EXPLOSIVE: A sloppy Genetic Manipulation Act with NWO fingerprints all over it

The Slog traces the rise and rise of States that no longer work for us, increasing dependence on Big Pharma drugs – and the arrival of such things in the armoury of bioweapons designed to cull the “enemies” of all things progressive, green and transhumanist. In that context, just under a week ago the UK Government passed a new Law – the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act. It sounds pretty bad: it’s actually a lot worse than that. Although posing as an act of strict regulation, it is wide open to abuse and, overall, the legalisation of genetic manipulation by the back door.

It really doesn’t matter that much why more and more people these days put material greed and profit before the social considerations and community sense that would be ideal: Man is a flawed species, increasingly Godless and made acquisitive by genetic wiring to store during famine and eat too much during plenty. Failure to apply common sense to the obvious drives of social anthropology is the hallmark, variously, of ignorant politicians, overly-systemic civil servants, military warmongers and – across the piece – ideologues. Fewer forms of God lead to the dictatorial demigods we now find ourselves subject to; no culture rendered ethically fragile over many years of neglect is ever going to be a quick fix.

One trend that has been ever-present since the late 1970’s, however, is an obsession with “ageing well” and looking good once we reach the age of grasping mortal inevitability. It manifests itself in vanity, narcissism and hypochondria – none of which are ideal, but all of which leave modern humans (especially women) easy prey for those who promise fewer wrinkles, tighter faces, slimmer waists, more energy – and fitness into old age. If you don’t believe in God, then fear of death is close to the sense of an eternal doom of nonexistence.
Few industries beyond cosmetics have benefitted more from this neurosis than the global pharmaceutical empire. Indeed, as the whole world wants to believe in quality of life miracles and living to 250 years old, it’s hardly surprising that having an institution called the World Health Organisation driving progress forward seems to most of us like an excellent idea. In fact, the WHO is run by men with cloud-covered pasts, histories of political misuse of chemicals, and the desire to join the élite’s goal of grabbing power from weak and vote-centric politicians around the World.

Worse still, it is a creature of first, Big Pharma, and second, the increasing overlap of hitech drug development between health and military purposes. For many years now – at least sixty – the business model of pharmaceuticals has been one of dependence creation, be it necessary for health or not. Alongside this, far too many GPs have morphed into little more than pill dispensers rather than employing a calling to cure. As this cartoon amply demonstrates, cures are bad for business:

Even if your doctor is ethically concerned about you taking (say) statins, in most of southern and eastern Europe, Africa, India and much of Asia, one can buy ‘prescription-only’ meds over the counter anyway. Big Pharma does nothing to enforce control of prescription drugs in these areas, and many pharmacists want to sell what they’ve got rather than what you need.
And yet oddly, it was moving permanently to Africa that dramatically increased my awareness of Pharma’s drive to close any remaining loopholes in its monopoly of perceived medical wisdom. Early on in my stay, an unpleasant insect tried to use my face as a host: only a locally made preparation ignored by pharmacists broke down the chrysalis and allowed for its hasty removal. In the EU, pharma’s corrupt lobbying of health bureaucrats has waged total war on alternative therapies for decades – and of course, the mRNA peddlers continue to bend test data and produce false outcomes in order to bad-mouth both Ivermectin and Hydrochloracaine’s success in containing Covid19’s spread, and lowering the death rate.
Huge swathes of countries that surround Gambia couldn’t afford the prices charged by Pfizer and Moderna; they now have the highest rates of natural immunity in the World.
A curse for any European stomach here is low resistance to GI infections that cause diarrhea. A few weeks back, my affliction became chronic: but what helped most of all was two medicare doctors at a local clinic who rejected the idea of more antibiotics in favour of a diet of bananas, rice, hard boiled eggs, dry toast, white fish and no beer or fizzy drinks for seven days.
My digestion has been in better shape since than I can ever remember. I no longer need Immodium, anti-spasmodics or paracetamol. Believe me, this is a great loss to Big Pharma.
Blood pressure is another case in point. I’ve taken statins to cut ‘high’ blood pressure for over eight years, but having felt dizzy in hot sun from time to time, I had my bp checked at a pharmacy I trust. It was 117/71….far too low for a bloke of 75. The Indian pharmacist lady shrugged and said, “Let me see the strength of your statins” and then rapidly said, “I’ll help you scale it down….if you mean to settle here for good, you DO NOT need statins”. Since then, it remains at 120/80 – the bp of a male of 25-35.

The bottom line is that taking pills of one kind or another is yet more evidence to demonstrate the flight of Homo sapiens from natural common sense to unnatural belief systems. Please be absolutely sure where I am on this observation-based spectrum: I am not bonkers whitey suddenly captivated by African quack medicine, but I am impressed by any and every field test – properly conducted – in which a herbal, homoaeopathic, redesignated, radio-stereotactic or lifestyle altering solution has been shown to slam “settled science” out of the ballpark.
The man who saved my eldest daughter’s life was an NHS renegade whose safe nuclear ‘pulse’ treatment is now standard in all First World hospitals. Our dog Harry’s perpetual anger was laid to rest by my second wife’s use of Flower remedies. These were ground-breaking, zero-toxic highly effective medical cures.
But none of it is being taken on board by the Corporacratic Pharma whores and their allies. Instead, Davos Moonies in particular prefer a weird, backward-gazing Nazi eugenic, Mengele spare-parts fantasy based on mass human murder and AI ‘grafts’ to solve climate and overpopulation issues that simply don’t check out.
And five days ago, a quietly passed UK genetic manipulation Bill sailed through Parliament without touching the sides. It is a flagrant attack on the bodily rights of every human being on the planet that isn’t in The Club.

