next three years: ‘….a Technical Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Sir Michael Marmot said: “The Technical Advisory Group for the Welsh Basic Income Pilot want to put on record our support for this policy. Whilst we may have differing opinions on how a basic income can work on a wider scale, we can all agree that any scheme aimed at helping a particularly vulnerable group should be welcomed and intend to provide Welsh Government with the support it needs in making this a success.”

The Daily Mail video of Wuhan residents ‘dropping dead in the streets’ video that kicked off the Contrick19 scam is being revealed as having been “an exercise” .

Despite irrefutable fieldwork evidence showing that “vaccination” against Covid19 among infants will do more damage to kids than Covid ever could, Pfizer seeks FDA approval for jabbing kids aged from 6 months to 4 years old.

If I am a conspiracy theory obsessive, can you (a) refute any of the above (b) give a rationale for why they’re happening or (c) tell me why philanthropic health researchers and bureaucrats concerned solely with public health would do such things?

I’ve been in the Reality Game now for 18 years. Let me therefore pose a largely rhetorical question, and then try to answer it: How did this start and why does it continue to challenge our ability to say, “That is complete and utter make-believe”?

Journey with me now back to the WASPIs after 2010 in England and the falsehoods of Brexit. And in doing so, dare to see such as the “prep” for acceptance of Covid as “a deadly virus”; Big Pharma vaccines as “rigorously tested, completely safe, and highly effective”; then Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “an obvious bid to take over the world”.

This period as a whole – roughly 2007-2022 – was the key run-up period during which the political art of explanation parted company more and more from the Truth:

  1. We have to give the banks $23 trillion right now, or the sky will fall in.
  2. Because of the banking crisis, money no longer grows on trees. So 1950s born female State pensioners can’t take their money at 60 after all.
  3. Lots of nasty Greeks in string vests with hairy armpits have lied to France and Germany about how much money they borrowed, so we in Brussels and Frankfurt need to tax the Greeks until their pips squeak, and then turn it into a vassal State.
  4. Nasty Putin is demanding a ceasefire from 2014 in Ukraine because he wants it back again for some reason we haven’t thought of yet.
  5. Putin wants to poison all his agents that we turned, and everyone else if he can get away with it for some reason we haven’t thought of yet. We’re going to have to watch this man, he is not to be trusted.
  6. A few lunatic Little Englanders want to leave the EU, but don’t worry because ‘Call me Dave’ is on the case of making Brussels less pushy and more democratic.
  7. By lying their heads off, the Brexiteers have conned the British voter and so now we’re in a pickle, but Dave says we must accept the democratic decision.
  8. Dave has gone on gardening leave and been replaced by Theresa May, who will get us a Brexit agreement that will be Real Brexit so there’s nothing to worry about. Somehow, she managed to win the Leadership without an election and oddly, lots of MPs supporting Leadsome suffered arm injuries.
  9. Good old Theresa is keeping us very close to the EU and leaving it at the same time. This is good news for Whitehall, but nobody likes May and most people think she’s a scheming old bitch whoring for the EU.
  10. Bad old Theresa has come up with a hopeless deal as well as £60 billion in divorce fees and so now 213 out of the 350 Tory MPs are vying for the leadership.
  11. Boris to the rescue as he says a few rude things about Brussels, grabs the leadership….and then comes back with an EU departure deal we experts find startlingly similar to the May Deal. The UK media are convinced there will be chaos, every European airport will be moved 200 miles to the East, Britain will collapse into bankruptcy, children will starve and honestly, it’s going to be a ‘mare. Really.
  12. Lots of philanthropists like Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos and Musk are saying there’s bad environmental shit and too many people – but they want to save more and more lives with the help of Globalism, vaccines, the CIA, electric cars and keeping an eye out for new viruses which they’re sure are out there.
  13. The philanthropes all meet secretly in a place called Davos where everyone is jolly rich – and there lives Klaus Schwab, an out of work Bond villain. Santa Klaus says there are far too many people with nothing to do, and global money is in a few hands: so he’d prefer it to be in two hands – his. Bill Gates meanwhile has refined his Pharmaceutical portfolio and is trying to gain function alongside the Chinese and a very small midget submarine called Fauci.
  14. Around about this point, the Pentagon closes Fort Detrick in something of a hurry, and decides Ukraine would make a far better location in which to build the next eleven bio-weapon labs because you never know when this Putin guy might go todally schmo and invade Western Europe via Ukraine, which research inside Langley Virginia has established is somewhere real close to Russia. Gates chooses this moment to have a drill about what happens when a virus appears from nowhere in a fish market with a leaky biolab for a neighbour.
  15. Everyone in China will be dead by next Thursday because the fishy Coronavirus is at large. It happened because those Chinese Barbarians eat bats and it had absolutely 380% certainly nothing to do with biolabs in Wuhan or Forts in Maryland and anyone who says otherwise is a feral lunatic just trying to make trouble and this is the incontrovertible view of fourteen million top virology experts who signed a full-page letter in the New York Times last week. This is a deadly virus and the slayer of mankind you just wait and see if it isn’t and the Wuhan authorities are locking people in their homes in one last despairing effort to save the species and even though we’ve been telling you not to worry about overpriced stock markets and Joe Biden’s health, boy oh boy do you need to fucking worry your head off about Covid19 I mean oh my God even the flies are dropping like flies.
  16. The reasons why vertically disabled Superdoc Anthony Fauci keeps changing his story about the virus and how to deal with it are first, he likes to keep an open mind, second, he wants the populace as confused and scared as possible and third, he is up to his neck in the entire scam and doesn’t want any smart-alecs joining up dots. This is why he tells us to not use masks except when using them, wash our hands pointlessly, keep the kids away from Granny but let Granny see the kids as much as possible, vaccinate only those people over ninety but perhaps as young as four, hack vax refusers to death whenever possible, insist that Trump is going to die from ignorance and patiently explain that horse pills are strictly for the birds.
  17. Suddenly Pfizer has the answer and Moderna has the answer but prudence is required so we won’t be giving them emergency clearance until the day after tomorrow. Also we shall ban Ivor Mectin and any other snake-oil salesmen we find forever. You see, this isn’t about freedom, it’s about health. I mean, says Hillary Clinton, I know alive folks and I’ve seen dead folks and believe me, alive is better; so freedom or health, which one do you want? She adds that her own preference is to take Ivor Mectin out with a drone.
  18. Reuters reports that in London, coffins litter the streets outside funeral directors, but the body-buriers themselves say there is no additional rate of death. Michael Gove says Omicron is disturbing, it’s a mutational leap and sod the women and children, head for the hills and lock yourself down. It turns out to have an even lower kill rate than the original strain. Desperate to get coffins – any coffins – into a story, Reuters says the heat in Italy is so mind-boggling, coffins are exploding. It’s more evidence of global warming.
  19. Global warming is now ‘heating’, but the temperature stats don’t back it up….and people with calculators are pointing out that the global death rate from Covid is 24 in 100,000. What’s become known as ‘The Narrative’ is increasingly A Plot going nowhere. So Volodemore ‘Two Ys’ Zelenskyy suddenly becomes $1.2 billion richer in a board-game called Ceasing the Ceasefire in Donbas, in which Russian speakers are murdered by Ukrainian Azov Nazis. Vladimir Putin invades to stop the killings and confiscate the evidence suggesting that the 11 biolabs are not engaged in peaceful research, at last solving the riddle as to why all of them are owned and funded by the Pentagon. He is immediately declared to be insane, dying of cancer and someone badly in need of an assassin’s bullet.
  20. Monkeypox is suddenly everywhere it shouldn’t be at a time of year when it shouldn’t be around at all, and experts are baffled as to what’s going on. Unfortunately, the wonder-vaccines seem to be better at killing people than vaccinating them, and their side effects are shown to bear a striking resemblance to Monkeypox. So irresponsible wild-eye conspiracy “nutters” point this out and say there isn’t a Monkeypox outbreak after all, but rather, a continuation of vaccine side effects. The resemblance between the Pfizer constituents and those being tested in Ukraine is further noted, and denied.

