Rule-of-Thumb Reality rules in the New Normal

The Slog looks in detail at why one new collective noun for out times might well be an Inaccuracy of Truth. He traces the growing mass of empirical data to demonstrate serial treasonous mendacity, and perhaps more exhaustively than hitherto, explains the Strange Bedfellows that make up the false fearmongers. In defining how the lying can be stopped, he promises a dramatic follow-up dealing with the silencing of Tucker Carlson.

One can sum up the World in which we live by stating this very simple rule of thumb:

‘Everything the power elites promote as a problem is not a problem, and everything they say doesn’t exist does’

In this context, I’m using ‘rule of thumb‘ as a sensible health warning, because there will be the odd exception here and there: but basically, my contention is that if you use those criteria the chances are (as a 1in8) you will almost always be using the correct reality filter. Note to readership: while it is crazy to have to use that as the key discernment, this is not a spoof.

There remain only three things for me to establish:

*By clear examples, that the existence of the rule of thumb can be demonstrated

*Provide credible explanations of why the power élites are driven to use it

*How to reverse the process.

The answers become more complex as the list descends.

The Rule of Thumb is ever-present

US Universities and other educational institutions send out this email during winter: ‘….wear a hat on particularly cold days because most body heat is lost through the top of the head. 80 percent of the heat you lose is through your head’. In fact, the real figure is 10%

First there is the fear: ‘current TV warnings in Maine re measles: “One kid tested positive for measles AFTER being inoculated. Now there are warnings out for anyone who was anywhere near the kid in a variety of locations and times’. ‘Then there is the denial that vaccines were at fault: “The Maine CDC said it is not possible to contract measles from the vaccine”. Then there is the Truth to counter BOTH the lies: 1) Measles danger – ‘The last time a child died from measles in the US was 2003. He’d had a bone marrow transplant and his natural immune system had been deliberately wiped out for the transplant. Don’t worry about measles! It is very rare; if you do get it you will have life-long immunity and it can be effectively managed’. 2) Vaccine safety – ‘We report detection and confirmation of MeVV RNA from the respiratory tract of 11 children between 100 and 800 days after most recent receipt of measles-containing vaccine. These novel findings emphasize the importance of genotyping all MeV detections and highlight the need for further work to assess whether persistent MeVV RNA represents viable virus and if transmission to close contacts can occur‘.

The Wall Street Journal exposé on Jeffrey Epstein that revealed the paedophile was in contact with the CIA. The CIA’s explanation was ‘he was just asking for information about the financial services sector’. (The way you do when you’re in prison and holding amazing Black Book secrets about powerful sex offenders.) ‘At the very least you might expect some really big deeper dives than five years after his mysterious death finding out this type of thing. There hasn’t been that type of pressure or hysteria that you associate with the media interest in other situations.’

Elon Musk has reportedly settled on Linda Yaccarino – an advertising executive who has peddled far-left woke ideology, and and is a World Economic Forum ‘Liberal’ Nazi – to replace him as CEO of Twitter. Positioned initially by MSM clones as the man who would restore free speech to the social media, Musk used sleight of hand to root out any and all remaining Truth on Twitter, and has now handed over the reins to the very human antithesis of everything the US Bill of Rights and Constitution used to represent.

UN hearings on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response asserted the need for local publics and their officials to get involved in PPPR. The hearings also came at a time when stakeholders are engaging with the parallel processes of negotiation of the new pandemic instrument (WHO CA+). The fact is that in a recent meeting of over 300 parliamentarians, none had even heard of the WHO CA+. There is a very good reason for this: the secrecy around the BioSecurity Agenda and its projects has been so well maintained that members of Parliaments and Congress know virtually nothing about them, even though these proposed documents could usher in a new world order. So in the élite world, starving legislators of vital information is transformed into ‘laziness and lack of will by lazy Parliamentarians’.

At the outset of Contrick19, the endless media hysterics about COVID being “dangerous to unvaccinated pregnant women” was splashed across our MSM. According to Our World in Data, the UK had 94,194 COVID deaths in 2020. Misleading headlines suggested that ’19 per cent more women died in childbirth in 2020 compared to 2019, all down to Covid’. That added up to 9 (nine) women. Unmentioned was the fact that, over the next three years, more pregnant women died from vaccination complications than Covid. Pregnant women were given false information, the PM’s wife broadcast them widely to nudge them to get vaccinated and later publication of Pfizer’s test data confirmed this.

The above fully linked examples were pulled from one recent page of my gmail inbox. I could’ve shown you 59 from the previous four pages, but that would’ve been boring for all concerned.

Why the power élites feel driven to do this

Evidence has been building up over many years to confirm what most social anthropologists have long accepted: that those in charge of unelected institutions are addicted to control. This explains the bizarre education health guidance still being churned out year after year, despite having been long ago debunked. This is turn normalises our acceptance of being told what to do: “They’re only doing their job, to care about our health”. But over the decades, the First World has developed a strong case of mass hypochondriasis – and this helps explain why the 1% chose Big Pharma as their running-mate in the last global psy-op: “Buy me or you’ll die” is the ultimate advertising claim.