As many of you will already know, our new monarch Charles III (left) can best be described as a regal brand of thick blotting paper – a sucker for every cocker-mamy, touchy-feely concept from global warming and macrobiotic cookies to free range squirrels and organic KFC. In amongst all the fart-knitting, however, he has expressed many just reservations about genetically modified food and the disturbing inability to control it once planted…along with the loss of natural strains that get dumped by greedy macro-farmers motivated by kilograms of crop and the money it attracts, as opposed to dietary safety.

But there is another side to C3PO. One that admires Klaus Schwab and his overpopulation claptrap, anti-red meat fixation and need to put the Untermenschen back in their lab cages. Charles has all the inbred and inappropriate snobbery of his unlamented father, whose ambition was to come back as a deadly virus and kill humanity. And mixed in with all the right-brain fluffy stuff is a left brain that has all the survival cunning of those who aren’t that academically bright. He will be crowned King on May 8th as the only monarch in British history who has given the Royal Seal of Approval to all three major secret military organisations that increasingly encroach upon the civil rights and democracy of the United Kingdom…with which, while he was Prince of Wales, Charlie bartered ancient regal rights in return for draconian media censorship in relation to the privacy rights of his extended family. Names like Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Edward spring to mind.

If I’m not mistaken, the first major (and most sensitive) legislation approved by Charles III was the The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act of 2023, which became Law six days ago on 24th March 2023. Chances are you’ve never heard of it, because it was covered in desultory specialist Parliamentary Press manner – ie, completely blanked by the MSM.
The drafters of the Bill have been careful to dress it up in regulatory prose as something we need not worry about (obviously in mind of the King’s sensitivities) but the huge missing element in the whole project is an answer to the question, “Why pass the Act in the first place?”
In reality, the Act is a double-talk of of disguised carte blanche allowing a coach and four of reckless speed through all the legalese of alleged ‘protection’

The clue is in how the DEFRA/Farming community PR presented the Act:

‘The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act passed into law today, a major step in unlocking growth and innovation in new technologies, reinforcing food security in the face of climate change and ensuring England becomes a world-leader in agri-food innovation’
My emphasis in red there nails the subterfuge. This isn’t science, it’s a rationale for tackling a mythical problem being hyped by the New World Order Alliance. It’s the legalisation of Davosthink when nobody’s looking.

The Act runs to 37 pages. Every faux “example” of “protecting against dangers and risks” is nicely neutered by open-ended verbiage. There follow illustrations that I think make the point more than adequately.

An Act to make provision about the release and marketing of, and risk
assessments relating to, precision bred plants and animals, and the
marketing of food and feed produced from such plants and animals; and for
connected purposes.

For the purposes of this Act an organism is “precision bred” if its genome does not contain any feature that results from the application of any artificial modification technique other than modern

In this Act “animal” means an organism in the taxonomic group Metazoa,
other than a human (or a human admixed embryo) later becomes If the definition of “animal” in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 is extended for any purposes by virtue of section 1(3) of that Act to include invertebrates of
any description, regulations may amend subsection (1) to extend the definition
of “relevant animal” so as to include invertebrates of that description.

So there’s the green light for manipulating our DNA.

The Secretary of State must not include information in the register if, on
request by a person
, the Secretary of State determines that the information is
for the time being commercially confidential in relation to that person.

Carte blanche for secrecy.

Regulations under this [Inspection] section may not create criminal offences

More immunity from real punishment.

Regulations are to be made by statutory instrument.
A power to make regulations includes power
to make different provision for different purposes….[and] power to make consequential, incidental and
supplemental provision.

For those special Macron moments.

And perhaps most worrying of all,

If the Secretary of State certifies that it appears to the Secretary of State
appropriate in the interests of national security that powers of entry conferred
under this Act should not be exercisable in relation to Crown premises
specified in the certificate, those powers are not exercisable in relation to
those premises.

(3) In subsection (2), “Crown premises” means premises held, or used, by or on
behalf of the Crown.
(4) No power of entry conferred under this Act may be exercised in relation to
land belonging to His Majesty in right of His private estates.

Both Military Intelligence and C3PO to remain above the law.

One of the clinching clues to the dubious nature of the Act is that online search engines are devoid of criticism unless one perseveres for page after page. When critiques do appear –

as often as not the link is referred to this sort of message:

Other forms of the censorship include ‘Bad Gateway’, “Error404” or just “Page not found”. Add these to the MSM blackout, and one’s suspicion levels are immediately raised.

The Bill, by the way, began in the Lords, where On 1 February 2023, Defra Minister Lord Benyon signified the King’s consent; it was then read a third time without any amendments being made and sent to the Commons. Benyon has served as Minister of State for Biosecurity, Marine and Rural Affairs since 2022.

When I used Google to learn more about Benyon, my reward was as follows:


You don’t have permission to access this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.

Perhaps he’s a spook. In fact, he is ex-military. He attended Sandhurst and, as a senior officer he was posted to both Northern Ireland and the Far East. In 2017, he proposed that soldiers who served in Northern Ireland should not be chased in the courts for long-distant allegations. No conflict of interest there, then.

He has a wealth estimated to be in the order of £130 million. His track record of anti-environmentalism makes his partial Rural Affairs portfolio difficult to understand. He has a reputation summed up by one MP at the weekend as “an arrogant fucking Nob who wields more power than most”. No doubt being Britain’s largest single Landowner helps.

Earlier this month, Rob Walsh – an FOI activist – made the following request:

He has yet to receive a response. I wish him luck, and advise him not to hold his breath in expectation of a straight answer vis-a-vis any of the blatant anomalies in the Act.