The lies, exaggerations, denials, counter-claims and preposterous assertions continue – especially from the BBC, whose loyalty to EUNATO should now be recognised by giving it the VC and having it join Mogherini’s barmy army in uniform as the Anti-Brexit Jabberwocky NATO Press Brigade proving that lies are mightier than chemical weapons. First one out of the péage on Saturday morning was this:

This chestnut has been knocking about for weeks now: 40% of wheat destined for Africa does indeed come from this region, but exactly 0.38% is shipped from Ukrainian ports. It’s a non-story: whether or not Vladimir Putin is blocking food exports has no bearing on the African plight.

Macky Sall is also the President of Senegal, where during his time as Prime Minister after 2014 he amassed a fortune running into billions. So should they ever meet, he and Zelenskyy will most likely want to compare notes.

There is new shock-horror in France as week on week Covid infections were up by 25%. Over half the cases are the Omicron variant that disturbed Michael Gove so much but (it is now admitted) the Omicron death-rate is near homeoepathic in size.

But many people here in Aquitaine are still sporting face nappies despite the multiply demonstrated reality that the weave of over 95% of masks on sale is far to large to stop Covid droplets from being inhaled. And it remains true that Sweden, large areas of Africa and in India (where the main defence has been early use of Ivermectin) natural immunity has reduced Omicron symptoms to amost zero.

In short, natural herd immunity and existing drugs have a far better track record than any of the mRNA poison darts of Big Pharma. But we live in the epoch of flight from the natural in favour of unjustified fear.

I close today with an extract from a letter to a good friend. I hope it might have a calming effect beyond the digital world , given that the naturally real verité is still there if we open our eyes to it….and it’s not going anywhere in a hurry.

‘We had the original parents of all tempests going on here tonight, so I thought I’d write to you about natural stuff the 7in8 seem so keen to escape. I can understand why the megalos hate all things natural, because they’re in secret awe of it. There’s no secret to mine.
The colour of the sky and the light it reflects down onto this our wonderful miracle of a planet in tonight’s dusk is almost impossible to describe, but I shall do the best I can. The parade begins with an advance army of cup-like cloud formations in shades of slate grey to almost blue wash. There’s an applause of leaves as the wind obeys temperature changes and tells every sentient being that something is gathering strength.
The thunder moves beyond a rumble, and reduces the sound/light speed difference until the bangs and the bolts are almost in union. By this time, the cloud cover is a continuum of dirty yellow approaching green in the dusk that makes every newly minted frond and leaf gleam with vigour – as if some celestial cleaning lady had given them an extra polish.
And then sound and light are almost one as bangs and forks blast the eardrums and – with no overture whatsoever – the raw power of real weather doesn’t so much rain as drown.
You might find this all a little forced, but one thing I know for certain is that exiting city life has given me both a nose for such weather events and an almost masochistic enjoyment of a free light and sound show.
As quickly as it began, the natural force that bent stems and brought down dead wood ends, the thunder fades into distant grumpy muttering, and yet the green retains its enhanced jeunesse, blasé dead straw takes on a vibrant English mustard shade, and every growing peppermint seedling displays its joyous perked reaction to a slaked thirst.
The only ‘new’ normality that has returned is TV reception, internet connection and man-made electrical power.
How quickly – and reassuringly – the pathetic pretensions of digitalisation, AI and invasive media to control us are shown to be nothing more than the tiny little man behind the veil at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.’