No cheers for Ideocracy

Ideology has no new ideas in it and is committed to “if only” as the basis for reality and experience. The Left in the 21st Century has no way out of its unbelievable belief system.

I have this theory that one could explain to a Progressive Leftie a thousand times why attacks on personal freedom (or meddling in gerrymandering) will only, sooner or later, be used to further screw up democratic liberty. But they blunder on and do what they want to do regardless.

It transpires that the UK Labour Opposition is going to recommend that all smoking be banned in Britain entirely as part of its election manifesto. Setting aside the fact that the data on the “dangers” of passive smoking have been around now for over 35 years and are all notoriously flakey, one wonders if they’ve heard of the word Prohibition, and if so, whether names like Capone, bootlegging, Mafia and Giancana spring to mind.

But that’s not enough for Keir Stürmer and his merry band of locksteppers. Their new wizard wheeze is the extension of voting rights to EU citizens who pay taxes in the UK as well as giving 16 and 17-year-old British teenagers the vote, The Telegraph tells us. EU citizens who detest Brexit and teenagers are extremely unlikely to vote Tory. Just fancy that.

It’s called “If you don’t like people smoking, stamp it out”, and “If at first you can’t muster any popular support, cheat”. And by all means give villains doing porridge the vote, because they had a tragic childhood…forgetting that prison convictions involve the loss of franchise rights, because it’s a punishment, see – innit? It’s a lousy punishment actually, because it doesn’t reform many criminals, but that’s not the point right now. When it comes to individual freedom for the law-abiding citizen, Labour has always been a tad hazy. Call me absent-minded here, but I don’t recall so much as a peep of Labour MP complaint about the use of draconian powers during Contrick19, or incentivising innocent people to shorten their lives by taking deadly doses of bioweaponry.

But ultimately, my point has always been (since around 2011) that lowlife dirty tricks by any Party are symptoms, but they aren’t the problem. The problem is constitutional, not political: our legislators do what they’re told by the people that give them money, and this must end. And as onanists don’t vote for self-abnegation, it’s down to us to clear them out and start again.

But then, while Labour has completely either obfuscated or lost its original plot to do with working class earnings, health and social benefits, it is still a Party of ideologues….and as always, while the practical testing of philosophy keeps minds open, rigid ideologues close minds and ranks; and this is how the libertarian values of a culture can quickly be destroyed by loud voices who yell before the cerebral gears have been selected.

The most common collective noun for all this is Woke Marxism, although the adjective such banshees award themselves is Progressive. Twisted linguistics are everything to these people, so being progressive (naturally) means the rest of us are regressively leaving knuckle marks on the cave carpet, still struggling with the erectus thing. They fail to grasp that the correlation between change and progress has never been more than 15 per cent, because they are fixated by forward movement based on all things Politically Correct. As the Daily Mirror used to say on its masthead Forward with the People, Woke Marxism today would say Forward with people like us.

The substacker Unbekoming has been examining this of late, and his new post is full of gems to do with ‘atrophy of imagination’, ‘thought-terminating clichés’ and, as he observes with clinical accuracy, “If you think of Western Civilization as a base cultural operating system, then Woke Marxism is the virus that has infected it, that is killing it”. I am happy to leave you enjoying his insights as much as I did.

One fascinating thing about the New World Order is that its intolerant stupidity is very much led by an Anglosphere that includes the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia – all of these having, at the same time, bought into blind obedience (based on an atrophy of both discernment and considered choice) over first Covid and then the kill-not-cure fake vaccines. Equally, those who perverted test results, deliberately killed people to make a point and lied on Twitter about efficacy then turned out themselves to be fellow travellers with delightful States like Vietnam, North Korea, and the PRC. Naming names, I mean Peter Horby and Neil Ferguson.

Ergo sum, we arrive at the term Woke Marxism – that is to say, Stalinism by stealth based on the ludicrous idea that to adopt the Marxist ‘thesis, antithesis and synthesis’ analysis (dialectical materialism) is somehow to be awake to reality. Of course, it is a leaden systemic obscenity that Marx himself rejected shortly before his death.

I call it Post-Empirical Analysis, but the outcome is always going to be the same: following a science that is about as scientific as the phlogiston theory. This particularly relates to the insane idea of giving kids jabs against Covid19.

The lady in the substack with the machete slicing Covidiots into tiny pieces is called Meryl Nass, and she really doesn’t take any prisoners at all. In this, her piece from 3 days ago, she records that:

“… Babies get twice the tetanus toxoid as an adult that might weight 10-20 times more from the GSK vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. Babies get 10 times the diphtheria toxoid dose as adults in the GSK shots. Babies get 3 times the pertussis toxoid, the FHA (filamentous hemaglutinin) and the pertactin as adults from the GSK shots….”

She asks plaintively for an explanation of these cavalier dosages….and of course, there isn’t one. Perhaps RFK Jr should – if elected – appoint her PharmaTsar. (There is no truth in the rumour, by the way, that PharmaTsar is the brand code-name for the bioweapon to be jabbed into Meryl the next time she is spotted driving a car on her own. In Arkansas.)

And talking of Arkansas, to close, here is a fascinating Soros is God introduction from Hillary Clinton. CNN regularly refers to Jewish Warsaw ghetto Nazi informer George Soros as a “philanthropist” but here Killary goes one further. Have the sick-bag ready folks.