Fear in turn is key to the loss of left-brain reasoning power, and almost every example above includes its indiscriminate and disgracefully mendacious use. Had Covid ever been purely a social health issue, fear creation would’ve been avoided, and lockdown never used – such being economically and virologically unsound as a policy. Connected with this, little or none of the incontinent Sovereign spending that hallmarked the Covid years was in any way vital or even useful…..but that in and of itself gives the final clue to what has been driving “events” since the mid-first decade of the this century. As always, it involves the folks Boris Johnson is so keen for us to love.

Take a look at some of the truly awesome gone-bad derivatives in the 1,127 banks trading in the US. They used to tell us that all the bad bets were were squared off by the profitable ones. This too was a black lie that emerged in 2008. “The banks must be reined in” said all the legislator lackeys. But they weren’t. Now, fifteen years on, the banks need dire non-stop emergencies and wars to be blamed for the parlous position of most First World Treasuries…because the sheer scale of debt makes the 2009 débacle seem like barely a ripple by comparison.

Hence the “pandemic” that never was, the global warming that doesn’t exist, the “vital need” to digitalise real money, the “huge war” in Ukraine that has caused food “shortages” and plane fuel “inflation”….all of it used to collect and revalue more and more money, justify travel controls and higher taxes – and get away with it in the name of “tous unifié contra” whatever this week’s consciously false alarm BS happens to be.

But even this rock-solid evidence of a driven need is nowhere near the end of The Big Why. Hiding the historical truth behind allegedly expensive emergencies (for which it is vitally important to have the climate change bed-wetters and bent politicians onside) leaves out the vital element of an innately controlling, surveillance and egomanic nature that thinks largely of a future in which false shortages can be used to justify depopulation…that in turn explains the upfront Bond villain antics of Klaus Schwab. We were fooled at first by Covid19: it’s real purpose was not just to create a global fiscal disaster….but also “show’ via such a thing that only a One World Government based on Military Intelligence, PPPR, technocracy and control of all wealth could end the problem. However, the psy-op was primarily about preparatory bioweapon depopulation justified by climate, food shortage and the “overpopulation” that simply doesn’t exist. On and on it goes, taking us back to the start:

‘Everything the power elites promote as a problem is not a problem, and everything they say doesn’t exist does’

At first sight, the rag-bag of seemingly oil-and water elements involved in mass genocide sounds like “wild conspiracy theory” – a tedious, worn-out soundbite still being used by élite lackeys. But when viewed in this section in the round, it emerges as a group with similar motives based on desire and dupe. As an explanation of events from 2018 onwards, it both hangs together and predicts far better than the official narrative nonsense….a narrative that succeeds purely because of the clash between perverted herd instincts and secret State psychology.

Can they be stopped?

The 1% will screw up because megalomaniac psychopaths always overestimate their genius and destiny. The task the 1in8 (and new recruits) must nevertheless accept is to try and ensure that any more needless loss of life is minimised.

In that context, there are various resistance elements that must be converted from wish list to reality. These in turn have to be surprising, fully rehearsed and timed to coincide with proven State lies.

But bizarre as this may seem, in my estimation, we’re still quite a long way from that. There are obvious reasons for this – organisational apathy, ignorance, smug richesse, naivety in the face of the next false emergency, lack of hardship as yet, and the continual tightening of censorship around the central secrets.

It’s in the area of this last factor that Tucker Carlson holds a lesson for us all. There are good eggs like Allison Pearson at the Telegraph who bravely express doubts, but Carlson was the one and only “MSM” anchor who called out the history-changing lowlife who people the banks, military intelligence agencies, Silicon Valley billionaires and upper ranks of Congress. What’s singly important about his “dismissal” is that he’s still under contract to the Dirty Sino-American Digger, and so can’t take another job “in the same industry” for another two years….although there are some ways around that.

We urgently need more defectors from the MSM, and more substack/blogosphere heroes appealing to larger audiences via ‘joint blog’ ventures and well-funded “grownup” sites with professional Channel feel.

But above all, for the time being we need to focus on the real reason Tucker Carlson has been silenced. Thanks to dirty deeds last January, few people saw or now remember one earth-moving piece he broadcast on January 23rd 2023. I have good reason to believe that the piece is central to why he’s now on gardening leave.

Tune in here next time for revelations that potentially explain the hitherto inexplicable contradictions in the last sixty years of American history. Revelations that will be unredacted if Trump gets back into the White House…and probably also if RFK Jr makes it. If Trump uses his head and makes the defeated RFK AttorneyGeneral….well, we live in hope.

In the meantime, Tucker Carlson’s largely hidden analysis could sell mean the rewriting of almost every book published about the American State since 1960.