As They try to explain away the abnormal, We ram home the Truth

But we’re near the end of what social media alone can do

And first, the good news:

The Department of Health and Social Care announced on Tuesday 31 August that the COVID-19 alert level has been reduced from 3 to 2.

And second, the ‘yes and no with reservations it’s all mammaries skywards and quite frankly Squire, your guess is as good as mine’ news:

In a statement, the Department of Health and Social Care notes (along with many other contradictory outlooks, options, scenarios, hypotheses, models and arse-covering culottes):
‘…..the summer BA.4 and BA.5 wave is subsiding and direct COVID severe illness is now a much smaller proportion of this. Severe COVID cases, direct COVID healthcare pressures, direct COVID deaths and ONS community positivity estimates have decreased……[BUUUUUT]…..COVID remains present in the community and we may see an increase in cases with BA 4.6 and BA.2.75 circulating but do not expect this to lead to an immediate increase in hospital pressures. This will continue to be kept under review. Further COVID surges are likely so please be prepared by getting a vaccination when it is offered.”

And finally, the entirely predictable very bad news:

The Government had published a response last June to the House of Commons Health and Social Care/Science and Technology Committee’s ‘Covid – the lessons learned so far’, the general tone of which was to say it didn’t accept much of the Committee’s observations, which were “full of significant errors’. But this week’s assertive blahblah shows quite clearly that unelected, ex cathedra and evidence-free predictions will continue to be the order of the day….see above, ‘Further COVID surges are likely’: are they? Why? And do rush for your vaccination ‘when it is offered’: when not if, then? And why, given its lamentable performance to date?
It’s very obvious that this self-appointed Star Chamber of secretive hysterics has learned nothing, and remains unaccountably beyond the control of our Sovereign body. Their response refuses to rule out, for example, further border controls, social distancing and lockdowns.
What we have at the moment is an interregnum – a respite: nothing more.

Although they have no “right”, the unelected gargoyles reserve the right to bring it all back into play tomorrow.
That’s very unlikely to play well, however, if the reason is merely ‘Covid19 Take 23’. That’s just more distortion. What’s needed now is distraction, created by more confusion….and here it comes….

Suddenly there are rockets flying about in all directions in Iraq, much of it aimed against the NATO-backed régime.

And then after eighty years, the plucky Poles up and tell the Germans they want their reparations now: no more stonewalling, Herrenvolk – enough is enough. But wasn’t it just three weeks ago that the Poles told Vlad the Lad, “Don’t get any ideas about invading us, Ivan”.

Meanwhile, the election-benders were Biden their time, but now they’ve finally let Joe Goebbels out of the attic and into Sportpalast mode. Why is he being demonised at last when Langley only have Kamalya Faithful and the BLM Boys of Colour to fall back on?
Is the idea, perhaps, to blame everything genocidal going down right now on Sleepy Showers? “Vee hatt no choice,” says Wilhelm J Burns in late 2024, “Gott in Himmel, he had zoss heepnotic eyess…”

Is it funny? Only, I think, in the sense that crazy is funny. It’s funny in a cruel way that “Let’s go laugh at the chimps in Bedlam” was funny to Restoration London.
But is it really crazy?

Of course it isn’t: crazy folks are frightening and out of control. ‘Now this way and now that’ is confusing and thus also unsettling. But it distracts from the higher-plane Game Plan.

The lunatics running the asylum have really done little more than hitch a ride on the blinkered fingers-in-ears Escape from The Real that’s been building since bullets began flying backwards in 1963 and delusional hippies thought they could levitate buildings by dropping acid. The deadly development of digital manipulation and accelerated Newspanic completed the set. It is, in fact, the set of The Truman Show in every respect.

Every news “event” since 9/11 has produced more complicated anarchy, more confused citizens and a wider canyon of perception between the naifs and the stubborn empiricists.
People long ago stopped being able figure it out, and that has added to the muddled obedience syndrome.
Citizens no longer analyse the false virtue and civics being proposed; as the Americans say, “there’s no due diligence any more”.
Most people in the West went into celeb-watching decades ago.

The media had been there to inform, explain and entertain. But it was all getting too complicated and boring to explain: circulations were falling along with advertising revenues. Entertaining content took over – fame, celebrity, sport, cuisine, sensationalism – and so politics, civics, culture and society got dumbed down to the level of soaps, love-rats, fashion, sexuality obsession, charisma, lachrymose acting and half-baked politically correct standup.

We’ve all been given our beads – Sky Sports, staged ‘talent’ shows, reality TV and now, of course, the smartphone that most everyone under fifty stares at 24/7…unfazed by the reality that this infernal spy is staring back and listening in.

Now that the electorate is dozey and screen-fixated, it can be more easily distracted or taken in….mass opinion is more easily moulded, developing rapidly into Groupthink and coordinated narrative: “We know you’re busy, so we’ll do the thinking for you”. Big Issues are reduced to soundbites until “debate” deteriorates into ignorant consensus among the Believe Everything Group versus the Trust Nobody Group.

And yes, it appears to remain a baffling game of three dimensional chess in which Castle particles might choose to be Bishop waves if the mood takes them, until without warning or logic, somebody says “Mornington Crescent” with conviction.
But it isn’t really complicated at all: it’s merely obfuscated in order to hide the cunning simplicity. Because the greatest following wind the project has is that it is so UNBELIEVABLE in its enormity, so globally coordinated, so psychopathically dastardly, so completely and utterly deranged in its thinking then – completing the self-perpetuating wheel of denial – by definition it must be invention.

Until, that is, you read something exceptionally well-informed, where the writer has nothing to gain except unpopularity and harrassment…..and it cuts through the surrounding babble to reveal a fully documented plan: instead of explaining away nonsense, it explains home Truths.
Gaius Baltar writing at The Saker back in June is a classic and exemplary case in point.
The following excerpts will, I hope, make the point by illustration:

‘World War 3 has already started and things will get worse from now on. This can be difficult to determine while we are participating in the unfolding events and do not have the benefit of the historical perspective. The current global situation is in many ways like a giant jigsaw puzzle where the general public only sees a tiny part of the complete picture….
‘There have been many explanations for what is going on, and the most common is the fight between two possible futures; a multipolar world where there are several power centers in the world, and a unipolar world where the West governs the world. This is correct as far as it goes….(but)….Most countries in the West have debt that can only be paid back by selling the entire country and everything it owns….The people who own all this debt actually own everything we think we own. We know more or less who they are because they meet every year at the World Economic Forum in Davos along with the western political elites who they also happen to own…..‘The Great Reset’ was constructed by the people behind the World Economic Forum. The Great Reset is a mechanism for the seizing of all debt collateral which includes your assets, the assets of your city or municipality, the assets of your state, and most corporate assets not already held by our owners.
‘This asset seizure mechanism has several components….the abolition of Sovereignty, the down-tuning of economies, and social control mechanisms being implemented which will erase personal freedom, the freedom of speech, and privacy. It will also create absolute dependence of the individual on the state.’

There is not a point anywhere on the spine of this argument where a rib or joint has been jumped or an assumption crafted to look empirical. It explains both (a) the need to have a non-existent “deadly pandemic” as a control mechanism plus a faux vaccine monitored through ‘beads’ tech whose bioweapon contents will depress physical resistance and deopupulate stealthily; and (b) the reckless overspends, lockdowns, and exaggerated energy, food, income and employment shortages to create a life where day by day survival and the stress/work involved in staying warm and fed outweighs any other consideration…as the populace reverts (understandably) to familial defence.

Ultimately, if successful this power heist and forced debt jubilee Reset strategy will produce an increasingly small and docile resistance….ironically, addicted emotionally to the very “cure” that is killing them with highly mobile mRNA nanodebris.
As I have already highlighted, the very unbelievable giga-scale fiendishness of the entire plan is its hidden strength; and there are only two media-based ways to combat that dimension:

  1. Compare the clarity of 1in8 analysis (of motive, financialised economic destruction, Davos megalomania, coordinated sloganising, comparative statistics, credit/debt dystopia and What EUNATO did Next) to the contradictory claptrap and naked anti-science of slimeballs in banking, bureaucracy, security services and politics who will sacrifice everyone and everything if it means them never having to face the music.
  2. Point out with increasing vigour the laughably narrow ignorance of the megalomaniacs and their weak grasp of a real world in which 800,000 years of slowly constructed atmospheric balance are casually to be abandoned….or indeed of an infinite metaverse in which nothing is “real” in any sense they would understand.
    • Stay focused: whoever and whatever these pillocks have co-opted along the way, I have not changed the thesis I first put forward in Spring 2021. Only the military-surveillance-financial complex has the power, wealth and psychopathy to have dreamed up this nightmare.
      I’ve restricted my comments above to ‘media-based’ actions. We are well past the midnight at which all such activity alone can stop this unholy group of Godless apprentices.

    • Lone bloggers can only suggest. Beyond Blogging lies another task comprising both organisation and action. Of which, more anon.